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Author’s Note: Testing the waters with this story. Enjoy 

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that is recognizable. The credit and inspiration should all go to the greatest of all Dúnadain, J.R.R. Tolkien.

A Letter to William upon the Death of His Mother

20th of April, 2183
23rd of Tuilë, 7th Age of Middle Earth
Yanna et Eärello, South Carolina

Dear William,

What can I say of grief that will allay some of what you feel, for I have witnessed the passing of many a dear friend upon this earth. When one such as I chooses to reside among mortals, one becomes intimately acquainted with loss. Yet you are strong, as your mother was; strong enough to endure the challenges that are placed before you. Iluvatar intended for death to be the gift of the Atani; an adventure away from the bounds of this world from which only Mandos may know one’s destination. I only wish that I had been blessed with such strength as you carry now, for the death of your mother has rent my soul in two. Like the beauty of Eä commands the affections and attentions of the Eldar, so your mother took hold of my heart and sequestered my ageless wanderings. With my heart, I gave her my life and have since counted my sunrises and sunsets, knowing that soon the rays of Laurelin’s last fruit would come no longer to my eyes. My son, at heart I am of the Dúnadain, having spent many years travelling with them and fighting beside them. That is perhaps what kindled my heart so toward your mother. She held an inner strength, much like what I see in you and greatly resembling that which my beloved sister held as the War of the Ring darkened her spirits. And Arwen stood beside Estel until his very last breath released him to the Halls and to his fate. So I have stood beside Rebekah. Now, I shall fade, hoping that death should claim me soon. I return to my father’s hearth, again the last Homely House, where I sit to pen this letter to you, my only child. Rebekah had always been concerned about our story and if you should be burdened with it, for it is a dark tale, indeed. Regardless, I feel that you should know your roots and your history, and Paul and Grace as well. My grandchildren and great grandchildren should not step out into the world without first knowing how much was sacrificed for them. Now the funeral has passed, I ask that everyone should come to Yanna et Eärello where I shall retell it all in full.

Namárië cenuvanyel rato yonya,

Elladan Peredhil
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