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Summary: Haldir did not die on the Deeping Wall. He nearly did, though, but it was with the help of a mysterious maiden dressed as a man that he miraculously survived.

Nimwen is a peredhil who was born in secret and out of wedlock, but she looks more human than an Elf should. She is also disfigured, for in a fit of insane rage, her father sliced off the pointed tips of her ears, the one thing that showed her Elven heritage. She and her wet nurse take refuge in Helm's Deep, but when faced with the probability that they both will die, Nimwen refuses to give in without a fight. She disguises herself as a young man and heads out to defend the Deeping Wall.
Rated: PG-13
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Violence
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Published: Jul 18 2011 Updated: Aug 14 2015

1. Never give up without a fight by Melda [Reviews - 8] (1592 words)
First off, this story will, strangely enough, be kinda angsty. Not much humor because I'm trying to set a different tone with this one. I haven't written many stories like this one in that respect because I usually stick to comedies and parodies. However, I do like to try new things, so bear with me on this one and hopefully it won't be too terrible! :)
Now, as we all know, I don't own anything Tolkien-related. But I do own Nimwen and the plot!

2. Bittersweet Victory by Melda [Reviews - 2] (910 words)
I own nothing!

Again, I'm not used to writing Elf romances, but I am trying my best on this. It's very hard for me not to even mention my favorite Dwarf in this story, so I am crossing my fingers that the fluffy plot bunny in my head was not a servant of Sauron and attempting to lead me astray. Anywho, let's get back to Nimwen, shall we? :)

3. To sail or not to sail..that is the question by Melda [Reviews - 0] (943 words)
I own nothing!

:) It seems that I am getting an excellent reception concerning this fic. Thank you to my very first two reviewers!

4. Farewell by Melda [Reviews - 2] (588 words)
I own nothing.

There are supposed to be the little accent marks over some of the words in the elvish lines, but, as you know, this site will not allow us to show those.

5. Reaching Imladris by Melda [Reviews - 0] (958 words)
I own nothing!

Once again, I must apologize for the lack of accent marks over the Elvish.

6. Bumping into people by Melda [Reviews - 0] (1340 words)
I own nothing!

7. A bit of change is good for everyone by Melda [Reviews - 1] (789 words)
I own nothing!

8. Just a bit Jumpy by Melda [Reviews - 2] (995 words)
Hello, again, friends. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, had some school stuff to take care of, you all know how that goes ;). So enough about my boring college life, let's get on with the story!
P.S. I own nothing.

9. Ambrosia by Melda [Reviews - 1] (234 words)
Hello, everyone! I told you I would be updating soon!..Well, soon for the school year, anyway. I believe you are all aware that I own nothing.

10. The Mystery of the Tabby by Melda [Reviews - 1] (303 words)
I don't own anything, or make any money off of this.

Everything between two of ~, is a flashback.

11. Questions and Answers by Melda [Reviews - 3] (498 words)
It's been a while since I wrote a chapter for this story, but I hope none of you, my faithful readers, haven't given up on me!

This chapter is dedicated to Messanie, who was patient enough with me that she deserves more recognition than this. :)

I own nothing, except for the plot and my OC.

12. Fumbles by Melda [Reviews - 0] (392 words)
I own nothing except for my OC. :D

13. The Anchor by Melda [Reviews - 3] (535 words)
I own nothing!

14. Mischief Managed by Melda [Reviews - 1] (477 words)
I own nothing! Not even the phrase I borrowed for the chapter's name....only the plot and OCs are mine!

15. Chapter 15 by Melda [Reviews - 0] (1010 words)
I own nothing.