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Story Notes:
Based on this The Fellowship of the Ring quote:

"Fairy lady! Tell me... who is Tom Bombadil?' -Frodo

"He is." -Goldberry, The River-Daughter.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Tom Bombadil has always been a source of fascination to me; and remains so. The truth is, we do not know who he is- and never will- though many believe that he is one of the Maiar, or perhaps even Eru himself...
Eldest; Fatherless, I am known as,
Son of None; Oldest of All,
Tom Bombadil; I am.

Tom remembers all,
The first rain-drop; the first acorn,
Tom watched them come to be.

The master, that is what I am,
He whose feet are swiftest,
He whose voice is gentlest.

Before the night was dark, I sat,
Before the Eldar woke,
Before the Dark Lord came.

I watch the world dim,
I watch its beauty fade,
Tom Bombadil; I am.

And still I sit and watch,
Eldest, Fatherless,
Son of None, Oldest of All.

Old Tom watches all die,
And Old Tom pines,
He pines for this poor Middle-earth,
Lost in a web of lies.
Chapter End Notes:
Thank you for reading.
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