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Author's Chapter Notes:
In this chapter, a little bit of Pippin and Aimer's background together is set up.... But not much. You'll have to keep reading in order to find out more about their relationship! I really do hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think :)
Aimer and Pippin had been wandering farmer Maggot's crops in search of tender ears of sun kissed corn... And perhaps a tasty mushroom or two.
It was a gorgeous day without a cloud to be seen for miles around. The sky looked almost like an aqua colored sheet, without a blemish to taint it's undying beauty.


Ever since the battle for the ring had been brought to its ultimate demise, Pippin had managed to get himself into relations with many of the hobbit women inhabiting the Shire. His bravery and acts of valor were now known far and wide... Even though many of the supposed "truths of war" told about him were stretched for the purpose of making far better stories.

Young Pippin had been unable to cope with this kind of attention at first... even though it was no secret that he enjoyed it quite a bit, he was far too young to be having such romantic relationships as the shire women desired to have with him. Multiple times, he had found himself hiding in the corner of the Prancing Pony, filled to the brim with desperate females, trying in vain to seek refuge and become a normal hobbit again... if only for a moment.

Since Merry, Pippin's older cousin, had to cope with the turmoils that came with fame as well, Pippin had eventually let his fame get him down and out...
Until the day he finally met someone he could truly confide in.

A young, bubbly, and unmistakably beautiful hobbit girl by the name of Aimer.

Aimer was a kind hobbit with a genuine heart of gold. She had secretly possessed a crush on Peregrin for years... far before his sudden fame was sparked. The roll of his Scottish accent sent chills up her spine every time she was given the privilege to hear it. Their long conversations together had sent her away a breathless shell of her former self... Staring into his emerald colored eyes always managed to penetrate her very soul. It was as if he could read her like a book... As if her feelings were displayed upon her quivering lips and trembling hands like pages.

In all honesty, though he never spoke a word of it to anyone, Pippin had been pondering over his own feelings as well. He had enjoyed the tight bond of friendship he held with Aimer... The almost inseparable relationship they had managed to form as of late.

Often times, Merry had been away on business, fighting robbers and bandits littering the Shire and elsewhere. Those ruffians couldn't even begin to compare to the multitudes of orcs they had hewn down only two years before.
Though Pippin was in fact at peace with Merry's new found duties, he soon enough found himself a rather lonely young hobbit with no one to talk to who wasn't head over heels in love with him... He had grown tired of being treated like such a celebrity all the time, and longed for the simple privilege of sitting down to a nice cold glass of beer with his old companions.

He had seldom been away from Merry, and sorely missed talking with him into the very depths of the night. Summer days often grew dreary and cold without his anyone there to comfort him...
But all of this had changed when he met Aimer.


Aimer's golden curls bounced up and down like living beams of sunshine as she skipped through the corn field. The stalks grew up around her like a maze, and Pippin found himself far too often separated from her.

Fresh carrots and red skinned potatoes fell from his arms as he jogged clumsily after her. Farmer Maggot's crops had been plentiful this year to say the very least, and he would not be the one to miss out on the opportunity to acquire such tasty delicacies.

“This'll make for a great stew later on.” thought the young hobbit, licking his lips subconsciously. “Maybe Sam will be gracious enough to stew us up some of that nice, tender rabbit meat to accompany it... Without ol' Gollum there to pester him about how disgustin 'taters' are, it should be quite the easy and enjoyable feat!”

Pippin allowed the thought of scrumptious food to fill his mind to the brim with steamy images of afternoon tea times and dinners well spent. His eyes acquired a glazed, far off look, and soon he found his poor, hobbit nose planted straight into Aimer's back.

He jolted back with a start and put a hand to his sore nose, dropping several of his fresh veggies in the process. “Oof... That pain right there is enough to make any hobbit cry! I'm real Sorry about th...” Pippin's sentence dropped short. His hand fell limp and unmoving to his side.

Lying directly in front of him was a sight that he never believed he would have to gaze upon again.

He and Aimer were standing helplessly in the midst of a band of orcs.
Chapter End Notes:
I promise the next chapter or two will come soon! What with schoolwork and everything, I barely have time to do anything other than homework.. But the love of Aimer and Pippin will live on! Just keep checking back for more!
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