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Summary: Legolas' people are in a war or dispute over land with the Forest dewellers. It is set back way before the war of Middle Earth. This is a story of Legolas' past. He being a prince of his people was not allowed to associate with the Forest dewellers. He was okay until he met Cathia. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She stole his heart and he hers. they fell madly in love but a lass they were tore a part.
Rated: PG-13
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Genres: Romance
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Published: Sep 12 2012 Updated: Sep 12 2012
Story Notes:
This story is basically a Lord of the Rings Romeo and Juliet, but with its own flare and twist. There will be a series of these stories.

1. The meeting by MidnightSong20 [Reviews - 2] (1042 words)
Legolas finds himself wondering the forest at night and he comes upon Cathia bathing.

2. I will wait forever for you by MidnightSong20 [Reviews - 0] (979 words)
Legolas and Cathia forever?