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Story Notes:
Last in earths angel series, based around war of the ring time.
summary sucks, but story is much better!

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The first rays of sunlight filtered dimly through the trees, dimly lighting up the world. The rains of April had freshened the ground, leaving a refreshing smell in the air; birds were calling out to one another in the now blossoming wood. Below the trees in a glade, all was silent, except for the scraping of metal on rock.
Autheil daughter of Nendir sat on a tree stump, running a stone down the length of her blade. The two figures of her companions sleeping in a handmade shelter were barely visible. Autheil smiled gently, watching both elves sleep. “Maybe i should wake them” Autheil muttered feeling guilty about what she was going to do. She never had kept a secret from them before. She did not want to now, but their food was low and they were short of gold also. Autheil knew perfectly well of the trading roots of dwarves. She gave both one last glance before slinging her bow and quiver filled with arrows onto her back and slinking off.
Autheil crouched behind a tree, an arrow already notched into her bow. The sound of dwarf song grew louder and louder. Autheil drew in a deep breath, “Eru forgive me for I do sin” she muttered. Then she leaped to her feet and let the arrow loose.
It was a heavily laden cargo wagon, with equally heavily armed dwarves. Autheil ducked as an arrow whistled past her ear and summersaulted down the hill and grabbed an overhanging tree branch. Using the branch as leverage she swung up onto the top of the wagon. Drawing her blade, she lunges at the first dwarf, dodging his thrust at her stomach and slicing off his head in one swipe. She then leaped onto the ground and attacked the three nearest dwarves who met seemly sticky ends. Out of the corner of her eye, Autheil saw a dwarf sneaking up behind, she drew a dagger from her belt and threw it at him pinning him securely to a tree by his beard. The last to attack was the biggest, Autheil lunges and deflected blows as fast as she could, the dwarf being half her height had an advantage. He swung his axe and it sunk deeply into her leg. Autheil screamed in pain, and fell to the floor, sobbing. “Please, don’t hurt me” she moaned. The dwarf bent to help her to his feet; Autheil sprang up and drove the sword through his chest. “You tricked me” snarled the dwarf. “Of course I did” Autheil smirked. She let the dwarf fall onto the floor then limped over to the one pinned against the tree. He was immaculately dressed, a dwarf prince from the standard of his clothing. “I won’t kill you dwarf, thought I would like to, it seems you are of royal blood too, even if you are a dwarf” she sneered. The dwarf said nothing but glared at her with loathing. Smiling Autheil stripped him down to his undergarments then tied him firmly to the tree. She then began to haul the bodies off the road and threw them in a ditch. She then began to unload the wagon and carry the goods to a nearby cave for safe keeping.
As she was coming back from the cave for the last time she heard a shout. She knew too well that it was not her friends calling for her. Another dwarfen waggon filled with weaponry had stopped to help the dwarf prince. Fighting back her horror, Autheil slid down under the bloodied corpses of the now lifeless dwarves. Shuddering as she felt the mud in the bottom slither up her legs to her waist.
“Bring the dead; they should be buried with their loved ones to see it, not left in a ditch to rot” one dwarf said. Autheil froze, if they were to remove the body’s, then she would be found and that many dwarves would overpower her after sometime. She ducked lover in the oozing mud the stench almost unbearable. Suddenly the pile of body’s began to move, Autheil cursed her luck and pinched her nose between her forefinger and thumb, held her breath and dived. The mud slipped over her head slurping unpleasantly, Autheil began to wait, knowing from the burning in her lungs that she would have to surface soon.
After she could take no more, Autheil pushed upwards and broke the surface of the bog. Gulping for air, wiping her eyes and spitting alee and mud out of her mouth. Quickly she crawled on her hands and knees out of the bog and limped back to the camp. Thanking the valar that no dwarves were present.
Glorfindel and Elladan where fuming. Both had woken up and realised she was missing and both had heard the screams and shouts of the dwarf party. So when she came back covered in mud and blood. They were not in the slightest bit happy. “For once Autheil, will you stop disappearing to kill dwarves for their food” Elladan scalded, Glorfindel who was bandaging her leg sighed “It’s bad enough being stuck outside all year round even in the cold, then you do this” Autheil had had enough She shoved Glorfindel backwards angrily. “I did not ask you to come, you chose to, this is my wretched exile not yours, I wish to the gods it were not but is, if you don’t like it. Go home. If you don’t like the way I live. Leave. Go home see if I care, but if you stay, it’s my rules my laws no yours. Got it” she said coldly. Both elves looked at her, and nodded calmly before turning and walking away, Elladan turned, “We will never leave you Autheil, and know that”
Autheil stood alone her rage bubbling inside her; once again she wished that both her friends were still in Rivendell, where they could not know of the brutality of her life and her true nature.
Chapter End Notes:
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