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Glorfindel blinked. There was light. Light on his face and he felt warmth on his body.


He took in a deep breath. His lungs filled with sweet, clean fragrant air.

He blinked again, idly wondering what time it was and whether he needed to get up yet and head down to the barracks.

The first thing he realised was that he wasn’t looking at his cream ceiling but a bright blue sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds. Then, as he moved his hand at his side it brushed against grass, not the usual cool linen of his bed sheets.

Had he fallen asleep in the gardens? How had that happened?

He frowned slightly, trying to remember the events of the previous evening. What had he been doing? More to the point where was Thel and why hadn’t he helped him home? He guessed that he must have disgraced himself with overindulgence to have been left outside and not be able to remember at the same time.

But his head didn’t hurt and he didn’t ache anywhere.

The golden elf placed his palms flat to the ground and pushed himself into sitting. He looked down was surprised by his clothing. He was dressed in a simple green tunic and cream leggings. Barefooted. He didn’t recognise the garments.

Looking about he also realised that he didn’t recognise the part of the garden he had woken up in. Which was odd, considering that he knew most every inch of the city, or so he had thought. Was this Turgon’s private garden? He’d been there before too but perhaps this was one part he had not been privy too? He reached a hand up to run through his hair, a habit he held when nervous.

If it was Turgon’s garden, he needed to get home before he was found. The King would certainly want to know why one of his Captains had spent the night sleeping there and Glorfindel had no answers for him. He worried about just what events had led to this and decided it would be best to find out sooner rather than later.

He rose and headed off along the path to his left, hopefully back towards the houses, which he strangely couldn’t see at the moment through the trees. The fact of which worried him slightly, though he felt nothing but peace in this place and found it difficult to let the fear settle in his heart.

A little way along and he could hear singing from around the bend. The elf picked up his pace and headed towards the other, thinking to find some answers.
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