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Rounding the corner the elf saw a woman knelt by the water’s edge. She was singing softly, her voice a haunting melody. It spoke of tragedy and loss but of hope and re-birth. He stopped a way behind her on the path, not wishing to disturb her further, because he could see that she was weeping and it touched something inside of him.

Her song came to an end and she turned to look at him. She was smiling, in spite of the tears which graced her fine features and made her eyes shine. She was beautiful and shone with ethereal light.

Without even thinking, Glorfindel went to one knee before her. “Herinya,” he murmured, knowing she was not of elven kind, “have you been sent for me?” It was an odd question for him to ask, but he thought it to be true.

“I have Glorfindel. Sit with me for a while child, there is much we should speak of.” She had stood and opened her arms to him as if a mother to her child and the golden elf, feeling a sudden sense of dread and foreboding went forward hesitantly.

“Mana nalyŽ?” he asked quietly. “This is not Turgon’s garden is it? Where am I?” He looked about, chest tightening and heart pounding. His eyes were wide and the Lady still smiled and still her tears fell. He reached her and as he did so she took him into her arms, wrapped in a tight embrace and began to sing once more.

A prickling sensation began in the back of his mind. Something. Something he should remember. Was it about last night? It felt important. He tried to pin it down, all the while feeling oddly comforted by the lady and her song. Though he did not know why he needed to be.

As she sang he felt his mind begin to open, like a flower unfurling before the first morning light. Flashes of colour. A glimpse of a face. A sound of a voice. A smell…of smoke.

Glorfindel collapsed in Nienna’s arms. He did not know how long for. He slipped out of all consciousness and let the darkness take him once more. But this was not like before, for he had been re-born. He knew that now. His memories poured into him like an empty vessel and he could do naught to stem the flow. In his mind he screamed and raged and cried and beat his chest. All the while the Lady of the Valar held his limp form and sang her song. And wept.
Chapter End Notes:
Herinya - My Lady (Q)
Who are you? (Q)
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