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Summary: The hopes of her people on her shoulders, Losse takes up the mission that her great-grandfather Wulf began three centuries prior; to regain the land stolen from the Dunlendings and to avenge the abuse of her people at Saruman's hand. She takes up with an odd band of similarly slighted fellows to achieve her ends.
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Published: Aug 14 2015 Updated: Aug 14 2015

1. Draugrhun by Melda [Reviews - 27] starstarstar (1806 words)
I haven't written anything for a while, so I'm probably a little rusty. Forgive our dust, as they say. Anywho, not that I have to explain, but life happened and I'm engaged. I wanted to come back to writing because I'm planning out my wedding, which is LOTR themed and I was inspired for the first time in a long while.

Now that I've played catch-up, I must remind you that I do not own anything besides my OC. Everything belongs to the Tolkien estate.