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Black and Blue
Title: Black and Blue
Rating: PG to PG-13
Disclaimer: I own none of the LotR characters....*sniff*...however, I do own Kimberly, her "parents", Rachel, Kristi, Karissa, and Justin (note: those characters are based on my amigos in real life) and any other character that may appear unfamiliar. Hey, thanks guys, for letting me use you guys in my story! You guys rock!!!
Synopsis: Kimberly Sullivan is a 17 year old girl in 2004. She lives in a family where she and her mother are ritually beaten by her father, and her mother can't do anything to stop it. One night, Kimberly finds out a devestating secret: She's not really Kimberly Sullivan. She doesn't even know who she is. She was found wrapped in a blanket. After being beaten severely by her father, Kimberly runs out into a storm, trying to escape. She accidently runs into the street and is hit by a car. When she awakens, she is in Middle-Earth...and is becoming smitten by the prince of Mirkwood. But can she handle the real truth about her past...and come to meet the father who thought she was lost: Elrond of Rivendell?
Distribution: Only if you want it...
Dedication: To Orlando Bloom of course...to my dearest Bethany Adelsberger...er...well...you're Dillon now aren't ya? Congrats on the recording contract, Bethers! You'll always be Beth Adelsberger to me, even if you had to change your name! To Ashley Mae Smith: it's been 3 months since that fatal crash that took you away from us...but you're always here....I love you, Ash. Miss ya girlie! To Jason Holdridge: Jay, you taught me that I'm worth so much more than what I believed. You helped me see that what Richard did to me wasn't my fault and that God will never forsake me, no matter what happens. Not only are you my youth pastor....but you're my friend. Love ya, Jason, the brave and undefeated.
Kimberly Sullivan stared at her reflection in her vanity mirror. The bruise over her right eye was very noticeable. She winced as she applied foundation to the area, doing her best to cover it up. Seeing that is was no use, she closed her compact and tossed it onto her vanity. She picked up her brush and ran it through her raven dark hair. *Maybe if I keep my hair down and it hangs around my face, nobody will notice it,* she thought. But as she parted her hair and brushed it so it framed her pale face, she saw that the bruise would be seen no matter what she did. Angry and frustrated, Kimberly threw her brush onto the vanity and dropped her head into her hands. She tried to fight back the tears, but still they came. Not for the first time, Kimberly wondered what she had done to deserve the abuse she always got. Her head snapped up at the knocking on her door. "Kimberly," her mother said softly through the door. Kimberly hurridly wiped the tears away as she turned to face her mother.

Jackie Sullivan opened her daughter's door quietly and walked in, slowly shutting it behind her. She looked at her daughter and tears threatened to spill from her blue eyes. Kimberly sat at her vanity, looking up at her mother expectantly. Her pale face was marred by the black and blue circle around her eye. "Oh, Kimberly," she said, walking towards the girl and falling to her knees, holding Kimberly's face in her hands. The brunette sighed. "Mom, don't start," she said. Jackie nodded and brought a hand to her mouth, stifling a sob. *My poor Kimmy,* she thought.

Kimberly looked at her mother. Jackie Sullivan had once been a beautiful woman. Though she was still attractive, the years of abuse and neglect had taken a toll on her. Her strawberry blonde hair was ratty and tied up in a messy bun. Her once flawless skin was now pale and clammy, and dark bags were always under her eyes. She was slightly overweight and was always jumpy. For what seemed like the millionth time in her life, Kimberly cursed her father.

Jackie stood up and took a deep breath. "Kimmy, you need to hurry and get to the bus," she said. "Your father is passed out in the bathroom." Kimberly nodded and rose, grabbing her bag from the floor. She slipped it on and followed her mother out of the room. They quietly crept downstairs and headed for the front door. "Have a good day, Kimberly," Jackie said, trying her best to put on a happy face. Kimberly only looked at her before kissing her on the cheek and leaving for the bus.

As she headed for the bus stop, she fought back the tears again, this time coming out victorious. This was her morning routine. She woke up, tried to cover whatever injuries she had sustained from the previous night, kissed her mother good-bye--that was only when her father wasn't with her in their bedroom using her for his own pleasure--and headed for the bus. "I think I need a new routine," she muttered. She jogged to the bus stop when she spotted the bus coming up the road. She ran a hand through her hair and put on a smile before she stepped onto the bus. The bus driver took one look at her and sorrowfully shook her head. Kimberly made her way to the back of the bus, well aware of the eyes that followed her as she went. She threw her bag into a seat and plopped down, smiling at her friend, Rachel. "Hey, Rach." Rachel's blue eyes widened at her friend's face. "Oh, God, Kim, what did he do to you?" Kimberly frowned and looked away. "I don't wanna talk about it." Rachel opened her mouth to object, but Kimberly stopped her. "Look, Rachel, I don't wanna talk about it. It's nothing he hasn't done before, so let's just leave it." Rachel sighed and bobbed her blonde head, feeling sorry for her friend.

Deciding to change the subject, Rachel turned to her. "Have you thought about what I said?," she asked. Kimberly nodded. "Yeah, I don't think so, Rach." Rachel's jaw dropped. "Why?" Kimberly shrugged. "Because I just don't think I can double date. I mean, what guy would ever want to go out with me?" Rachel stared at her. "Are you for real?," she asked in disbelief, looking her friend over. "Come on, Kimberly. You're gorgeous. You're like....Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Holly Marie Combs all rolled into one! Please, this would mean a lot to me." Kimberly laughed. "Rachel, it's not like you and Kevin haven't secretly gone on a date before." Rachel's boyfriend, Kevin, was very disliked by Rachel's mom and stepdad. The only way they were allowed to see each other was if there was another couple with them.

Rachel grinned. "Well, yeah, but it would be fun for you, too." Kimberly smiled. "Thanks for thinking of me, Rachie, but maybe you should ask Nikki and Brooks," she said. "Besides, I really doubt I could even go. I don't want to piss Roger off any more than he usually is." Rachel nodded, understanding. Kimberly sighed and looked out the window as they approached the school. For the millionth time, Kimberly Sullivan wished she was someone other than who she was.

"You gotta report it, Sully."
Kimberly looked at her friend Justin as they sat together at lunch. She cocked her eyebrow at him. He pointed a finger at her. "I'm serious," he said, taking a bite of pizza. "He's gonna kill ya some day, Kim, and we won't be able to help." Kimberly laughed. "Thanks, Justin. That's comforting." Beside her, her friend Kristi nodded. "He's right, Kim," she said. "Just go the police." Kimberly rolled her eyes. "Yeah, like that will help. He'll just get off, like he always does, and then there would be hell to pay." Kristi sighed and looked at the others sitting at the table. "So what are you gonna do?," Justin asked. Kimberly shrugged and sipped her milk. "I dunno," she said. "What I always do, I guess. Just lay low and try not to get hit."

Next to Justin, Karissa laughed. "You end up getting hit anyway, no matter what you do." Justin nodded. "Smurfy's got a point," he said, then winced at the slap accompanied by the use of Karissa's much disliked nickname. Kimberly slammed her milk onto her tray. "Look, I appreciate you guys worrying about me, but butt out, okay? This is my life." She rose from the table, picking up her tray. She turned and saw Rachel's smiling face. "Hey, Kim, what are you doing?" Kimberly glared at her. "Butt out, okay?" She walked off, leaving Rachel to stare at the others. "Ok...what was that?," she asked, sitting down and watching her friend take her tray to the kitchen. "Oh nothing," Karissa said. "Just the usual butting in to Kimberly's life and her getting ticked at us because we care." Rachel nodded. "Oh." They all exchanged a look. "Someone's gotta report him," Kristi said, tearing off a piece of bread and eating it. The others nodded and watched as their friend walked out of the cafeteria.

That night, Kimberly sat at the kitchen table, reading her English book when her father staggered in. She didn't even flinch when he slammed his beer bottle on the table and jerked the book away. "What the hell is this?," he slurred. Kimberly didn't look at him as she pulled the book back to her. "Homework," she replied. Roger Sullivan glared at her. "Don't use that tone with me." Jackie turned to him from her place at the sink. "She was just answering your question." Roger glared at her. "Stay out of this, woman." He turned to Kimberly. "Do you think you can just talk back to me like that? Huh?" Kimberly looked up at him with a stern face. "I wasn't talking back. I was just telling you what you wanted to know." Roger leaned towards her and she recoiled at the stench of alcohol.

"What I want to know is why I didn't beat you senseless a long time ago." Kimberly stared at him angrily. "Maybe because you're such a coward," she said. She heard Jackie gasp and drop a plate in the sink. Kimberly didn't care. She was tired of living in fear and taking all the abuse. She saw Roger's temper flare as he glared at her. He stuck a finger in her face. "You watch your mouth, girl." Kimberly shrugged. "Why? It's true. You're a coward, so you beat your wife and daughter to feel superior." Roger's hand flew out and slapped Kimberly across the face, the force knocking her out of her chair. Jackie gasped as Kimberly clutched her face and glared at her father. "Point proven,"she said. Jackie reached down to pull her daughter up, but Roger shoved her away. "You think you're so big, don't ya?," he asked. Kimberly smirked. "Bigger than you."

Roger punched her this time, snappin her head up with a crack. Jackie screamed at him to leave her alone, but he only slapped her. He pulled Kimberly up by her arms and got in her face. "I'm gonna teach you respect, girl," he said. He then threw her back, crashing her into the wall. Kimberly hit her head against the counter as she fell. She didn't have to time to regain her footing before Roger was above her again. He pulled her to her feet and slapped her three times before punching her in the chest. She collapsed to the ground, the wind knocked out of her. She felt blood run down the side of her face and groaned. She gasped when she felt herself being rolled over onto her back and the weight of someone on her legs. She opened her eyes to see Roger unzippin her jeans as he sat on top of her.

"You're gonna learn respect," he snarled. He ripped open her shirt and ran his hands along her chest, smiling as he did. Jackie attacked his back, yelling at him to stop. Roger shoved her away, and she landed with a crash on the floor. Roger bent down and trailed kisses along Kimberly's neck, biting her as he went. Finally aware of what was happening, Kimberly clawed at his face. Roger growled and grabbed her hands, pinning them above her head. "Not so tough now, are you?" He yelled when a beer bottle smashed on the back of his head. He growled and jumped off Kimberly, whirling around to face Jackie. "You will not do this to her, Roger," she said, her lip bleeding and her voice shaking with anger. Kimberly took this chance and struggled to her feet, clutching her shirt closed. Roger glared at his wife. "It's your fault!," he screamed. "You brought a kid that wasn't even ours into this house!" Kimberly snapped her gaze to her mother, who stared at her painfully. "What?" Roger turned and smirked at her. "Yeah, that's right," he said. "Your mom found you bundled in a blanket by the side of the road. She brought you here and called you her own. How's it feel to know your whole life is a lie?"

Jackie let out a sob and Kimberly knew it was true. "You lied to me? For 17 years you called me your daughter?," she yelled, tears streaming down her beaten face. Jackie shook her head. "You *are* my daughter," she said. Kimberly shook her head. "No, I'm not...I don't know who you are." Roger came towards her and she swung at him. He caught her wrist and Kimberly cried out when she felt bones break. With all her strength, she lashed out and kicked him between the legs. The drunk groaned and fell to the ground. Kimberly cradled her wrist against her chest and stared at her mother. "All this time...he beat me all this time and I have you to thank for it?," she sobbed. Jackie held out a trembling hand. "Kimmy..." Kimberly staggered back. "Stay away from me." She limped to the door and threw it open, dashing outside. Jackie jumped over Roger's groaning form and ran to the door. "KIMBERLY!!!"

Thunder crackled as Kimberly ran through the rain, her hair plastered to her head. She sobbed as lightning struck.
Her whole life was a lie. She wasn't Kimberly Sullivan. She didn't know if Kimberly was even her real name.
She cried as she stumbled over a bump. Jackie had brought her into that house, into that hell...her own mother.
*No, not my mother,* she thought bitterly. *I have no mother.*
She stopped when she could run no more and clutched her aching wrist. "Why?," she whispered. "Why me? Who am I?" She was vagually aware of the sound of horn, but didn't look up until the headlights blinded her. She screamed as the car sped towards her.
Then everything went black.
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