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Rohan Thandwen, iell in erain
Faen rodwen, hūn līn lacha na i dagor
Amar līn prestar aen a rimmich i chae na rūth līn
Dolen ne le i daug darthant caned en auth
Tollen i lū.
O beth līn teli sīr en agar
Nallo naeth līn a tiro i aur teli
Han bād līn.
Estelio an le. A si i-Dhłath ł-othor.


Ode to Eowyn

Rohan Shieldmaiden, Daughter of Kings
White virgin, your heart is burning with the battle
Your world is changed and you flow the earth with your anger
Hidden in you, the warrior waited the call of war
The time is come.
From your voice come a river of blood
Cry your despair and see the day coming
It's your path.
Trust you. The Shadow does not hold sway yet.
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