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WARNING: PWP with a dash of plot, slash, graphic sex.
Disclaimer: The characters within are the property of Disney. The author does not own, and is not making a profit off of their depiction here.
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Will wiped his brow as he finished his practice for the day. His well-defined muscles were glistening with sweat.

It was a typical, sweltering day in the Caribbean, and he had removed his shirt, not wishing to excessively soil it. The Interceptor did not carry any spare clothes, and he wanted to keep his garments as clean as possible.

He briefly wondered if he should go out for a swim, but he didn't want to leave Jack to man the boat all by himself. Grumbling, he grabbed a bucket, tied a rope to it, and lowered it into the sea. Maybe if he could splash some water on himself...

Jack's lisping voice interrupted him, "You'll do your skin no good with that salt water, Mr. Turner. There are better ways to cool off."

Will glared at him. Jack had been steadily annoying him for days, making untoward comments about his affections for Elizabeth. And that wasn't the only thing that annoyed him. His face burned as he remembered how Jack's gaze had raked over his body in the armory, lingering on his crotch. No one had ever looked at him like that. It did not help that he had heard tales from the priests about pirates and their lusts.

Jack's smoldering gaze had sent a thrill through him; more intense than anything he felt when he gazed at Elizabeth. He remembered blushing, and then he was aghast at himself when he realized it wasn't purely from shame. He had renewed their swordfight with even more fervor to distract himself from his impure thoughts.

However, here on the Interceptor, there was just the two of them. And Jack's continual, lingering gazes at him.

"And what would you suggest, Captain Sparrow?" he asked archly.

Jack held up a bottle of rum. "This'll do you."

Will frowned. "The devil's drink? I sincerely doubt it."

Jack gave him a crooked grin and said, "Suit yerself, mate." He reeled by Will, and stumbled against him, splashing the rum against Will's bare chest.

Will gasped in shock as the liquid hit him. He then felt a welcome flow of cool air as the alcohol evaporated, causing his skin to tingle. Some of it fell on his dusky nipples, and to his embarrassment, he felt them crinkling and tingling.

He expected another desultory comment from Jack, but he was unprepared for the look of raw hunger in his eyes. Will shivered again, remembering the moment at which their swords were locked in his shop, and how Jack had run his blade over the tip of Will's own, almost like a caress.

"Is something the matter, Mr. Turner?" Jack purred.

"Um, er, nothing..." Will breathed, his head spinning. The man's voice was darkly seductive, and the rush of heat to his body confused him. He swayed a bit and Jack's arms were immediately around his bare waist.

"You're looking a bit peaked there," Jack continued to say to him, his low voice no longer slurring. "Perhaps it's the rum?" He reached out with a finger and gently ran it over the tip of Will's stiff nipple, teasing it.

Will's eyes fluttered as he felt a jolt of desire shoot through his body. He knew that this was entirely wrong, but he couldn't deny the blood that suddenly pooled in his groin.

He watched, hypnotized, as Jack's mouth drew closer to his chest. He let out a shaky moan as the dusky circle was suddenly enveloped in wet heat, the recently chilled skin accentuating the burning touch of Jack's tongue. His hands automatically reached up, twining in Jack's hair as sweet moans spilled from his lips.

Jack drew back and grinned at him, his gold teeth shining. "More rum?" he said smoothly.

Will nodded shakily. He was utterly confused, and a bit of drink was not sounding so bad now.

"Kneel on the deck and tilt your head back," Jack said.

Will mutely obeyed. "Open your mouth, luv," Jack purred, "and don't swallow."

Will felt his head swimming again as he complied. He felt a generous amount of the liquid being poured into his open mouth before Jack bent down and touched their lips together, pushing his tongue in to lap up some of the alcoholic brew. He didn't stop there: he swiped it around, exploring the moist folds, the rum painting cool stripes that burned in his wake.

Will clenched Jack's arms, wanting to moan, but the liquid in his throat prevented him from doing so. Jack lapped some more up, and nibbled his way down Will's throat, letting the alcohol flow out of his mouth and down the tanned column in cool rivulets. Before they trickled down onto Will's chest, Jack swiftly cleaned them off, scorching the trails on Will's neck.

Will dug his nails into Jack's sleeves, wanting the sweet torment to end. He heard Jack's voice saying, "Share your drink with me, Will?"

He closed his mouth and straightened his head, his wide, chocolate brown eyes locking with Jack's. Jack caressed Will's face, marveling at the silky texture of his skin before he knelt down and pulled him close for a kiss.

The kiss was slow and sweet, and Will pushed some the rum into Jack's eager mouth. Jack swallowed; smiling as he watched Will do the same. Will shook his head, tears pricking his eyes as the strong alcohol burned its way down. He coughed, completely unused to imbibing anything stronger than weak ale.

He suddenly felt light-headed, and he swayed somewhat. Jack cooed, "Lie down on the deck, lad. You haven't had anything to eat this morning."

Will felt much better as he flopped backwards, the deck providing some much needed stability. He watched the clear blue sky, only vaguely aware that Jack had tugged off his boots, breeches, and knickers. There was a pause, and Will lost himself in the gentle rocking motion of the boat underneath him.

He felt a small frisson of alarm when Jack lay down beside him, as naked as he was. Jack tugged Will over to where he had laid out his discarded clothes, providing some cushioning from the hard deck.

Once they edged over, Jack cupped his face again, examining him with the same gaze that had etched itself into Will's mind at the blacksmith shop.

Will felt his member stirring to life, and Jack drew him in for a fierce kiss. Will moaned as Jack's tongue plundered his mouth, wrapping around his tongue possessively.

He felt Jack's hand caressing its way down his body and he eagerly arched into the touch. Will's breath hitched when Jack dipped lower, circling his fingers in the springy curls around Will's erect shaft.

He looked at Jack, confusing warring upon his face. "I shouldn't," he whispered, trying to push Jack away. He still felt muzzy, and his limbs wouldn't respond for some reason.

Before he could struggle further, Jack gently brushed a finger up the length of Will's member, causing him to whimper softly. He felt small shocks leaping through his body and he pushed forward, suddenly craving more.

"I'll take care of you," Jack purred, rolling Will onto his back and kissing his way down the tanned chest. He carefully cradled Will's shaft in his hands and engulfed the head with his mouth.

Will gurgled and thrust up. He thought he would die from the sheer pleasure. Jack gradually worked his way down the hard flesh, until Will's entire member was completely sheathed in wet heat.

Will mewled and thrust again, his senses spinning out of control. Jack suckled him eagerly, sending Will into a frenzy. He didn't want this to end, but soon he felt something building within him...an overwhelming feeling that threatened to overpower him. He shuddered, and Jack suddenly pulled his mouth off.

He whined loudly and thrashed. His body was screaming for completion, and he hungered for release.

Jack grinned at him and whispered, "I want to take you, Will."

Will was confused, "How..."

Jack laughed and said, "Let me show you? I'll stop if you wish."

Will nodded mutely. His body burned fiercely, and he would do anything to quench his rampant desire.

Jack disappeared but returned quickly with a bottle of oil. He spread some on his fingers, smiling at Will's confused look.

He lay down next to Will again, capturing his lips. Will sighed, and relaxed into the kiss, however, he soon squeaked in alarm as he felt Jack's finger circling his entrance.

Will said, "You want to put it *there*?"

Jack replied with a smirk, "And where else do you think it goes, boy?"

Will felt like bolting, but Jack kissed him again, stealing his breath away. As they parted, Jack swiped his tongue over Will's lips.

"Do you trust me, Will?" Jack whispered as he looked at Will with a tender expression free of deceit. Will felt his heart soften and he nodded mutely.

"It'll be alright," Jack whispered, using to other hand to grab Will's erection. He stroked it slowly, causing Will to sigh as passion rushed through his body like molten metal, distracting him.

He suddenly clamped down as he felt the tip of Jack's finger pushing into him. Tears stung his eyes at the intrusion.

"Will, laddie, relax. It'll hurt otherwise. I promise you it will get better," Jack said reassuringly, caressing Will's long curls.

Will looked into Jack's eyes and saw the concern in the brown depths. Will nodded, and took a breath, trying to force his muscles to yield.

Jack began stroking his shaft again, and soon the sting was gone. Jack continued in this fashion, slowly easing more of his finger in while stroking Will's member every time he tensed up.

Soon, Jack purred, "Are you all right?"

Will nodded dumbly. The finger, although strange, was no longer hurting him. He saw Jack smile wolfishly and felt the finger crooking within him.

He gasped and convulsed as pure liquid pleasure poured through his veins. Jack smiled at him, and brushed the spot again. Will made a little choked cry, feeling his coherency dissolve as lightning-quick jolts continually shot through him.

He writhed as Jack continued to massage that spot inside of him, whimpering softly as he drowned in sensation.

Jack slowly added another finger, and this one was easier than the first. Jack continued to scissor his fingers inside of Will murmuring, "You're so responsive. The sight of you is almost enough to undo me."

Will was burning with need now. He ached all over, and liquid was dribbling out of his shaft.

"Jack," he whispered, "please.."

Jack nodded. For the first time, Will noticed the large tremble in Jack's body and the feverish glow of lust in his eyes. He caressed Jack's beard, grateful that his lover was holding himself back.

Jack pushed Will onto his hands and knees; he coated his member with oil and carefully positioned himself at Will's entrance.

"Remember to relax," he said.

Will nodded, and Jack pushed the tip in slowly. Will bit his lip, trying to calm his rebellious muscles down. Jack paused, waiting for confirmation. Will took several shallow breaths and nodded.

Jack continued to breech Will at a languid pace, pausing whenever Will tensed up. Will squirmed uncomfortably, but he kept taking slow breaths, and the passage became easier once Jack was past the resistant ring of muscle.

Soon he heard Jack say with a strained voice, "I'm all the way in. Mother of god, you're so tight."

Will panted and said, "Give me a moment." He felt very full, but the feeling was not unpleasant. He was amazed at how hot Jack felt inside of him, felt the pulse of Jack's hard member.

He nodded, and Jack pulled back and thrust once, slowly and shallowly.

He gasped in amazement, but a small tingle shot through his body. He nodded again, and Jack continued his slow pace. Soon, the tingles became stronger, and Will gave out a breathy moan. His shaft, which had softened somewhat, now hardened readily.

"More..." he whispered.

Jack grinned at him, and tugged on Will's hips, changing the angle slightly. He set a swifter pace, his erection gliding over that pleasurable spot again and again.

Will dug his fingers into the Jack's shirt beneath him. Each new stroke grew more and more delightful, and he was starting to see flashes of light behind his eyes. He held his breath, startled by the consuming passion inside of him, and uncertain of what to do.

Jack breathed into his ear, "Let it go, Will. Feel it. Let me hear how much you enjoy this."

Jack reached between Will's legs and grasped his twitching erection, stroking it vigorously.

At that touch, Will cried out, bursting the dam inside of him. He felt every part of his body coming alive and he keened out loudly, each sharp intake of breath feeding the maelstrom growing within him.

Jack sped up his thrusts and matched his pace on Will's member. Will felt himself unraveling and he suddenly gave an earsplitting shriek, feeling everything explode within him as copious amounts of his seed shot over Jack's hand.

As he was dizzily reeling from his climax, Will felt Jack's thrusts growing ragged. Jack suddenly slammed into Will and roared loudly as he climaxed, splashing his release deep inside.

Will groaned as Jack flopped over his back. The two of them were dripping with sweat from their recent exertions in the sweltering heat.

Will laughed shakily, "Now I'm dirtier than before we started."

Jack said, "There's a small cache of fresh water down below, probably stored there for the nobles." He pulled out and Will groaned. "I'll go fetch it."

Jack soon returned, and they rinsed themselves as best as they could. They wiped themselves dry with a cloth and Jack sat down on his discarded clothing. He caught Will's eye and patted the area next to him.

Will obediently sat down, and Jack drew him against his chest, threading his fingers through the dark curls. He then pulled the two of them back so that they were lying down.

Will murmured, "I never thought of sharing my bed with a man before you came along. Is it always this good?"

Jack chuckled. "Nay, it will always get better. And I'm not surprised that you enjoyed yourself. It's the..." Jack suddenly stopped.

Will felt fatigue washing over him. Between the rum, his sword practice, and their lovemaking, he had precious little energy left. He said sleepily, "It's the pirate blood in me, eh?" He yawned. Jack nodded.

Jack tenderly stroked Will's curls and said, "Sleep. I'll be watching over you." After Will fell asleep, Jack continued, "After all, I promised my lover that I would look after his son."

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