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Title: You Broke My Heart... 1/1

Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@walla.co.il

Beta: Elvengoddess911

Rating: PG?

Pairing: Legolas/?, ?/Thranduil

Warning: Character death.

Disclaimer: The usual cast, they do not belong to me.

Timeline: AU

Summary: Legolas heart is broken when he caught his love, in the middle of lovemaking.

Author note: From Legolas' POV.


I walked within my forest, and I felt so happy; my father already gave me his blessing, for he saw how I loved my lover.

I took a breath and looked over the trees, enjoying the sight. The golden leaves fell softly, stroking my face. The trees sang to me. I felt happy, as I thought the worst is over.

Apparently I was wrong.

I turned to my chamber, seeking for my lover. I desired him, and wanted to feel him once more.

He was not in my room. I felt nervous; I did not know where he was.

I started to call his name, as I felt an ache in my heart. I began to worry. No one had seen him, I felt that I was losing control. I feared.

I heard a noise came from my father's chamber; it was a little strange to me. I did not dare to open the door, but I change my mind when I heard my lover's voice.

I opened the door without making any noise and saw...

I collapsed on the floor, my mouth was open, I could not believe of what I had seen.

'No, it cannot be,' I thought to myself.

I began to scream; it was like the wrath yell, as they searched for my lost soul.

He watched me; he and my father watched me. I wanted to say something but I could not say anything, as my voice trailed off.

My heart, I could hear how my heart began to break; it was like broken glass. I wish you could have heard it, my love.

I wish you will grieve me, when you love me once.

I watched you one last time, as I wondered why you did it, why you broke my heart. I thought you loved me.

He approached me followed by my father, and he only said: "I know that you did it with my father, and I thought you want me to do it as well." I said, before I took my last breath "I never did it, as my heart was always with you, and belonged to you. You could have asked me."

My eyes were shut, I could see in my mind only the darkness as the light was gone, and so was my love.

I could see you from Mandos' Halls crying with despair, and I said: 'Now you know the price for breaking my heart.'

The End

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