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Anna lied awake in her bed, thinking about the events that had taken place that night. They all revolved around one person. In fact it was the last person she thought her thoughts would revolve around. His name was Ryan and he was one of her best friends. Anna had always had a little crush on Ryan, but nothing major. That is until tonight. Anna sighed and rolled over, replaying the nights events in her head.

It had been another long day at school. Anna was just glad it was friday, and there was a party. Anna wasn't the party type but she had been to some. She just needed to unwind tonight. She gave herself one last once over before she left the house. It still suprised her that she was wearing so much make-up. She was wearing black eyelinear and blue eye shadow, fondation and her clear lip gloss. He hair was down and you could really see her red streaks. She wore a green shirt (think fatigues) that read "Be a real patriot, make a difference" one of her own desings. As if to set off the shirt, dog tags hung around her neck. They were her grandfathers, god rest his soul, from WW II. She wore a basic pair of jeans. They were about a size to big. She use to wear jeans that were like a second skin but she found baggie jeans were just comfier. She had an old pair of black and white conversus that had writting all over them. She held her jeans up with her favorite star-studded belt. She also wore a wrist band that said AFI (her favorite band.)
Anna left her room and walked down the stairs. She grabed her cell phone and keys. "Be back later Mom," Anna yelled as she left the house.
"Okay thats nice hon," Her mom yelled from her office.
Anna left the house and got into her red and black dodge neon. Her best friend Tracy lived a few streets over so she was on her way to pick Tracy up. She pulled into Tracy's drive way and knocked on the door. Tracy answered the door. "Hey," Tracy says as she closed the door behind her
"Hey," Anna said as she began to walk back to the car.
"Do you think your parnets would mind if I spent the night at your house," Tracy askes getting into the car.
"My parents won't even notice," Anna says as she puts the key in the ignition. Anna stars the car.
"What do you want to listen to," Tracy asks reaching for the radio.
"You chose, I really don't care."
"Well then I have a very nice suprise for you," Tray says as she ejects the c.d that was playing from the c.d player. "This is a new c.d I got today,"
Anna's jaw drops "Is this the new Chevell c.d."
"Yup," Tracy replies with a grin.
"Oh my god Trac you just mad my night better," Anna says with a huge smile.
"Hey, what are best friends for." They both laugh. They spent the rest of the drive listening to the c.d.
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