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Chapter 1. Back To Hogwarts

“ Ah, another year at Hogwarts, this year will be our best!” Alicia sighed stretching out on a seat of the Hogwart’s Express.
“ Alicia, you say that every year.” Arielle complained loudly
“ And every year I’m right, aren’t I guys?” Alicia asked
“ I suppose,” Arielle said
“ Right Schyuler? …Schyuler, SCHYULER!” Alicia practically yelled.
“ Hmm, what? Oh, right.” Schyuler said
“ What is with you lately girl?” Arielle asked
“ Yeah, you’ve totally been zoning out and ignoring me—I mean us.” Alicia corrected herself. Arielle sniggered and Alicia glared at her.
“ You messed up…” Arielle teased
“ Did not,” Alicia protested, knowing it was a lie
“ Did so,” Arielle argued
“ NOT!” Alicia yelled
“ SO!” Arielle yelled back
“ SHUT-UP!” Schyuler yelled. Arielle and Alicia turned in surprise, they had never heard Schyuler say shut-up before, normally she said, could you please be quiet.
“ Ok.” They both said timidly
Suddenly, we were disturbed by a noise and…

CRASH!!!!!! Draco Malfoy came crashing through the doors.
“ Sorry,” he said gruffly as his two stooges, Crabbe and Goyle, picked him up and brushed him off.
Just then, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley came running in. Harry had his wand out and Ron’s ears were extremely red. They stumbled a bit as the Hogwarts Express twisted and turned on its track.
“ That’s it, what’s going on?” Alicia asked
“ Malfoy stole my owl!” Ron said protectively. It was true from what Alicia could see, Malfoy had his hands cupped and his face showed grimaces of pain an his face, probably because Ron’s owl, Pig, was pecking at his hand.
“ Is that so?!” Arielle asked in a superior tone.
“ Are you gonna give Pig back or not?!” Hermione asked when she arrived
“ What’s going on here?!” a voice behind them asked
Schyuler gaped for a moment thinking, ‘It’s him!’
It was Legolas the elf, who had obviously been disturbed by the noise they had been making.
“ Malfoy took my owl!” Ron immediately complained. Malfoy took one look from Legolas and gave it back. Then he and his cronies left. Harry, Ron, and Hermione took time to apologize and then they left as well. Legolas gave a small smirk at Schyuler and then took leave.
Soon, all three girls were on the floor with laughter.
“ Did you see Malfoy’s face?” Alicia laughed
“ Yeah, like a fish out of water.” Arielle replied
“ Deer in headlights.” Schyuler added. The Hogwarts Express gave a lurch forward and stopped. They had arrived at Hogwarts.
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