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A glorious morning had dawned on Port Royal as she swept down the streets, her stride long and graceful. Her long raven hair reached the lowest area of her back, swept back from her face by two beautiful pearl barrettes. Blue eyes held an ocean of mystery, but twinkled with a strange knowledge. Her lithe body moved with the grace of a trained dancer, her features like those of a perfect china doll. Her voice, when she spoke, was like silk, smooth and lilting. Her hand reached for the rough wooden handle of the blacksmith's shop, her mind on one thing.

There he stood, her angel of light. Dark chocolate brown hair swept back, tied at the nape of his neck with a ribbon, and kind, gentle eyes to match. Such strong arms and hands, hands that she wanted to feel touch her. She sighed, watching him carefully as he moved around the shop.

Will looked up, blinking. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear anyone come in. Can I help you?" She smiled, sweeping down the cart that served as a stairway, the long folds of her luxurious dress making hardly any sound behind her.

"I'm looking for you, Mr. Turner." She held out one perfectly manicured hand. "My name is Rose Dawson, out of England. How do you do?" Her curtsey spoke of years of training to make her into a lady.

Will took her hand, shaking it. "It's nice to meet you, Miss. Dawson." Shock registered on her face when he didn't bend over and kiss her hand. But that did not matter. She smiled again, showing perfect white teeth.

"I have come looking for the man who is handy with a blade. I heard that is you, is it not?" Will shrugged, remaining humble about it.

"I practice sword play three hours a day, but I don't know if I'm as good as they say. Are you in need of help?' He asked. She frowned. Why was he not falling completely head over heels in love with her?

She walked to him, getting in closer. "I would like to learn...." She whispered breathily, looking up to him with innocent blue eyes, as deep as the ocean.

"I'm not sure I'd make a good teacher." Will walked away from her, completely oblivious, back to the forge. He pulled out the sword he was working on. "I could recommend you to someone though." Rose balled up her fists in frustration, leaning against the pole, her perfection in the art of seduction showing through.

"But I need a strong, handsome man, such as yourself...." She said breathily, moving one hand up and down the pole.

"Miss Dawson, I hate to break this to you, but I'm already with someone." Will said finally, watching her attempts at seducing him. Rose came over to him, reaching up to stroke his cheek.

"No, she was mysteriously lost on the voyage back from England. I'm sorry." Will plucked her hand from his cheek and put it down to her side.

"She went to the market. She'll be back soon." He told her, slightly wary of her. "You can wait if you want."

She blew up at him. "No! You're supposed to love me! I am shamelessly craving the love of you, but you are a movie character, so I have to get with you somehow, so insert myself as a perfect being into a story I wrote so that we fall madly in love and you are all mine! ELIZABETH MUST DIE!" She panted, done with her ranting.

Will crossed his arms. "I'll ask you to leave my shop now, Miss Dawson. You've made enough of a ruckus. I love Miss Swann; otherwise I would not have teamed up with a pirate and fought undead pirates to save her." He said angrily. “Are we clear on this point?” Rose screamed, and then suddenly exploded, even catching the blacksmith by surprise. Nothing remained but a cloud of dust floating softly to the ground as Elizabeth walked in, carrying a basket. She looked around at the shop, then at Will, raising an eyebrow.

"Is everything alright, Will?" She asked. Will nodded.

"Aye, just another Mary Sue."

"Oh. Hungry?" She held up the basket.

"Of course." He gave her a boyish grin as he slipped his arm through hers, leading her out the door.
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