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Title: First Love chapter 1

 Author: Artino2

Rated: R

Warning: Femlash, M/M Slash, sex, violence,

Pairing: Arwen/Eowyn Elladan/ Elrohir/ Eomer

Archived: www.adultfanfiction.net , Elves_R_Us
yahoo group, OEAM, Lotr_Library

Disclaimer: I do not own them, I only wanna play
with them for a bit. Girls need love too!

Summary: Eowyn travels with her Brother Eomer
to deliver some horses to Lord Elrond. There she
meets his daughter Arwen and the two form a
quick bond that no male could ever break.

"When will we be there brother?" Eowyn asked as
she looked about the vast meadow they were
traveling through. The scenery was breathtaking
with all the flowers in bloom and the warm sun
shining down on them from high above.

"We should arrive there within the hour sister. You
will have your first look at the Elven city of
Rivendell. I remember it clearly from my last trip
there, it is a sight to behold," Eomer said as he
smiled at his excited sister.

They were leading five horses to Lord Elrond. It
was a trade agreement he had made with the
Elven Lord and he always delivered his horses
personally. Eowyn had begged to be taken along
and he could not refuse her. Her excitement and
the wonder in her eyes were pure enjoyment for
him as he loved to see her happy.


"When will they be here?" Arwen asked her father.
She was excited that one of the new horses would
be her very own and she looked forward to
making friends with the animal.

"Patience Arwen," Lord Elrond said as he smiled
at his daughter. She was already over a century
old but her youthful excitement was refreshing.

Arwen hurried over to the gates of the city and
waited for any sign that the entourage would
arrive. She waited for well over an hour until she
became discouraged. She was just about to leave
when she heard one of the guards call out,
"Riders approach!"

"It must be them!" she yelled as she ran over to
the courtyard and waited for her new horse.


"There are the gates to Rivendell Eowyn," Eomer
said as he pointed them out to his sister. He too
was looking forward to seeing his friends again.
The last few times he had traveled here, he had
made good friends with the twin sons of Elrond
and thought very highly of them.

As they rode through the gates, they were greeted
by many Elves. Eomer nodded and said greeting
to Elrond as he dismounted and went over to
reach up for his sister.

Elrond looked at the Horse Lord and smiled as he
saw Eomer had brought a maiden with him.

"Lord Elrond, this is my sister, Eowyn," he said as
he introduced her to the Elf. "These are the
horses I have brought for you, my men will take
them directly to the stables."

"Thank you Eomer, it is good to see you again
and to meet your sister. I have the stables ready
for the new horses, but one will be for my
daughter Arwen and I am sure she will wish to
have her horse left here to make friends with it,"
he laughed lightly as his daughter squealed and
waited to see which one would be hers.

"The one my sister was riding is the one that
would best suit your daughter. She is very tame
and mild mannered," he said and handed the
reins over to the excited she-elf.

Eowyn looked at the beautiful Elf. Her hair was
long and hung way down her back, black as the
night sky on a moonless night. She smiled at the
Elf and in turn received one back. Her blue eyes
sparkled as she petted her new horse and Eowyn
thought her very stunning.

"Does she have a name?" Arwen asked the young

"Yes, her name is Eloesa, and she is a very good
horse," Eowyn said as she reached out and ran
her hand along the horse's mane. "I raised her
myself. I have her twin sister back home that is
my very own, so although I will be sad to see her
go, I can at least take comfort in knowing that she
will be well loved."

"That she will be," Arwen said as she hugged her
new horse around the neck.


"It seems as if your daughter approves of her new
horse," Eomer said to Elrond.

"Yes she does. She also seems to have made a
new friend with your sister."

Eomer watched as Eowyn and Arwen laughed
and talked together. He was interrupted by an arm
that came around his shoulder and patted him on
the back. He turned to see the smiling faces of the
twins. "It is good to see you again my friends," he
said as he smiled warmly at the two Elves.

"We are glad you have returned for a visit," Elrohir
said as he grinned at the Horse lord. They had
enjoyed many nights together in his company on
his previous visits.

"What say we go and have some wine and speak
of all that is new?" Elladan said as he took
Eomer's arm to lead him inside.

"Sounds like a good plan, but let me tell my sister
where I will be in case she needs me," he said as
he called out to Eowyn. "Eowyn, I will be inside
with the sons of Elrond if you should need me."

"She will be fine," Arwen said. "I am going to show
her around Imladris."

Eomer nodded and left with the twins. Elrond
watched as they retreated with a smile. He had
known for many years now that the Horse Lord
was fond of his sons and they returned the
affection. It was after all, the reason that Eomer
brought all the horses personally.

He walked off with the other men to the stables to
see that the horses were comfortable.

"Your city is very beautiful," Eowyn said as she
looked around. "I am so happy my brother allowed
me to come with him this time."

"You should see the gardens, they are very nice
this time of year," Arwen said as she smiled at the
young girl. "Let me take Eloesa to her new home
and then I will show you around."

They led the horse over to the stables and got her
settled in. Arwen took Eowyn's hand and pulled
her along behind her all the way to the gardens.
She knew the young woman would find it just as
breathtaking as she did herself.

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