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“Between Two Worlds”
By: Sethíel Undómiel

Author’s Note: I don’t own LOTR- belongs to Tolkien and to Peter Jackson. And I don’t know the royal family personally. But I own my character Sethíel and some the minor characters that might come out in the later chapters.

Thanks to the Council of Elrond (dot) com for all the elvish phrases that you’ll see thought out my story.

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*____* Elvish

Beta: None
Rate: PG-13 (but for later chapters, it might be change to NC-17 [if I could make one.])
Timeline: Before and After the War of the Ring.
Warning: 100% Mary Sue….can’t help it. J
Summary: Sethíel Undómiel, the youngest daughter of Elrond, comes home to Rivendell for summer vacation and brings her two best friends, the sons of Prince Charles. And their vacation would be the biggest adventure of their lives. This is a story of discovering yourself, of love and friendship.

Chapter 1: Coming Home

One summer day in the Elven realm of Rivendell, everyone waits for the arrival of the youngest daughter of Lord Elrond from the modern day world of men, she was sent there to study the ways of governing and practices of diplomacy their kingdoms, as a student there. But it was unknown to them that Sethíel brought with her two best friends….

Somewhere near the Ford of Bruinen…

Three young people clad in very different clothes from the normal people living in the Middle Earth, riding Arabian bred stallions. They were all wearing the same beige jodhpurs, tall well polished black boots that reaches just below their knees, wearing riding caps for protection and the same navy blue riding coats but one of them wore a brooch of a falcon on a flight on the left breast of her coat. They were laughing about one of them said funny. Most of their things were packed on the saddle bags.

Sethíel Undómiel smiled as she came down from the horse she was riding as she comes to the view of her lovely home down the valley. It was a good feeling to be home again as she stopped at the last ravine that looks over home. She has an average height for an elf (5’10”), grey eyes like stars in a clear night sky; dark ebony hair that was braided in a single plait and her face was flawless. Even sharing the same middle name with Arwen, Arwen is still considered the “Evenstar” of their people; but they are not twins. The two sisters were closed but as the centuries passed, the two seemed to be different; Sethíel became interested with archery and having adventures with her elder brothers, the Twin stars, Elladan and Elrohir, while Arwen stayed behind learned the techniques to become the lady of Imladris, with flair and style, for the reason that their mother was in the Undying Lands. How are they right now? Sethíel thought.

“Hey Telle, wait!” a young man shouted in his very clipped British accent as he approached Sethíel on the nearest ravine that is looking to the first view of her home. He was tall (6’4”); has hazel eyes soulful ones that makes girls crazy over him; short sandy blond hair and his face seems to full of life and seriousness when in comes to the duty (that he would be the future king of United Kingdom and Commonwealth). His name was Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, better known as Prince Wills to the rest of the world.

But Sethíel have heard from more than a mile because of her elvish hearing, just smiled. “I’m here, Wills. In fact I’m waiting for you to admire the view.”

Wills immediately slides down from his horse and led his horse beside Sethiel’s. He didn’t expect to see houses that was beside a waterfalls and most of them have bridges and basically it’s exactly the same what he saw in the movies. It was a spectacular sight. For the second time in his lifetime, he was speechless; the first time was he found out that his mother died in a car accident that happened he was only fifteen and his brother was few days before turning thirteen.

“Whoa. Telle is this where you grew up?” he asked the elf maiden.

“Uma, Mellon nin.” She smiled. “By the way, where’s Harry?”

“May be he’s taking a leak or something.” Wills answered.

“I’ve heard that brother.” A voice answered, coming from behind, “I’ve started walking and the sight was spectacular.”

The same as Wills, Harry was also speechless. By the way, these young men with Sethíel right now, were the sons of the current Prince of Wales. Difference in two years a part, Wills has short blond hair and hazel eyes while Harry has short reddish hair and blue eyes; but both of them were lanky. Sethíel, on the other hand preferred Harry because she reminded of him of her two elder brothers, and Harry was always there for her when she needs someone, but with Wills, it’s a different story, let say.

“Now you see the Lastly Homely Home for the first. Wait and see in the closer view.” Sethíel said as she came near to the horses where eating some grass and rode her horse.

“Wait Telle, I’ve brought my video cam.” Harry said as he reaches for the saddle bag/ duffle bag of his.

“Ok, but I’m warning you, Harry, print those picture ASAP and don’t you dare to film me or any of my kin. Or else…” she threatens the red hair. Because while vacationing in the Caribbean with the two princes, she accidentally forgot to have her ear charmed to look a normal ear but as they were surfing, Harry noticed that there was a different from her it were ears. He cornered her as they came back to the shore; demanding what are those for her ears. Cursing inwardly and taking deep breathe; she told Harry and Wills the truth; but she asked to make a vow that whatever happened they wont tell anyone about her true identity.

“Or else…put me into a prison and leave me there to die from hunger,” Harry joked.

“I really mean this time Windsor. And by the way, my people would give you still food when you’re in the dungeons,” Sethíel answered, trying to keep a straight face, “K. Let’s take some pictures.”

Harry started to get pictures and he set up his camera for a set of pictures of the three of them in the same riding clothes. After that they stayed for a while for lunch because Wills said it’s already near around noon; they had sandwiches and bunch of Light Coke and Sprite in cans. They decided to continue their walking towards the borders of Rivendell.

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