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Chapter one:

My History

I am the illegitimate child of Isildur. Therefore I must not be known. I must stay hidden, I must be invisible. My mother sent me to live with her great uncle, Saruman, a powerful wizard, before she dissapeared. I am still not known to the world. He keeps me hidden, locked in the tower. I cannot tell you how much I want to be known. Being Invisible isn’t easy.

My mother told me the story of how I came to be. I was ashamed at first, but then, when I found that I had the royal bloodline, I was confused. Why wasn’t I living at the Palace? Why did no one know of me? Because of the simple matter that I was illegitimate. My mother was a siren, one of the last of her kind. Isildur could not contain himself, this is how I came to be.

I live with my great great uncle and he treats me like I am a dirty slave. I will tell you I am not a virgin. This happened not by my will. So I guess you could call that a rape. I have one friend, he comes to me in my dreams. I do not know who it is, but he brings kind words and beautiful music to me every night.

By day, I am “slave” or “girl” , by night, I am Arianna. There is nothing special about me. My blonde hair reaches my waist and my eyes are green. I am of average height, around 5 foot 7”. I do not look skinny, but I am a little underfed. My skin is milky white, like the elves I have seen in so many of my great great uncles books. I love the stories about them. I cant read very well, but I try to figure out words on my own.

The sky around the castle is considerably darker than that of the land further off. I do not question this, for I have seen too many bizarre things for my lifetime. I simply do my chores and live life as best as I can. My 18th birthday is very close, I know that I will receive nothing, but I still wish that I could get 1 present. On my birthday, in the past, I usually get the day off to go out and do things that I find fun. I will go to the market and smell the flowers and ride horses all day.

I try and get as far away from the tower as I can. Its’ darkness radiates for miles. I hate living there, but I had no where else to go, besides, if I ever did leave, Saruman would come after me. He couldn’t have an heir to the throne running around! Even if I was illegitimate.






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