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Usual disclaimer, as I do not own anything associated with Lord of the Rings. I own all other characters, places, and the like. This work is fiction, and seeing as how it is, I can do whatever it is I want. If you don't like it, then please move on.

This is a story within a story. The parts where the grandfather and grandson speak will be in sections marked off with lines such as this ~~~*~~~.


The heavy wooden door swung open, making a slight creak as it allowed entrance into the bed chamber. The young elven prince was sitting upon his bed, pillows and silk surronding the small body that was his. He eagerly awaited the arrival of his grandfather. This was a ritual whenever he visited, the telling of some great adventure of the most famous elf of all of Middle Earth. The prince loved this special time, and with each story, Legolas seemed to grow stronger and even more brave then the last recalling.

Legolas seemed to have endless adventures. A lot involved his dear friend Gimli. They fought all manner of creatures, some so vile that the prince would have to hide under the covers. But the best ones were the ones where Legolas fought alone, or he fought with new friends. These the prince relished in, always pretending that he was fighting side by side with his hero, and always getting the girl. Although, the part about getting the girl the prince would seldom admit was his favorite. Yet, Legolas never seemed to get his girl. Legolas never really allowed himself the chance to fall in love. The warrior of Middle Earth always seemed too involved in the thrill, and never interested in the romance. Sure there was lust, sex, and that sort of thing. But true love was always missing from the grandfather's stories.

"My elfling, are you ready for your adventure tonight?" The elder elf leaned against the frame of the door, arms crossed and a smile glowing from his face.

"Yes Grandfather. I am. Which story will you tell me tonight?" the eager prince asked, eyes wide with excitement.

"How about the time when Legolas and Gimli had to fight off the giant spiders of Mirkwood?" The grandfather had now crossed the bed chamber and sat himself into his favorite reading chair.

The elfling gave him a smile. "You have told me that one too many times to count. Do you have anything new, Grandfather? Is there a story about Legolas saving the world and getting his girl?" His eyes gave away his eagerness for the response to be in the positive.

"So you like the romance huh?" The elfling shook his head up and down. "Well, I do know of one story, but there isn't romance in it for some time. It is a long story, and I hope we have enough time for it all."

The young prince settled into his bed, and made himself comfortable. He awaited the story to come forth from the lips of his beloved grandfather with antisipation. "Now let me explain some things to you before I begin, as this story involves a different race, one that you have never heard of before. In order to understand the story, I must first tell you about magical creatures called faeries."

The prince sat up a little straighter than normal, his eyes wide and his ears tuned in, so as not to miss anything of importance. "Now faeries are actually a race of elves. Through some force, they were banished to a distant world, where for centuries upon centuries they have lived in peace. They are magical, as I said before, having great powers, some even more powerful than the grandest of wizards. They have wings made of light and air, and they can fly about without a sound. They are only about 10 inches or so tall, but have the ability to change into a size such as ours when the need arises. They are magnificent creatures, and the females are the most stunning beauties one would ever lay eyes upon. They are immortal, and can die just like us."

The grandfather looked at his grandson and knew the elfling was hooked onto his every word. He continued with his description. "Now again, they lived in peace for many centuries, but evil was working its way into the hearts of some. They became dark faeries, ones who lost their wings of light and air, and now had wings of death and despair. They were no longer able to change their size, as they now had to take on the size of beings such as ourselves. They could not die of broken hearts, for their hearts were now black and could not love. Their hatred for their lighted kind grew with each passing moon, and soon, there were many who wanted to take over the faerie world. They grew in number, and soon, parts of the world were plunged into darkness. This is where Legolas comes in, for he was sent to that world to help them. This, my young elfling, is the story of Legolas Greenleaf, and his Starfire."

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