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One bright morning in the spectacular white city of Minas Tirith, Eldarion awoke in his lavish room. He walked across the cold marble floor and opened the silk curtains to reveal a pleasing day; golden eagles were seen flying by too. Eldarion had an excellent view of these eagles since they were flying across from the seventh and uppermost tier where he lived.
“Eldarion, it is time for you to take ownership of the colt of my horse, Brego,” said Aragorn, Eldarion’s kingly father, as he startled his son near the window.
“Yes I know. That is why I am awake at dawn and able to see the eagles fly by,” said Eldarion as he found his feet after his slight scare.
Eldarion was then led to the stables where he found a slim strawberry colored graceful looking colt. His mother, Queen Arwen stroked the young horse’s mane and whispered elfish words to him and he was perfectly calm. He then strolled up to the colt that had been named Ambar meaning fate in the Quenya language of Elves. Ambar nuzzled his nose against his shoulder and nibbled on his robe.
Ambar allowed Eldarion to climb on his back and put his arms around his neck. Eldarion then gently kicked him and they rode off into the wilderness southward away from Minas Tirith.
There was not a dynamic fear about Mordor since the dark lord of Sauron was defeated and the dark tower of Barad-dúr fell. The minions of Sauron had scattered because they had no leader and no actual purpose at the moment except to start their own wars amongst each other and to attack passerbys for fresh meat. Eldarion had no fear of the unknown wilderness. He had the strength of the Dúnedain because of his father’s blood and was ready to face anything that threatened him.
On and on galloped Ambar and Eldarion across the damp fields until the ground turned into cracked clay as the border of Mordor was reached because the earth had shattered as Sauron was defeated. Eldarion then came to a spot that had once been the Dead Marshes but when Mt. Doom had erupted, lava had reached all the way northwest in the Dead Marshes causing the water to disappear.
Eldarion remembered the stories from The Great Years of the Third Age about the Dead Marshes about the Ring Bearer Frodo and his companion, Samwise. The corpses of soldiers had lain under the water of the marshes, each with a light, ready to pull unsuspecting victims to the bottom with them, whoever looked into the water and became transfixed by their eyes as they looked at the lights. But all of that was gone now. The ground was cracked up and it was a mystery where the corpses had gone. It was often questioned if the aftermath of the eruption of Mt. Doom had completed caused the dead bodies to vanish over a period of numerous long years.
An eerie feeling enveloped Ambar and Eldarion as they wove between steep and tall cliffs. A sudden shadow passed the next curve ahead of them. This started Ambar and he stepped back a few faces. This reaction caused Eldarion’s heart to pound faster. Eldarion then urged Ambar to slowly move forward and then his eyes caught when had created the hideous shadow before.
Eldarion’s first thought was that it was a zombie hobbit. It was the sized of a child like him but looked older like his father and looked like he used to be pure in heart like his mother. Eldarion came to the conclusion that the bodies of the Dead Marshes had formed into creatures of the land wandering around the lost land of Mordor. Mordor was a lost land now since there was no real purpose for it except as a sanctuary for the minions of the Dark Lord.
The zombie hobbit had noticed the two trespassers. It then swept towards them. With pale skin amidst a round chubby face and glowing yellow eyes, it looked at him. It was unclear why a hobbit had died in the Dead Marshes since they are un-adventurous. That in itself was a curious mystery. Eldarion actually felt afraid for once because he had never seen a creature of the dead after him.
Not looking back behind his shoulder, Eldarion kicked the sides of Ambar and Ambar darted off like the wind towards home. Eldarion decided not to tell anyone about his spectacle of the zombie so that as he built up his courage some more, he would be able to exclusively investigate this mystery of the corpses from the Dead Marshes reborn and why a hobbit was there.
The zombie hobbit veered towards the fortress of Minas Tirith and watched Ambar and Eldarion enter the front gates. He could not leave Mordor because then he was free game for anyone to attack since he was not in his land. So he crouched down and waited inside a cavern until Eldarion and Ambar would come again.
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