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My sleep went by with no dreams. Normally, I do not sleep at night, but I have been very troubled of late. A presence in my room, one well- beloved, woke me. Kar-yai. He did not resemble the traditional vampyre. Most of my kind had never bothered to update their style for modern times. This would have looked odd to the humans, had they actually tried to search us out. Kar-yai had his waves of hair pulled back, He came towards me, causing my breath to catch in my chest, 'How was your night?' I thought. We often communicated mind-to-mind.

'Got into a little quarrel with Malachi, but no matter.' He came close and tilted my head up. I shuddered inwardly. Malachi had long hunted me for no apparent reason. I greatly feared him. Kar-yai took a step back, breaking the kiss. 'Love, you do not need to fear him. I made it clear long ago that he is NOT to touch you.' he told me sternly. I slumped back onto my bed. Of course he was right, we had had this discussion many times before, but I could not bring myself to trust him at all.

I disappeared from my house to hunt. Most of the few mortals who know of our existence are ignorant of how we really live. My kind is not understood by any creature on earth. Werewolves have been known to attack the younger, weaker members of my kind.

The girl I followed had the most sickening mind I had ever seen in a human. She was married and had children, but sold herself out for little money. I had no qualms as her lifeblood drained out. She collasped when I left.

Kar-yai was gone when I returned, which was about sunrise. I fell into a restless sleep...

A candlestick was hurled at me. I did not move away fast enough, and it caught me full out in the face. 'What did you do with that man????!' my father screamed at me. I had been sobbing ever since a servant had spotted a brawny guard and a drunken myself alone together...

Someone shook me roughly. 'Nieta, wake up!' Kar-yai's voice echoed in my mind. I was on my feet instantly. 'What happened to you, love?'

There were bruises all over my body. 'A memory, and an old hurt,' I whispered, yawning. 'Would you like to join me?' I asked, gesturing toward the bed.

He grinned. 'Certainly, my love.' and pulled me into his arms. We lay there the rest of the day, when at nightfall, the unthinkable happened...
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