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Title: You May Never Know… 1/?
Type: FPS
Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@walla.co.il
Beta: Manon.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Elrond/Legolas.
Warning: Angst. Slash. Are you still hanging on a cliffy?
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them. Lines from the film belong to New Line Cinema, and only have been borrowed for this story.
Timeline/Spoiler: Book+Movie Verse. AU.
Summary: The council is open. Elrond must make a decision which could mean he might not see his love again.
Note: The sequel of “Sacrifice Myself for You”.


Just to think you live inside of me
I had no idea how this could be
Now I'm crazy for your love
Can't believe I'm crazy for your love

“You Sang To Me” - Marc Anthony

~ *


Legolas lay on the bed, relaxed by the mood that had been created in the room.

Elrond watched his lover; Legolas lay there, his eyes were wide open, and he seemed as calm as the sea, yet his naked body shivered under Elrond’s touch, trembled when overtaken by pleasure.

The Elf-lord tried to forget what he thought the day before as he held the prince while he slept. Elrond would not let the one he loved to get hurt again – he would make sure of that.

Elrond looked at Legolas and could not resist touching him, taking him again. His hands moved over Legolas’ chest, now fully healed after the attack. All that was left was a small scar, and he moved his hand away, not wanting to touch it, not wanting to remember how Legolas received it.

Legolas woke up as Elrond moved his hands over his chest, and his hands moved to Elrond’s back, bringing the Elf-lord closer to him. The prince wanted to feel the pleasure Elrond could give him once more.

“My love?” Elrond asked, as Legolas’ movement interrupted his thoughts, so deeply lost was he in them.

“Legolas?” Elrond asked again when there was no answer.

“What?” Legolas asked, as he moved his hand over Elrond’s cock.

“I did not notice you wake up,” Elrond said.

Legolas pulled his lover closer to him, his other hand guiding Elrond’s cock to his entrance.

“Wait,” Elrond said, but Legolas did not stop.

“Legolas, what about the oil?” Elrond asked defeated.

“We do not need it,” Legolas said, enjoying feeling Elrond’s skin next to his. “My body is ready for you, waiting for your touch.”

Elrond leaned in and kissed his lover on his cheek before kissing his lips. Legolas’ mouth opened under his, and they kissed with greater passion, their tongues dueling. Legolas used the diversion to wrap his legs around Elrond’s waist, forcing the Elf-lord’s cock to slide into him.

Lost in the sensation of being inside his lover, Elrond could not feel the heat coming from his lover; he could not see the sweat his lover’s body was covered in.

Legolas broke the passionate kiss and began to moan, digging his nails into Elrond’s back, leaving red lines as he scratched the Elf-lord as a bolt of energy filled him time and time again.

Elrond looked down at Legolas and saw his eyes were wide open, a large smile on his face, and…

‘Why is he sweating? The room is not hot,’ Elrond thought worried.

“Legolas… Love…” Elrond moaned.

“Hmm…” Legolas’ voice was soft.

“Why are you so hot and covered in sweat?” Elrond asked.

“I… I…” Legolas tried to say, his body filled by another bolt of pleasure.

“My love…” Elrond slightly teased him.

Legolas’ head moved from side to side, and he wrapped his legs even tighter around the Elf-lord, forcing him deeper into him. Elrond started to worry about Legolas’ roughness.

“Legolas, are you well?” Elrond asked.

“I… Oh Valar…” Legolas screamed in pleasure as he felt Elrond’s seed inside him, and a tear trickled down his face.

“Legolas, is there something wrong?” Elrond asked concerned, looking at his love.

End of Chapter 1.

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