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“Alright, Erestor. Truth or dare?” Glorfindel sat down across from the black haired elf and smiled. They’d been playing this silly game for some time now, and he wished Erestor would pick dare at some point.


“Erestor, you have picked truth every time!”

“Yes, I do not wish to make a fool of myself, thank you.”

“You’ll leave it up to me to do that, then?” Glorfindel chuckled as he saw Erestor roll his eyes. Sipping out the last drops, Glorfindel placed the wine bottle next to the other three, only to watch it fall and take them all down with it in a clanking ruckus. Yes, drunk was the word.

“You are so good at it, my friend!” Erestor said, bowing his head jokingly before laughing.

“Alright then! Fine, truth it is, my little Erestor. Although I do so want to punish you for making me pretend to fall in love with the bed.”

“Aye, but it was rather funny to watch you kissing my pillow.”

“Mmm. Might I add it tasted rather like sweat, dear.”

Erestor fell over laughing, allowing his drunken state to show clearer. “It could have been worse!”

“Maybe, depending on where that sweat came from!”

Trying to sit himself back up again, Erestor snorted, making Glorfindel fall over in a fit of laughter. The two had been friends for some time, and usually played silly games over wine. However, tonight was rather unusual. And, truth be told, Erestor was getting uncomfortable telling all of his truths.

“So what is it this time, Glorfindel?”

“Ah, yes, truth. What do I not know about you already at this point? Let me see…” Glorfindel made a slight show out of thinking before slapping his thigh. “I’ve got it!”

“Oh, this should be good,” Erestor said, folding his legs under himself and leaning back on his arms. “Go ahead.”

“Alright then. Tell me about your sex life.”

“What about it?”

“Anything? Glorfindel, really! You must give me more to work with.”

“Alight. How many lovers have you had?”

“I… well… you know, this may not be the place to start.” Erestor blushed heavily. One would imagine the game would get to this eventually, but there were some things he did not want his dear friend knowing.

“I think it is the perfect place to start. How many?” Glorfindel leaned forward and looked at him intently. Erestor blushed more and looked down to the ground.

“I… I really don’t know, Glorfindel, this…”

“You don’t know? Erestor!” Glorfindel started to chuckle. He feared his dear friend was too embarrassed to state what he figured the answer was. Erestor spent a lot of his time working, and no matter what, he was always respectable and proper. He had never seen Erestor with anyone outside of light socializing. He assumed Erestor had never taken more than one lover, if any at all. “Would it help if I told you how many I have had?”

“I do not know, Glorfindel, I…” he stuttered slightly. How does one make this just go away?

“I have had three lovers.”


“Now, now. I did not ask you who.”

“But I have asked you.”



“Do not be embarrassed, my friend. I will not tell!”

“You would never believe me.”

“Try me.”

“I would rather not.” Erestor started to fidget with his empty wine glass.

“Alright. If you do not wish to tell me, you do not have to. But instead you must take a dare.”

“Now you are making up rules! That is not fair!”

“Then tell me.”

Sighing, he gave in. “Alright. Dare.”


Glorfindel wandered around outside for a while alone, trying to shake off the hangover he’d woken up with that morning. There was a bitter taste in his mouth and his head throbbed. Eventually, he gave up the dizzying walk and sat with his back to a tree. Closing his eyes, he nodded off slightly before a voice forced his eyes open.

“Good morning, my friend.” It was almost irritating to hear such a glowing voice and see the happy face of Figwit standing before him. But he looked up anyway and forced a smile.

“Hello, Figwit, how are you today?”

Without invitation, Figwit sat in the grass across from Glorfindel, a slight playful smile on his lips. “Much better than you, I imagine. Hard night?”

“I had a bit to drink.”

“Aye, as did Erestor, I noticed. Although your temperament is much kinder.”


“Yes. I greeted him just a few moments ago in the hall and the growl that escaped him made me believe my head was in danger of being separated from my neck.”

“Yes, well, I fear I may have angered him last night.”

“How did you do it this time? You did not make fun of his books again, did you?”

“No, nothing like that.” Glorfindel frowned. “It was much worse.”

“Oh, really?” A curious twinkle played in his eye as he leaned forward, silently prodding Glorfindel to spill what had happened.

Glorfindel sighed. “Aye. I tried to get him to tell me how many lovers he has had. We were playing Truth or Dare, you see.”

“He would not tell, I take it.”

“No. Of course not. I fear he was embarrassed.”

“I would guess so.”

“It is nothing to be ashamed of, not having ever had a lover.”

Figwit raised an eyebrow. “Pardon, my Lord?”

“I am sure he did not want to admit it to me, especially after I told him how many I have had.”

Figwit tried to cover a smile that was sneaking in with his hand. “Figwit, what?”

“Oh, nothing. Really!” He began to giggle.

“Figwit…” Glorfindel had clenched his teeth and almost growled out his name.

“Alright, alright. It’s just… well, he has had a lover… or two.”


“Yes. Actually, I’ve gone to bed with him.”

“Really? What happened between the two of you?”

“Nothing. We went to bed once and nothing ever came of it.”

Glorfindel looked at him curiously. “I do not understand.”

“Aye. I can see that. Glorfindel, just rest assured, Erestor has taken a lover.” He stood and excused himself, leaving Glorfindel to sit and stare as he left.

What else did he not know?


Elrond lifted his head upon hearing the faint knock at his door. “Enter.”

The door opened and a wave of golden hair was the first thing he saw. Glorfindel looked up and smiled. “Elrond, good morning. Are you busy?”

“Not really. Had you come a few moments later and I would have been. What troubles you?”

“Nothing really troubles me, per say. I just had a short chat with Figwit.”

“Mmm, yes, he dropped in on me this morning, too. I see he is making his rounds.”

“Yes, well, he seemed very interested in what I was doing last night.”

“I am not surprised. You were with Erestor, were you not?”

Glorfindel looked at him, confused. “How did you know?”

“Lindir spotted you. He was going to pay Erestor a visit, but saw you had dropped in on him first.”

“So he took it upon himself to tell everyone?”

“Not everyone. Just me. He came to me next, wanting to talk for a while. And, I suppose he told Figwit for some reason, unless Figwit gathered from your mutual hangovers that you had been together.”

“Aye. I told Figwit we played Truth or Dare. I didn’t even bother asking, but he offered his own information.”

“What was that?”

“That he’d taken Erestor to bed once.”

“Only once? I thought it to be more than that.”

“And here I am thinking Erestor had never taken a lover. Were they an item?”

“No. Erestor doesn’t seem to have had many relationships.”

“So I was partly right, anyway. He is inexperienced and did not want to admit it to me.”

“Inexperienced? Glorfindel… that is hardly the word.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… he is not lacking sexual experience, that is for sure.”

“So there have been others? But why would he not tell me?”

“He may not want you to know the truth. About him or those he has bedded.”

Glorfindel leaned forward, a small gleam of curiosity mixed with a naughty need to know shining in his eye. “Who else?”

“That is hardly for me to tell, my friend!” Elrond chuckled, a blush taking over his fair skin.

“You, maybe?”

Elrond’s face flushed almost maroon. “Well… you know… oh, alright. Yes. Once or twice. Or maybe three or four. But it was nothing!”

“This is getting more interesting by the moment.”

Glorfindel stood and excused himself from the now bright red lord and walked from the room. He stood in the hall for a moment, gathering his own thoughts, before his naughty and curious sides hit full force once again. He just had to know.


Erestor sat alone in the dimly lit library, trying to concentrate on his work. But hearing his own heart beating inside his skull was making it rather difficult. He folded his arms across the books before him and rested his head on them, covering his face from the room.

Several minutes passed before he lifted his head to try working again. Wrinkling his nose and adjusting his eyes again, he let out a small yelp when his eyes fixed on Glorfindel, leaning on another table with his arms crossed at his chest, staring at him.

“My friend, I did not hear you come in!”

“You know, you never did answer that question. And since you only half completed the dare, I think an answer is called for.”

“I did complete the dare.” Erestor faced his books again, side glancing at the elf next to him. “I danced, as you wished.”

“Aye, you danced. But it was not the lap dance I had requested!”

Erestor blushed. “It wasn’t? I am no good at those things, really.”

“That’s not what Figwit says.”

Erestor clutched his robes just below his neck and looked up at Glorfindel questioningly. “Figwit? What did he say?”

“That he has bedded you. So you have had a lover, it appears.” The twinkle in Glorfindel’s eyes was more noticeable than ever, and it made Erestor very nervous.

“Yes. It appears I have. Now is your question answered?”
“No. I know you have also gone to bed with Elrond.”

Erestor let a slight whimper escape himself before he realized. “Oh?”

“So, how many? And now I want interest paid, too. How many, and who?”

“Glorfindel, really!”

“We’re alone. Come on, you can tell me, and no one will ever know.”

Erestor glanced around the room, almost in a panic. “No, not here.”

“Then where?”

“Oh… come to my rooms tonight.”

“I’ll be there with bells on.”

“Leave the bells in your own rooms.”


It had been nagging him all day long. Erestor was hardly able to complete his work without making too many errors. How had he found out? And of all the people to know his secrets, why did it have to be Glorfindel, his friend and the one he wished to be with?

He tried not to admit it to himself, but he had feelings for the golden haired elf, and he was willing to be whatever it was that would win his affections. Now that wasn’t going to be possible. He’d promised to tell, and now he knew his chances of winning his heart were all but gone.

He sat in the chair by the window, sipping a glass of wine. His first for the night, but he assumed not his last.

After what felt like an eternity, there was a knock at the door.


Glorfindel pushed the door open and walked in. Trying to be quiet, he closed the door behind him, then stood facing his friend.

“Well, come here, Glorfindel. I don’t want to shout it across the room.”

Glorfindel chuckled. He rather enjoyed the look of his friend tonight. His dark hair and clothes made a wonderful contrast to the white curtains blowing gently behind him and around him. His legs were crossed and he held a glass of red wine in his delicate hand. His dark eyes seemed to twinkle. Glorfindel was finding it increasingly difficult to remain proper around his beautiful friend, when in his own mind he could see himself walking over to him, standing him up, and tearing his clothes from his body in a fit of wanton lust.

“Now, for that question…”

“Yes yes.” Erestor sipped more wine. “You want it all.”

“And then some. Whatever you’ll give.”

“I was honest with you. I do not know.”

“Erestor, that is not the answer…”

“But it is. Glorfindel… I fear the truth would strain our friendship.”

“How so?”

“There is much you do not know, and for reasons only I know.”

“Alright. Drop a name or two. Only those you have slept with in the past year.”

Erestor sighed. “Alright.” He placed his glass down on the table. Looking out the window, he continued. “Figwit. And Elrond, but you knew that. Several times with both. There was also Lindir and Saelbeth. I had Haldir and Celeborn at once…”

Glorfindel’s mouth dropped open.

“… Of course I also had Orophin and Rumil at once, then once with all three brothers and several times with each alone. I had the twins together, and then separate a few times, and then there was Legolas and Thranduil, but not at one time…”

“Oh, my.” Glorfindel shook his head. “I get the point.”

Erestor looked over at his friend, who now had his gaze fixed on the table. “I told you, Glorfindel, there is a lot you do not know.”

“Tell me more.” He did not look up.

“Like what?”

“You’ve obviously had an interesting year.”

Erestor blushed. “Year?”

Glorfindel looked up into Erestor’s eyes. “You are speaking of a lifetime?”

“Well, no. Actually that was just the past few months, maybe about six.”

Glorfindel stared in disbelief. “Six months?!”

“Yes.” He sipped some more wine, trying to remain casual about all of this.

“But… I… what… how… Erestor! How could you have so many lovers and keep it so well hidden?!”

“Well hidden? Glorfindel, most here know the drill.”

“Drill? There’s a drill?”

“Yes. If you knock and I’m alone, you might get lucky.”

“Excuse me?”

He sighed. “Glorfindel. I like sex. It’s not a secret. I love it. And I don’t plan to change my ways. Yes I know I’m…”

“A slut?”

Erestor looked back up at Glorfindel, now sitting with his arms folded on the table and looking intently at him. His words stung. No one had ever called him that before.


“You’re a slut, Erestor.”

“I am not a slut.”

“You are. You just admitted it. You just sat here and matter of factly told me you lay down for anyone who comes into your rooms.”

Erestor just stared. He didn’t know what to say.

“You know, Erestor, if I had known it was that easy… I’ve want to bed you since we met. If I had known you would just lie down for me I would have come clean, had you, and been done with it. I wonder why I never thought of that before!”

He blinked. He never imagined Glorfindel would get this worked up about it all, but he should have assumed. The truth would, of course, be a shock to someone who thought him to be so proper and to have no life other than his work.

Glorfindel stood and looked down at his friend. Slowly, he walked over to him. Taking his wine glass, he set it down on the table and lifted Erestor to his feet. They looked at each other for a moment.

Finally, Glorfindel took Erestor’s mouth into a passionate kiss. As quick as he had started it, he finished it, gripping Erestor’s upper arms tightly and pushing him an arms length back. Erestor struggled to keep his footing, but kept his eyes on Glorfindel’s. There was something there. He could see hurt and anger in them, something he never meant to make his friend feel. Oh, why had he forced him to tell?

They stood this way for a long time before Glorfindel let out an aggravated half sigh, half laugh. He released his grip from Erestor’s arms. He was upset. He knew how he felt for Erestor, but he felt as if he had been lied to. All of this time, Erestor had been servicing all of Imladris and he never even knew!

His heartbreak showed itself in the form of disgust. Without even realizing what he was doing, he reached out and took a firm hold of Erestor’s dark robes. In a quick movement, he tore them open, exposing Erestor’s body to him.

Erestor let out a frightened squeal as he felt the material and the clasps give out against his chest and stomach. Every muscle in his body tensed as he felt Glorfindel’s hand on his penis.

Their eyes never left each other.

“I wanted you, Erestor,” Glorfindel hissed as he slowly stroked Erestor’s length. “Forgive me. I wanted to love you, not just have you.” He let out another half sigh, half laugh and unhanded him. Stepping back, he took in the look of Erestor before him, half naked and tense with fear. To his surprise, Erestor’s penis stood partially erect.

“Good night, Erestor.” With that, Glorfindel turned and walked out, leaving Erestor behind.

The door shut, and finally alone, Erestor collapsed to the floor. He’d lost him. He’d lost his chance at having real love.
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