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The moon gleamed brightly over Rivendell, it was the middle of the night and all was silent, except for one person.
Aragorn carefully dropped his clothes to the floor and stepping out of his undergarments, shivered briefly against the chill and grabbing a bar of soap, walked slowly into the gleaming lake. The icy water engulfed him up to his chest, he gasped and spluttered in shock as the dark green water lapped in disturbance at his side, then grinned as he became aclimatised to the temperature. Elbereth knows why he was out bathing in the middle of the night, but he had always rather enjoyed the peacefulness that one came to experience late at night. And his young mind, being restless and unable to sleep had made his decision for him. He would go and have a soak in the lake under the trees near his home. The stars shone brightly in the night sky and Aragorn smiled as a feeling of complete happiness washed through him, he gave his hair a quick but merciless scrub, making sure it was free of suds and tossing his hair back, he slowly rubbed the soap into his rugged - but lean - chest and trickled water on it with his hands, giving a small moan of pleasure as it caressed his body, leaving it glistening and moist. Relaxed and carefree, the young foster-son of Elrond, left the water without checking the coast was clear. Bending down to grab his towel, he froze immedietly as he heard a small but amused cough behind him. Inwardly hoping it wasn't Arwen or his father or brothers, Aragorn looked back over his shoulder and gave a gasp of horrified embarrassment as he realised it was his good friend Haldir.
"You're bathing late tonight my friend" Haldir said smiling at the look of humiliation on the ranger's face, he, himself had been taking a moonlit stroll through the woods when hearing splashing and sighs of contentment had decided to investigate. Struggling not to laugh, he knew without question that it had been worth the look. The man's body was muscular and lean, his ass was smooth and well perky...And from what the Elf could see of his manhood, well its true what they say about big feet he thought smugly. Feeling his own rather hard erection.
" Er...Haldir...erm...couldn't sleep...just getting dressed..do...you mind?" muttered Aragorn roughly drying his hair with the towel as he spun round to face Haldir. Seeing the smirk on the elf's face, Aragorn tried not to panic, maybe he won't tell everyone, he's just trying to wind you up thought Aragorn frantically then blushed even harder as he realised what he was revealing to the elf. "Er..Sorry" he murmured self conciously and began to pull on his pants when he suddenly felt a warm hand pull him round, " Nay do not be sorry Lord Aragorn, i'd rather you stay like this for a while in fact" Haldir's eyes roamed freely over the mortal, taking in the mortal's powerful, lean legs and without thinking automatically reached in to kiss him. Aragorn froze and pulled away, glaring angrily into Haldir's face, he was stopped by n icy glare as though daring the man to stop him. " What the hell are you doing Haldir?" Aragorn burst out fuming, but was stopped when a fist to the jaw left him dazzled as he staggered and fell back onto a broad tree behind him. Before Aragorn even had had time to catch his breath, Haldir had lashed his legs and arms round the tree using some rope he had 'conveniently' found. Aragorn tried to open his mouth to scream but his brain seemed to be paralysed with fear and to his terror, his tongue wouldnt work, his throat had gone madnningly dry, he swallowed as Haldir approached, disrobing himself in the process. There was no doubt that Haldir wasn't a beautiful physical specimen, hard muscled abs, long delicate legs, a uncommonly large cock even for an elf, and gentle, femenine hands that although seemed harmless could knock an enemy out cold lest an occassion arise for it. But the ugly, lusty look in Haldir's eyes quelled Aragorn's desire and instead caused nausea to fill his stomach. The elf slowly began to play with Aragorn's cok, gently caressing it, then as the cock twitched in response, began to suck fervently at it, hard, not gentle, but hard and fierce. Aragorn wriggled and protested and then paid for it dearly when Haldir delibarelty and viciously bit it, a silent but agonised scream tore from the man;s throat. Now Haldir was viciously punching and kicking every part of the body he could reach, Aragorn reeled and gasped as Haldir snapped the back of his hand against the man's face leaving a scarlet mark. Then Haldir pressed tightly against Aragorn, eyes closed with something curiously like ectasy in his eyes even though Aragorn wasnt even responding. " i am going to enter you, you are a whore and you'll let me do as such" remarked Haldir calmly, The man felt warm blood trickling slowly down his face, Great he thought savagely, bloody great, his eye was puffed up and bleeding. The word whore made him flinch and seeing no escape and resolutely nodding, not daring to even look at Haldir. Who laughed melodically and entered him forcefully and painfully. Aragorn gave a spasm of pain and fell back against the tree, his body felt on fire, he felt salty tears run down his face as Haldir emptied his cock into Aragorn. " What are you?" demanded Haldir when he had finished. Aragorn looked away and was silentt. Haldir grabbed him by the jaw and looked murderously into the man's stormy grey eyes "i'm...your whore" Aragorn's voice broke as he said it, he felt horribly violated and humiliated. "Thats right, Mortal and don't you forget it but i think you need another lesson - you are way too defiant for my taste" Haldir hissed and began to sadistically and cruelly pummel the man's stomach, the man threw his head back in pain and watched the night sky. tears rolling freely down his cheeks and onto his naked body. Haldir looked at the naked man and nodded approvingly, he couldnt care less if he was caught, the mortal needed to be taught a lesson and no body in their right minds would suspect him. Chuckling, he reached in grabbed the man;s chin and pulled it upright so the man could open his eyes wearily once more and see him
"Goodnight my Estel"
Haldir turned and began to walk away, the man cried out "will you not release me?"
Haldir shook his head grinning and went back to his bedroom.
Aragorn cried and shook and shivered as the cold began to set in to his bones, his thighs were smeared his blood , his cock lay limp and bruised- marked from Haldir's teeth. What if his adopted father found him here? the thought of it made aragorn vomit, it splattered his blood stained body, and the smell, the pure and utter stench of it madeAragorn close his eyes and finally give into unconciousness.....
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