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She Walks in Beauty
Chapter 1: Dangerous Territory
by Pishymishy
Main Characters: Arwen, Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Legolas/Arwen
Genre: Drama
Length: 14 chapters (completed June 11)
Summary: Sequel to One of Those Nights
Arwen felt like she was glowing. She felt like she was bathed in light that tickeled her toes and made her flush with warmth. It reached into her very soul and eminated out the tips of her delicate fingers. In this one moment, she was perfectly content. A mixture of earthly musk and something very distinct and familiar welcomed her nose as she breathed in the early morning rays.
His breath tickled her forehead as it swept tiny hairs across the seemless ivory of her skin. Strong arms embraced her and held her close to his own body. She felt at peace. Loved. And she was glowing.
She opened her eyes.
A surge of panic swelled in her chest and fear crossed her face when she realized that the comforting arms around her were not of her beloved Aragorn, but of someone else.
She was greeted with the angelic face of her beloved friend Legolas.
She exhaled slowly and her fear was once again replaced by comforted joy. In her relief she couldnt help but smile at the irony of it all. She supposed it would be dangerous for her to wake up in the arms and bed of someone who was not Aragorn, but with Legolas it was different. They were never ever anything but platonically affectionate and she didn't regard him or his bed chamber as dangerous territory.
Aragorn knew of their nocturnal activities. He had always known, for they had not tried to keep it a secret. And they wouldn't be able to even if had they tried, for the gossip about the two elves was forever being spread in whispers and secret mutterings. Aragorn knew of their long history and respected their relationship. However, he still didn't appreciate or understand Arwen running to Legolas' bed chamber in the middle of the night. Whenever he approached her on the subject, she would always laugh and wonder at Aragorn's jealousy. She tried to reassure him repeatedly that there was no reason for suspicion or jealousy. This brought little comfort to Aragorn. But neither Legolas nor Aragorn spoke of the midnight rendevous.
Arwen relished in the quiet moment of the morning to once again, gaze upon him.
He had changed so much and yet so little in all the time she had known him. He still had beautiful sun-kissed hair but instead of it being untamed and wild, it now was well kept. Legolas still had piercing blue eyes, but lost the innocence they once held. They pooled in rich colours, showing a deep variety of emotions and moods. His brow ceased with the troubles of the world.
Subconciously Arwen raised her hand to touch his cheek. Instantly, those enticing blue orbs were staring straight at her...into her. Past her skin and into her soul. And these eyes, which always held love for her now held something else.
And Arwen was rendered breathless. She knew not what to do; his eyes held her gaze and for the life of her she could not break free.
And slowly, ever so slowly, she saw him inch his face towards hers.
Arwen could feel a blush creeping up from the bottom of her stomach and warming every part of her body. Her heartbeat was beating painfully loud within her ears. She felt her breath catch in her throat as he closed his eyes and tilted his head.
Arwen knew not what to do.
His breath tickled the entrance of her mouth, hovering. And all she could do but close her eyes and wait for contact.
It never came.
Instead she heard his sharp intake of air as he pulled away from her, as if he was awoken from dream. Arwen's eyes flickered open but could not meet his stare. She gazed, unseeingly, past him.
Then Legolas leaned over and placed a light kiss on the crown of her head, softly murmuring Amin hiraetha [I'm sorry] among the dark tresses. And with that he rose and left the room.
Arwen released a breath she did not know she was holding.
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