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Author's Note: Sorry, I was kinda half-awake when I wrote this.... Lines quoted in " " are what other people ask them. Lines quoted in ( ) are what that character is actually thinking. No offense to Tolkien, Jackson, or any other people!

What the Chracters Hate
Frodo: "So, are those contacts you're wearing?" (No, no, and NO!)

Legolas: "And your gender is...?"
"It's nearing Christmas. Aren't you supposed to be at North Pole?" (Who is this person?)

Aragorn: "And what do I call you?" (*silence*)

Pippin: "Would you like fries with that?" (Isn't it obvious...?)

Merry:"Aren't you kinda small?"

Gandalf: "Where did you get the bottle of bleach?"

Theoden: "So did the ultimate makeover go well?" (*glares*)

Eowyn: "Dumb blondes." (Who are YOU calling dumb?)
"No, you can't because you're a girl." (*knocks person out*)

Glorfindel: "And who are you again?" (Stupid Arwen, she stole my role....)

Figwit: "*silence*" (Darn, I hate it when people avoid me.... Wait!!!! I'm NOT gay!)

Peter Jackson: "Are you a hobbit?" (*glares*)
"Do you ever wear long pants?" (No.)

Elrohir&Elladan: "Who are you? You look a lot like Elrond..." (Grrr....)

Elrond: "No, purple is not your color." (Yes, it is! It totally is.... It matches my tiara, too!)

Nazgul: "HELP!!!! A Nazgul!!!!!" (I just wanted to be friends....)
"HELP!!!! A Dementor!!!!!" (I'm not a Dementor!)

Gimli: "So, do you run regulary?" (You might when my axe goes flying...)
"Remember that drinking contest?"

Haldir: "Have I ever told you that your eyebrows don't match?" (*shoots person*)

Faramir: "Your father told me a lot about you... *snicker*"

Denethor: "And about your second son, Faramir..." (Who's he?)

Arwen: "I hope you enjoy your journey... Bon voyage!" (... *starts crying*)
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