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(This is only the second piece of slash I have ever published publicly as I feel my skills and voice are better realised as a het writer, but I do avidly and almost exclusively read slash and have enjoyed writing this. I hope I have learnt enough from my exposure to all the brilliant writers out there to produce something worth reading. So here is a brief foray of mine into the slash world. Many thanks to my friend Ennorwen for encouraging me to publish it. Any feedback from Slash aficionados would be appreciated.)

A Present for a Prince

Author: Rozzan
Beta: Ennorwen. Many thanks for all you have done for me, mellon.
Disclaimer: The characters and place are Tolkien’s transferred to my imagination. I make no money from this; just have a lot of fun.
Summary: PWP. NC17. Consenting mild BDSM, Rimming, and Toy.
Characters: Imrahil and Elladan
Place: The Prince’s chambers Dol Amroth.
Word Count: 2799

Using these two characters is intended as admiration and a sincere tribute to the following authors and not a rip off.
Initially suggested by the word Purple from fanfic 100 and Inspired by Orchyd Constyne whose incredible, informative and compelling story “Something Special Something Sacred” gave me much insight into BDSM, which I had never before considered, and greatly furthered my knowledge of dominance and submission and the reasons for them in relationships of all kinds. Capella, whose stories I read over and over and who to my mind “owns” the wonderful Imrahil and also Eresse’s character pairing in “Hallowed Fate”, Imrahil and Elladan, where Elladan is usually the dominant partner.
Not this time! Elladan has agreed to a game and the reversal of roles.

“A Present For A Prince”

Imrahil smiled as he caught a glimpse of his own face in the mirror. It was impossible to miss the gleam of excitement that shone from his eyes. His pupils were dilated with exhilaration and his gaze, normally tranquil and farseeing from many years spent staring out to sea at both calm and storm, was glittering with anticipation. He watched his reflection as his full lips curved upward in a seductive smile.

He heard the sound of the water rushing away down the chute mingle with the crash of surf from the rocks far below the open window, and knew Elladan had completed his bath. He turned the object gently in his fingers, the tips thrilling to the feel of the soft leather ring, rolled thicker around the edges and inlaid with a narrow, silver engraved band, which ran into a clasp and a fine screw. One last time he practised the fastening, assuring himself that his fingers were deft and knowledgeable enough of its application to operate the device unseen.

He slid it into the pocket of his purple robe, hiding it from view as the door from the bathing chamber swung wide and his lover stepped toward him. Swathed in a white towel, which contrasted starkly with his obsidian hair, like fresh snow upon rock, the elf prince stood before him, his skin fragrant and shining. Imrahil marked his stillness and was reminded of a beautiful statue as time seemed to halt for a moment and the clean sea air in the room became heavy with an unspoken thrill.

Then Elladan spoke and broke the spell. “What would you have of me, melethron?” His hand snaked out and caressed teasingly down the fall of Imrahil’s chestnut locks and his fingers ghosted lightly across his cheek, lending assurance and love to the interaction.

Imrahil found his voice. “You remember the word, Elladan?”

“Aye I do. Yet I have hope you will not push so far as to make me use it.”

Imrahil drew himself up to his full height, just a little less than the elf before him. His robe stirred in the soft summer breeze. “We shall see, ernil nin. We shall see,”

Imrahil ran his eyes appraisingly upward from Elladan’s long bare toes to the top of his head. “Discard your towel.” His voice sounded commanding though a little hoarse to his own ears, but he dare not clear his throat for fear of spoiling the effect.

Elladan’s elegant fingers loosened the bunched material at his waist and he unwound the thick fabric and dropped it to the floor. Imrahil suppressed a gasp. Despite the thousand times he had gazed upon his lover nude, each time was like the first for that rush of appreciation. Elladan before him, acqueisant but still a warrior, fine muscled legs leading up to an already building arousal. Imrahil moved closer, his own body stirring also, still covered. His robe wafted around his legs, the rich purple turning almost black in the folds as the sun continued its course beyond the open casement and left the chamber in shadow.

Imrahil’s hands reached forward and caressed slowly up the curve of the elf’s strong thighs, fondled his narrow hips and followed the sweep of bone beneath the silken skin.

“Sit.” he commanded and watched as Elladan’s erection twitched and hardened further as he lowered himself to the edge of the wide bed, his feet still planted firmly on the floor. Imrahil placed his own bare foot between them and pushed them wider apart until Elladan was fully exposed and vulnerable, his elfhood now pointing skyward and the sac below hanging enticingly. Imrahil moved his hand to cup his lover’s globes and his fingers plied the tender skin. Elladan moaned very softly and his eyes narrowed to slits of steel.

With his free hand the Lord of Dol Amroth teased open the sash of his robe and pulled it loose. His garment fell open and his now, rigid shaft that had been tenting the fine velvet sprang free, causing Elladan’s eyes to open wide again. The man was bronzed all over from a summer spent, as often as they were able, out on the open sea sailing with his lover. Preferring to work naked on the boat under the sun when they were alone together. The scent of musky arousal invaded Elladan’s nostrils and he ran his tongue over his lips as he beheld Imrahil.

Imrahil watched fascinated.
“I would make use of that, elf, but first….”

Imrahil curled the long purple sash around his palm, gave Elladan a final squeeze and leant into him, gripping his wrists and pushing his arms behind his back. He wound the sash tightly around Elladan’s elbows, tying it and letting the ends fall to his wrists where he again twisted the thin velvet into cords and bound Elladan’s wrists securely also. The elf regarded him silently, remembering Imrahil’s wish when they had spoken of this earlier, that Elladan should remain as quiet as possible. Elladan was still, shoulders braced back and Imrahil smiled slightly.

“Now you will taste me.”

Standing before him, he twined his fingers in Elladan’s hair and pulled his head downward toward his shaft. Elladan’s back bowed and the restraints were now tantalisingly visible to Imrahil. As the elf’s tresses whispered down his thighs Imrahil sighed in satisfaction, but this was as nothing to the sensation as Elladan formed his lips into a circle and took Imrahil’s crown into his mouth. The warmth and softness and the slight grazing of teeth caused Imrahil to buck slightly, increasing the sensation and a slow intake of breath was needed to steady himself.

Elladan was well practised at this art and as his tongue lapped at Imrahil’s rim and along his slit, his cheeks sucked and his throat opened to accommodate Imrahil’s not insubstantial girth, until his lips were nestled against the warm curled hair that cradled the seat of Imrahil’s length.

Imrahil dug his nails into Elladan’s scalp relishing the joint feeling of control and abandonment at the same time. When he could bear it no longer without release, he drew Elladan by the hair away from his body and clenched his teeth, willing his rising orgasm to subside.

“Lie back and close your eyes,” he growled as he regained composure.

Elladan complied, his feet sliding along the polished floor and stomach muscles clenching as he lowered his head and back onto the sheets carefully, as well as his bound limbs would allow, and his eyelids flickered shut in obedience. His breathing grew shallow. Imrahil smiled at the vision below him and bent forward to trace Elladan’s eyelids with his fingertips then outlined the sweep of ebony brows to high cheekbones and lower, to his lips, which were parted and still wet from their ministrations.

He moved his head, nipping lightly down Elladan’s thrown back throat, sucked at the protuberance there and laved into the hollow below. Onward he travelled across a prominent collarbone and fine muscle until he reached one rosy nipple already hardened and he bit gently and sucked until it grew to its full, pebbled hardness. Elladan emitted a low moan.

Imrahil repeated the treatment on the other nipple before snaking his tongue down to his lover’s navel and swirling into the whorled depression. He could feel the elf’s urgent need to be touched intimately and obliged. His mouth ghosting warm breath over Elladan’s tip and planting kisses down the underside of the rigid column. When he reached Elladan’s taut sac he widened his lips and sucked first one and then the other smooth globe into the cavern of his mouth, his tongue circling and curving around the shape. Elladan’s breathing was rapid. It was time.

Imrahil gathered his wits and his hand felt deftly in his pocket for the leather ring. His fingers closed around it and he shrugged his robe from his shoulders to pool forgotten at their feet. Elladan shifted slightly on the bed to ease the ache in his shoulders and his fingers gripped the sheet as his knuckles dug into the base of his spine.

“Keep your eyes closed a little longer,” Imrahil instructed. He widened the circle and slid it around the base of Elladan’s sex, closing the clasp and tightening it until it pinched. Elladan stopped breathing momentarily. “You may open them now,” he continued.

The elf lifted his head, glancing down at the constricting leather and gleaming silver band, a mixture of astonishment and lust in his grey eyes. Though he had bound and even blindfolded Imrahil on occasion, this was the first time they had used any other form of implement in their bed play. He noted the flash of pleasure in Imrahil’s eyes at having taken his partner by surprise.

“Kneel. In the centre of the mattress,” was Imrahil’s next demand. Still graceful, despite the encumbrance of his bonds. Elladan turned and clambered fully onto the bed.

The man put pressure on the back of Elladan’s neck until his forehead was crushed against the pillow. As he leant forward his elfhood skimmed against the sheet and he shuddered at the contact. Imrahil’s hands brushed Elladan’s hair from his back to fall in a curtain at each side of his face and Elladan felt the tickle of Imrahil’s own hair along his spine as the man bent to nibble the nape of his neck.

“Show yourself to me.” Imrahil demanded as he in turn knelt between Elladan’s calves. Elladan shifted and raised his buttocks into the air, his breathing ragged. “Wider,” came the next command. The elf spread his knees, his toes curling for grip to support this position with the lack of hands to support himself.

It was Imrahil’s turn to lick his lips. Holding Elladan’s hips steady he lapped his tongue along the exposed perineum and flickered around the puckered opening, tasting his lover many times before inserting its warm slickness into the ring of tight muscle. The elf emitted a low howl as Imrahil gained admittance.

When Imrahil himself was aching so fiercely he could no longer stand it, he withdrew and licked his lips dry. “You make a fine sight thus, melethron. Mayhap I should summon the battalion of the guard to come and view what I have for my pleasure,” he intoned sensually. Elladan stiffened and clenched his formerly relaxed, open buttocks. Imrahil’s hands stroked him reassuringly. He knew Elladan’s need for privacy and this was just a tease. Indeed he knew that if the elf should hear him move and his hand on the door latch, then the safe word would definitely be called out. “I jest, ernil nin. What I have before me is for my private perusal only. I would share it with no-one.”

Imrahil resumed his touch, kneading the marble mounds before him with a luxuriating pleasure until his partner relaxed again. He bent his head once more and ran his tongue along the depression where Elladan’s buttocks met his thighs. Then he raised his chin and bit into the firm flesh. One soft, startled cry issued from his lover, then no more. Imrahil trailed his tongue soothingly over the oval purpling bruise, moved higher and then bit again at the other cheek. “You should have a matching set. Much prettier in symmetry,” he remarked, his voice deep with his own restrained lust.

He reached for oil vial on the bedside chest, it’s stopper already prudently removed, and poured the fragrant liquid onto his palm and over his fingers. Slowly he swept his palm across the passionate markings, working the silken balm into the coloured weals. “So beautiful, maybe I should cover you with such patterns, but I have a better idea.”
His finger slid to Elladan’s entrance, played for but an instant then plunged home.
He inserted a second digit, twirling and seeking. He could hear Elladan’s gasps of pleasure. “I would have your body attend to my need,” Imrahil whispered huskily as he withdrew and taking his swollen member in his hand rubbed it tantalisingly at the stretched, rosy aperture. “So take me now.”

Imrahil pushed forward, his hair swinging about his shoulders as he slid as fast as he dared into Elladan’s body, stretching him fully. His eyes screwed shut with the exquisite pleasure as he was engulfed in that taut, gripping passage, secret and dark. He strove to keep a part of his mind aloof so as not spill immediately and powered on furiously, intent on driving his lover to the brink of prolonged ecstasy.

Elladan shivered with the strain of maintaining his position beneath the weight and force of Imrahil’s thrusts and Imrahil grasped his waist to support and steady him. Below the sound of his own guttural grunts, Imrahil could hear his lover’s faint moans keeping time with his rhythm, and imagined the tortuous bliss Elladan must be enduring. The thought almost brought him to his peak and he concentrated with difficulty, savouring the moment.

He brought his hand round under Elladan’s curved torso and grasped the elf’s pulsing column in his broad calloused hand. His lover bucked into him and almost lost his balance before recovering, his promise of silence stretched to the limit as Imrahil worked at his captive erection.

“Gods Imrahil! Leitho nin. Soon, or I swear I shall explode,” he gasped.

Imrahil slowed his stabbing thrusts, his pace changing to long and slow, brushing Elladan’s sweet spot with each withdrawal and re-entry.

“I would keep you in check a little longer, ernil nin,” Imrahil rejoindered.

Elladan’s moans became louder and more erratic as Imrahil swept his capable, roughened thumb across the head of Elladan’s swollen sex, swirling the droplets of juice over his satin skin.

“How does it feel now?” The man enquired lasciviously.

Elladan, usually determined and controlled throughout the majority of their lovemaking, could not form words, and only squealed in protest through a haze of compelling, agonized pleasure.

Imrahil felt the sweat break out on Elladan’s skin, cool and slippery where their skin touched.

“Tis, good to have you at my mercy, elf. Yet I would have pity on you for I am known as a compassionate ruler.”
Without breaking the continuum of his own burning erection’s movements within Elladan’s body, Imrahil slid his hand to the base of Elladan’s hot shaft and located the silver screw.

“Especially when I am begged,” he added.

“Saes, saes!” Elladan managed to articulate.

Imrahil’s tanned fingers twisted the clasp and the leather gave, opening the ring.
“Toro,” he whispered.

Released from its confines, Elladan’s sac drew up close to his body and his painfully engorged erection jerked wildly as his orgasm powered through him and released in great jets. His own fluid spurted upward and hit his face, coating his parted lips and dripped from his smooth chin onto the sheets. He let out a long strangled cry as his body convulsed in spasms and he collapsed prone onto the bed, unmindful of the sticky patches below him.

Imrahil fell with him. Letting go of all the last vestiges of his control, he released himself inside Elladan’s powerfully contracting passage with a relieved groan, bright light flashing through his mind. His exertions over, his breath halted for an instant that felt like eternity.

Imrahil rode out the aftershocks and softened, lifted his weight from Elladan’s quaking body, withdrew gently and untied the purple sash, rubbing the darkened marks the bonds had made. Elladan groaned as his tingling arms fell to his sides and his shoulders protested at the burning ache left behind. His lover’s essence began to leak between his trembling thighs. Imrahil’s broad fingers massaged his flesh and muscles and ran over his buttocks to ease the residual fire of the bite marks, before laying himself spread-eagled alongside his mate’s body, thoroughly spent.

Many long moments passed before Elladan could move of his own volition. When he mastered conscious control of his limbs he turned to Imrahil.

“I perceive you enjoyed our game, melethron.” The elf’s voice was tinged with a touch of knowing amusement. “I have long suspected you possessed a hidden talent for such play, but had not expected such mastery at your first attempt.”

“Indeed, more than I thought. ‘Tis good to discover a newfound skill.” Imrahil replied and sighed contentedly as Elladan covered him and claimed his mouth in a fierce kiss.

The elf laughed lightly when he eventually broke the intimate contact, and reached behind himself to rub at the bites. “Be assured though, I shall make you pay for it later,” were his final words, before they drifted into a much needed, satiated doze in each other’s arms.

Melethron = Lover
Ernil nin = My Prince
Leitho nin = Release me
Toro = Come
Saes = Please
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