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It was June 3016, the Third Age in Maedrhros, Athea as the third day of the Founder’s Revere Week began. The celebration could be heard across the colorful continent. In favor of several months, many people had prepared for it throughout the country. The lengthy holiday commemorated the discovery of Athea by Abaco Culnamo, an Elven war veteran. Athea was part of the New Lands, which were colonized by numerous Middle Earthlings after the War of the Last Alliance. The New Lands, which was located south-west of Middle Earth, were sometimes called “New Middle Earth” and had a warmer climate than the old lands. Only of the few non-returning elves presently resided in the New Lands. The rest of the New Lands were Ra Guma, Agar, and Teland. Athea, which was most industrial of the lands, was the largest of the new terrain although it was slightly bigger than Middle Earth.

After the war ended, King Isildur visited New Middle Earth several times while he still had the One Ring. He discovered its existence when Abaco took him to Agar through a portal that near Eregion. The human king thought that Agar was beautiful and colorful with its blue sun and orange clouds. However during his fifth visit, the ring began to glow red since it sensed the Sauron Sword. The Sauron Sword was created from Sauron’s remains as well as his armor with the help of dark magic by Monde Peccadillo. Monde was Sauron’s noxious enchantress lover. Her magic was stronger than the combined magic of all of the Middle Earth wizards. Only a handful of people had seen the powerful sorceress although it was once rumored that she had the ring. Truthfully, she almost did when King Isildur was to exit the New Lands, he and his knights were ambushed by Monde and her insurrectionist Elves. The aristocrat and his combatants retreated before the allied services arrived. They barely survived from their attack and King Isildur never returned to the New Lands again. Nevertheless, Monde didn’t get the One ring and still had the Sauron Sword.
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