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alina looked out of the window, she was going to meet her fathers new girlfriend, named Sandy. she also had a son, Chris, a fine young lad, her father said to her. the door opened, she heard the footsteps of several people. 'there's my daughter, come and meet Sandy and Chris.' she heard her father say, she turned around and saw a young woman, with brown hair and green eyes, she was very thin and beautiful. next to her stood a young boy, he had short blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 'Hi.' Alina said shy. Sandy run up to her and gave her a hug. 'oh, you're just as sweet as your father told me.' she said and she smiled, Alina thought of her as a bit weird, then Chris came to her. 'Hi! I'm Chris.' he said and he grinned.
then Fred came in, it was alina's younger brother, he was such a pain in the ass. 'Hi!' he said with his high voice, Chris had trouble with not laughing, but he didn't care about Fred, and looked back at Alina. 'so, where do you go to school?' he asked her. 'I'm going to Saint Ursula in London.' Alina said a bit shy. 'I see, I'm at Saint Joris in Glasgow.' Chris said. 'Do you live in London?' he asked her. 'yes, and you in Glasgow?' Alina said. Chris nodded. Fred felt a bit abbanded so he began to tickle Alina. 'stop it!.' Alina yelled, but her brother kept tickling, so Chris pushed him away. 'we are talking.' he said annoyed. he took Alina a side and whispered in her ear. 'come on, let's tease him.' he said, Alina liked that idea, so they began to tease him all day long, with, throwing pillows at his head and stuff, Alina had the time of her life. at the end of the day, she found it very hard to say goodbye, so they exchanged phone numbers.
when Alina was in bed she thought of him. 'I'm in love.' she whispered to herself, then she got a message, it was from Chris. 'do you want to be my girlfriend?' the message was. 'yes.' Alina typed, it was send to him, after a few minutes she got a message back. 'great, see you next week.' it stood. Alina smiled, and fell happily asleep, not knowing what a stupid mistake it was, to start something with him...
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