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Before I begin a little explanation is required; this story is written as more of a diary because it's written in the first person from the point of view of the main character, Natalie althought there will be a few chapters from Orlando's point of view as well. Also in staying with this format, the titles of the chapters are actually the times and places in which the chapters occur.
There's the standard disclaimer, I don't own the character of Orlando or any other celebrity mentioned. Any specific event that is recognizable, I got from the behind the scenes and commentary of Lord of the Rings so I don't take credit for those. Any other characters and events are all original and from my own semi-twisted imagination. This story is rated PG-13 and PLEASE give me any and all feedback you have, I THRIVE on it; it keeps me writing.

"Okay passengers, please fasten your seatbelts as we begin our descent to our final destination, Wellington New Zealand. Thank you again for flying New Zealand Air and have a nice day,” the perky red-haired stewardess announced as the seatbelt light went on in the cabin.

I sighed with relief, after MANY long hours of flying and layovers in a number of cities on three different continents we were finally arriving. I, Natalie Jennings, was finally in New Zealand, something I’d been chomping at the bit for ever since my dad told me we were going at the beginning of the year.

My dad is a civilian who works very closely with the United States Military, so he has to do a lot of traveling and I usually get to go along. You see, my mom died when I was really little, about five years old, so it’s been my dad and me for the past 12 years. It’s pretty cool; I’ve been to a lot of places that most kids would only dream about. London, Berlin, Tokyo, all over the world.

My friends say that I have some of the best summer vacations and they’re right, but this one was going to be the best. This summer vacation, I was going to spend three beautiful months in Wellington New Zealand on my own! Yeah, on my own, it was gonna be awesome! Now that I was 17, my dad said that he trusted me to be by myself during the day since he was going to be really busy and since I had my license, I could go anywhere I wanted as long as I held onto my cell phone. Like he had anything to worry about, I was a teenager, my cell phone was my life!

Oh yeah, there was another reason I was going to enjoy spending three months on my own, in New Zealand. I happened to be a big fan of British Television because we get BBC out where I live, Exeter New Jersey, home of Lindt Chocolate’s U.S. division. Anyway, I have two shows that I used to watch constantly, Casualty and Midsummer Murders. Now you may ask what these shows have to do with New Zealand, well I’ll tell you in two words. Orlando Bloom, yeah he was on both of those shows and he was filming his first movie, Lord of the Rings, in New Zealand. Okay, his first movie was actually Wilde but that’s not important to my story.

Anyway, I am an Orlando Bloom fan and unlike most of his fans, I became a fan BEFORE he was in Lord of the Rings. So when I heard that he was filming in New Zealand, I was understandably excited and when I found out what character he was playing, I bought the books, read them and loved them so now I was an Orlando Bloom fan AND a Lord of the Rings fan.

So there were no words to describe how I was feeling as we made our descent. I had made a list of everything I wanted to do once we’d landed, the first of which would be finding out where exactly they were filming this thing.

A long while later my dad and I were walking through the Wellington Airport terminal looking for the representative who was supposed to meet us and take us to our apartment. We looked around for him, or my dad looked around for him, I looked around for hot guys. To my surprise and delight, I found that my approach paid off because no sooner had I started looking for eye candy, then I feasted my eyes on a very fine looking military man in uniform, holding up sign that bore our last name. “Hey dad, over here,” I said pointing to the soldier who, upon closer inspection, was at LEAST 10 years older than me. D***! It’s always the same, too old or too young, never in between.

“Captain Jennings?” the young soldier said as we approached. I didn’t know why they always called my dad captain if he’s a civilian, it may have had something to do with his previous stint in the Army Reserves, who knows.

“Yes, that’s me, Mark Jennings and this is my daughter Natalie,” my dad said returning the soldier’s salute. I shook the soldier’s hand and said hello.

“Ma’am,” the soldier said then turned back to my dad, “Corporal Nassau at your service sir. I’ve been instructed to take you to your apartment and help you get settled sir.”

“Lead on Corporal,” my dad said and we followed Corporal Nassau through the airport, picked up our luggage and followed him out to the humvey, yeah humvey, that was parked outside ready to take us to our apartment.

The apartment complex that we were staying in was located in the heart of Wellington and was rumored to be where some of the cast and crew members from Lord of the Rings were living. It was really fancy looking from the outside; definitely what you’d expect an apartment complex in that part of town to look like. It was a high-rise with little porches in somewhat uniform order, stacked on top of each other in neat little rows. I couldn’t wait to see how high up our room was; I knew the views would be wonderful.

To my pleasant surprise we were on the top floor and had a beautiful view of the city and the mountains beyond it; I was DEFINITELY going to enjoy myself these next few months. The apartment was spacious with lots of floor to ceiling windows and a cute little porch.

I went to my room and started unpacking, thinking about what I would do first, check out the apartment building, check out the block, check out the city; there was just SO much to explore, I didn’t know where to start. But my indecision was interrupted by my dad who came in with some rather unpleasant news. “Nat, when you’re done unpacking, I need you to get ready to go out to dinner,” my dad said.

“Why?” I asked knowing that I wasn’t going to like the answer. You see, anytime my dad wanted me to get ready to go out to dinner, it USUALLY meant that he had a client he wanted me to meet and there was only one reason he ever wanted me to meet a client.

“I have a client that I’m meeting for dinner and I’d like you to come along,” he said innocently.

“And why do you want me to meet this client?” I asked already well aware that the answer was going to involve a son/nephew/grandson/brother/cousin of the client and the relative in question was usually three or four years younger than me.

“I just want you to meet him, that’s all,” my dad answered trying to act like he didn’t know what I was talking about, “I want him to meet my family.”

“Dad,” I said trying to get him to come clean, “You never want me to meet a client unless the client has a guest of the male persuasion, who is my age, or younger and you want me to entertain said relative. So, how nice do I have to look?” I asked reluctantly, my arms folded and rolling my eyes. I knew there was no point in fighting him on this because every time I did, I lost.

“Thank you sweetheart,” he said kissing my forehead, “The little black dress that you brought is good and you might want to wear some heals, he’s kind of tall.” How tall would that be? 5’6”? 5’7”? I’m five foot and a half-inch so EVERYBODY is tall to me.

“Okay,” I surrendered reluctantly, “But you owe me.” He laughed and left me to go get ready.

My little black dress? Who was he kidding? The last time I tried to wear that out of the house he threatened to ground me until I was thirty. It wasn’t slutty or anything, it was just a simple, short black cocktail dress that was rather low-cut and form fitting with a halter-top neckline, nothing to make a big deal about right? So he wouldn’t let me out go out with my boyfriend (at the time) wearing it but NOW he was ASKING me to wear it; parents can be SO weird sometimes.

I finished unpacking, took a shower, got dressed and tried to decide what to do with my hair which turned out to be nothing, it’s blonde and it was cut just long enough to touch my jaw line so there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done with it. I took a last look in the mirror and gave myself a final inspection after applying my make-up. I had to smile at my reflection, not to sound conceited but I looked pretty good for someone who’d just flown from New Hampshire to New Zealand and felt fairly confident about meeting the relation of my dad’s client even though I didn’t really want to do it.

I left my room and met my dad who was also looking pretty good in his usual business dinner suit, you’d’ve never known that he’d just traveled halfway around the world. He smiled and we went down to the posh little restaurant on the first floor of the apartment complex. I had prepared myself for whomever my dad wanted me to “entertain” but I was not prepared for the other person I met that night.
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