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Author's Chapter Notes:
Written for April's Fool's Day! Happy Fool's Day!
Curse of the Dracula

Chapter One - Draculas and Missing Elves

Estel sat on the bed, his silvery green-blue eyes wide open. His arms were crossed and his legs were swinging as he listened to Elladan and Elrohir trying to convince him. Uneasily he turned toward the bedroom window - where he thought he could spy a pair of reddish eyes - and then turned back to the twins. It was some time after his bedtime, but the twins had crept into his rooms anyway.

"But 'Dan, 'Ro," he mumbled, "Adar said there are no vampires or a Dracra."

"A Dracula," Elladan corrected. "But that's because - "

"Adar doesn't know about it," Elrohir continued. "In fact -"

"We're the only ones who know."

"Arwen's a vampire," they chorused in unison, dark eyes shining.

"How do youknow?" Estel asked suspiciously, his dark eyebrows rising, in imitation of Lord Elrond, their father.

"We're her brothers. We have our ways," Elrohir winked at Elladan, who grinned. Although the equivalent of twenty or so in the Human Age - they reached full maturity at twenty-five - the Rivendell twins were known for their tricky sense of humor. Estel, who was only seven, looked up to them. "And you know Haldir?"

"Yeah." Estel had liked the grim but friendly Marchwarden of Lorien when he and others had visited Rivendell, less than a month ago.

"Well, on the night before his leave, Arwen took his horse -" Elladan jumped at him, and Estel jumped as well, his "pajamas" dragging. "-so Haldir would search for his horse in the forest at night."

"That's when she got him," Elrohir whispered. "She has really pointy teeth, and -" he did an imitation of teeth cutting a neck. Estel whimpered and crept under the blankets. "But Adar said he went back to Lorien," he wailed.

"That's what he thinks," Elladan muttered. "But we found Haldir by the river."

Estel crept even lower under the blankets. "She'll get me!"

"No, she won't." Arwen had come to Rivendell to visit only two days ago. "You're her brother. She doesn't get brothers... But she tries to turn them into vampires like her."

Estel's face peeped out, eyes widers than before.

"It's okay, Estel," Elrohir continued. "We know how to show her you won't be a vampire."

"How?" Estel asked, voice trembling.

"Well, this is the first part of plan..."

To Be Continued

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