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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hi there, Iā€™ve been working on this one for ages so please let me know what you think if you read it!
Despite its name, Northern Mirkwood is a beautiful wood. Sunlight filtered through the trees like a fine golden dust. Trees stood tall and proud whereas mosses and flowers carpeted the floor.

Birds sang and crickets chirruped, but the beauty of the wood was wasted on Arayende. The young elf raced through the woods as fast as her limbs would allow.

The reason for her speed was her brother. About two days ago, Legolas had been out roaming Mirkwood with some of his most trusted companions when all of a sudden they were surrounded by large leering orcs.

The orcs, if that was what they were for they seemed too strong and tall to be so, had raced in and slashed Legolas and belted him with a club. The companions were hard pressed to stay alive.

When Legolas had fallen unconsious the orcs had grabbed and bound him and promptly retreated, leaving the mortally wounded companions to die. Sadron, one of the companions, had dragged his body towards the talan that the royal family was staying in and just made it. He told Arayende and her father, the king, what had happened before sinking to the floor dead.

Thranduil had identified the orcish beings as rūnulco, a new breed of orcs and Arayende had grabbed her quiver, bow, supplies, and a knife and had set out to find Legolas.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she slowed to a more manageable run, elves don't tire quickly but she needed to take more care as she left the safe borders of Northern Mirkwood.

The large forest was still full of huge spiders, some rumoured to be the spouses of Ungoliant, and the wood grew more evil and dangerous as you near Dol Guldur, the old fortress of Sauron.

She continued running and was worriedly thinking of reasons for the rūnulco to take Legolas as prisoner when her sharp elven senses caught the sound of a spider in the dark trees in front of her. She ran on but gripped
her knife in her hand.

Spiders were deadly opponents and their poison is lethal but Arayende had been trained to hunt spiders at a young age and her trainer was one of the best.

Her ears pricked as a rustle came from one of the trees on her right and she threw herself to the ground as one of the biggest spiders she had ever seen leapt to the floor where she was not a second before.

She leapt up, gripping her knife and grimaced as she looked at the spider. it was huge.
The monstor raced towards her and she just had time to take a swipe at one of its legs before throwing herself out of its way yet again. The spider made a horrible high pitched noise and spun around to attack her again, minus one leg.

This time the spider had the advantage and it stabbed at her with its stinger as she tried to roll away. She stayed still long enough to stab the spiders abdomen and it shrieked again and crawled away.

"i hate spiders" she muttered as the thing vanished into the dense wood. it was lucky she had got its vulnerable spot or she would've been eaten. She shuddered and made a point to tell her father just how big that one was. there was no way she could've possibly beaten it.

She tucked her knife back into her belt and continued through the forest.
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