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It was a warm summer day, not a speck of cloud on the azure sky, barely a breeze whispering among the leaves and the forest itself appeared to slumber, as mid-day approached. The lazy hour found the hunting party in a large clearing, resting after the morning chase. The Elves had unpacked their gear and set their mounts free, to graze on the rich grass, sprinkled with tiny, white flowers. It seemed like an excellent place to set camp, but neither of them felt like starting to pitch the tents and collecting some fire-wood, just yet. For the time being, the eight companions, clad in light, hunter's garments, helping them blend with their surroundings, had found suitable places to rest, weapons at hand and ready to start another chase if the opportunity showed itself.

Ambarussa had settled themselves comfortably on the soft grass, content to let the golden light bathe them. Both had removed their tunics and boots, unlacing their shirts and exposing the tanned skin of their muscled chests to the warm glow of Laurelin's light. Pityo was sprawled on his back, one arm bent beneath his head, while he used the fingers of the other other to absentmindedly play in his twin brother's hair. Telvo had also settled himself on the grass, but he had unbraided his hair, resting his head on Pityo's stomach, closing his eyes and enjoying his brother's fluttering caresses. He sighed and dropped the blade of grass that he had been chewing, making Pityo laugh softly. The twins' coppery hair caught the light and shone even brighter, making the two appear as two exotic wonders of the forest, resting peacefully one moment and then vanishing like an enchanted vision the next.

When a large shadow obscured the golden light above him, Telvo opened just one eye, and found himself peering at Kurvo's chestnut horse. The beautiful animal had approached them almost silently, content to munch on the rich grass.

"Heei... what are you doing?..." Telvo giggled, when the horse lowered his head and sniffed his shoulder. "Don't eat my hair." he said, patting the horse's nuzzle gently. The animal huffed and swung his long tail, happily ignoring the young Elf and grazing, less than a foot away from Telvo's arm.

A few steps to their right, partly shaded by the branches of an old tree, Tyelkormo and Carnistir were engrossed in a game of chess, sitting cross-legged, on the opposite sides of a small, wooden board. They spoke in hushed tones after every move and it appeared as tough the older brother was winning, but at the cost of constantly distracting Carnistir-the better strategist of the two. Just as Tyelkormo had made a move with his remaining knight, chewing on a strand of golden hair that had escaped his loosened braids, Carnistir's eyes narrowed and a small, triumphant smile crossed his face, as he found the breach to best his brother again. Turko noticed, but it was too late. He could not undo his move and even if he had the opportunity to do so, he could see only one other option and it was far worse than the one he had chosen.

"Go ahead, amaze me..." he said, reaching out and caressing his brother's shoulder. He was rewarded by a broad grin and Carnistir winked.

"Are you sure?... I could finish this quickly or I could let you boil a little longer." he said, chuckling when Turko huffed and made a resigned face. "Remember that if you lose one more time, you'll have to skin the rabbits." Carnistir reminded him.

"Before long, I suppose you're going to make me cook them, too." Turko retorted. "Make your move, already, it's getting late."

"As you wish..." Carnistir crooned and picked one of his pieces, lifting it from the board and looking at his brother from behind his thick, dark eyelashes.

Near the two players, but quite oblivious to the evolution of their game, Macalaure leaned against the trunk of the old tree, murmuring a song, in his beautiful, soothing voice. Kurvo had knelt between his brother's spread legs, his back turned to Macalaure, allowing the musician's nimble fingers to undo his small braids and gather all of his dark hair in a single, long braid that reached to the small of his back.Macalaure smiled, watching his young brother swaying a little, lulled by the song and the gentle fingers that worked in his silky hair.

"Are you sleepy, little one?" Macalaure whispered, placing a kiss on the top of his brother's head.

"Mmmm... yes." Kurvo purred.

"Well, you can lean on me and have a nap." his older brother said, wrapping Kurvo in his arms and settling himself in a more comfortable position. He resumed his soft singing, looking at his brother's face, as Kurvo placed his head on Macalaure's shoulder, comforted by feeling the vibration of his brother's chest as he sang.

Macalaure ran the fingers of his right hand over Kurvo's exquisite features, marveling again at how much of his father he could see. He pondered on whether Feanaro had looked the same way as a youth and it saddened him to think that his father had never had any older sibling or friend to hold him like that.

A bit further from their companions, where the shade was deeper and their belongings had been piled together, Maitimo and Findekano also enjoyed a few moments of rest and privacy, as the others paid them no mind. The two shared small kissed and gentle caresses, lying close to each other. Maitimo had placed his wrapped bedroll beneath his head, as he sat back and welcomed his lover in his arms. Findekano had twined the fingers of his left hand with those of Maitimo's right, both their palms resting against the older Elf's chest. Nestling his head in the crook of Maitimo's neck, Findeknao had closed his eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensation of being so close to his beloved, wrapped in his arms, his senses filled with every little thing that was Maitimo. Though they meant to rest, the younger of the cousins could not help shifting every now and then, lifting his head so he could place soft kisses on Maitimo's rosy lips, being met not with complaints, but by a hearty response, every time.

All of them were content to simply relax a while longer, despite knowing that their tents needed to be pitched, their water-skins refilled, wood had to be collected and a pit dug for the fire that they would be using to cook their next meal over. More importantly, they needed to find more game, since the morning's chase had earned them only three grey rabbits-hardly enough to feed eight hungry Elves, even if they could be boiled in a stew with some potatoes and the strong spices that Maitimo had borrowed from his father's... ample collection. They still had some of their provisions, but they would rather spare the biscuits and dried foods for the following days, unsure if the weather would hold and they would be able to hunt freely for the rest of their trip.

After a while, Tyelkormo and Carnistir put away their game in favor of just resting, close to each other. Macalaure's song had ceased and his head had fallen back, against the smooth bark of the old tree. The only sounds that could be heard were made by the horses, moving lazily here and there, chewing and swinging their tails. Even the insects and the variety of birds that chattered amid the branched had quieted down and peaceful slumber appeared to embrace every creature.

Well, almost every creature. The silence was abruptly broken by the loud baying of a huge hound, bursting into the clearing and startling the young Elves. In an instant, Turko jumped to his feet, looking around in confusion until he located Huan and walked toward him. The hound kept barking and wagging his tail frantically.

"What is it, boy?" Turko asked, patting the dog's head.

Huan raised himself on his hind legs, reaching as far up as Turko's chest, and nudged his master's hand.

"Did you find anything?" the golden haired Elf asked.

The large hound wagged his tail and barked a couple of times.

"Did you hear that? Huan has tracked something down." Turko turned to his companions, watching them scamper to their feet, stretching their limbs and shaking away the last traces of sleep. "What did you find, Huan? Some more rabbits?"

The dog stood motionless and lowered his tail, looking straight into his master's blue eyes.

"No? A boar, then?" Turko inquired, looking hopeful.

Huan remained still and his dark, intelligent eyes all but spoke.

"What then? A deer, perhaps?" Turko tried again and he was rewarded with some wild barking and wagging of Huan's fluffy tail. The young Elf nodded and lowered himself on one knee, to give the amazing beast a quick hug. "Good boy!" he crooned, scratching Huan behind the ears and ducking, before the great hound could lick his face.

Then, he rose to his feet and turned to his kinsmen.

"Come on! This might be our chance to secure a decent meal for tonight." he said, walking back to where he had discarded his weapons. Kurvo was already armed and prepared to take off, but he gave his youngest brothers a hand, while Ambarussa straightened their clothes and pulled their boots on.

"I'll go fetch the horses." Macalaure said, buckling the strap of his quiver across his chest. "Come with me, Moryo."

Tossing his longbow over his shoulder, Carnistir followed his older brother, whistling sharply and calling his grey mare. Turko also headed toward his horse, but Huan leaped in front of him and barked once, before assuming the motionless position that signified "No", in his communication with his master and friend.

"We should go on foot, then?" Turko asked, watching the hound intently.

Understanding the Elf's words, Huan wagged his tail and barked, moving his head up and down as if trying to nod.

"All right." Turko agreed and then shouted the message to his brothers and cousin.

"I swear, this hound is one of the smartest creatures I know." Kurvo said, stopping at Turko's side.

"He certainly is smarter than some Elves I know. Aren't you, boy?" Turko asked, smiling fondly in Huan's direction. The great hound squealed and flapped his tail in approval. "He understands everything we say and sometimes I really wish he could talk with words, so that he could tell us what he thinks."

"Well, you seem to have found a way to communicate with each other, nonetheless. Which way do we go, Huan?" Macalaure asked, ruffling the hound's soft fur.

Huan trotted in the direction he had returned from his scouting expedition. After a few steps, he turned his big head around and checked to see if the Elves were following. Turko and the twins were right behind him, followed by Macalaure, Kurvo and Carnistir. Somewhere, on the other side of the clearing, Maitimo made to follow, having picked up his weapons, but Findekano tugged at his arm and made him turn around.

"What is it, my love? Hurry, they will flee and I don't want us to be separated from the group." the tall Elf said.

Findekano shook his head and gave his lover a pleading look.

"I don't want to go, Maitimo." he said.

"Hmm? Why? Is something the matter? Are you not feeling well?" Maitimo frowned and scanned Findekano's face for any signs of unease.

"I am fine. It's not that." the younger Elf rushed to assure Maitimo.

"Then what is it?"

"I want to stay here, with you." Findekano answered, his eyes sparkling, as he stressed his last words.

Maitimo gaped, discerning what his lover had in mind, the thought making him grin. His head snapped in the direction of his departing brothers, when he heard Kurvo shouting: "Are you coming?"

"No! We'll stay here and look over our things. Maybe get the fire going!" Maitimo answered.

"As you wish!" came the reply and Maitimo caught only a glimpse of movement, as his brother disappeared through and opening in the rich undergrowth, following the others who had started the pursuit.

"Good luck!" Findekano shouted, listening to the rustling of the leaves and the muffled words of his cousins.

They had to run, struggling to keep up with Huan, trying not to lose sight of the hound and watching out for the obstacles they encountered. Soon, they were out of earshot and slowing their pace, approaching their target slowly, following a narrow path that the deer had walked many times over.

Maitimo and Findekano remained still until no sign of the pursuit reached their ears any longer. Placing a hand on his hip and tilting his head to the side, Maitimo turned to his companion, giving him a pointed look.

"They are far away now, Findekano. Tell me, just what do you have in mind?"


"Well... I'm sure that your brothers are numerous and capable enough to bring down the game..." Findekano began, twirling a thin, gold plaited braid between his long, nimble fingers and blushing slightly. "There is ample of time for us to take part in more than one chase."

"Kano..." Maitimo warned, the corners of his mouth twitching upward as he could not suppress a smirk.

"Yes, yes, get to the point. I know." the younger Elf said. "You Feanorians! You always go into something head first."

His mind registered Findekano's words with a completely different, none-too-innocent meaning, and Maitimo snickered. He watched Findekano raising his eyebrows questioningly, then giving up without realizing that his words had served as a naughty insinuation.

"I wanted us to stay behind because it has been too long since the last time we've been alone together." the dark-haired Elf said.

"Two and a half days, to be more precise." Maitimo nodded. "And I have missed it, too, my sweet."

Findekano closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Maitimo's waist, resting his head against his chest. His cousin's height had reached unusual proportions, through the last decades, and Maitimo had come to tower above all of his family members. Even their grandfather Finwe, from whom they believed that all of his kinsmen had inherited their tall, strong build, had to look up, when wanting to meet Maitimo's eyes. Macalaure had come up with a funny line, one day, joking about Maitimo's distracted moods and telling him that the air must be thinner at his height, which explained why Maitimo had become such an air-head of late. Of course, Maitimo answered with a good-natured laugh, and shot back an equally stinging retort.

It was never boring, hanging out with his cousins, Findekano thought, rubbing his cheek against the soft fabric of Maitimo's tunic and issuing a contended sigh. Despite the fact that he was tall enough to match most of his other cousins, the top of Findekano's head reached just bellow Maitimo's nose, but the younger Elf was not at all bothered by the difference. 'I don't care... Besides, it's all the same to me, once we're lying down.' he had told Maitimo once, and then blushed crimson when he heard his uncle snickering, as Feanaro had silently entered the kitchen and overheard their conversation.

"I have missed you really bad..." Findekano murmured, pressing little kisses along the line of Maitimo's jaw. "I don't think your brothers care much if we are in each other's arms all the time, but I need more than that." he continued, before searching Maitimo's soft lips and nibbling on them lightly.

Maitimo whimpered softly and returned the kiss, twining his fingers in his cousin's rich, silky tresses, savoring their smoothness on his skin and the delicious taste of his lover's hungry mouth.

"So do I, my beautiful. It's not easy for me to keep my hands off you either." Maitimo whispered on Findekano's lips, their foreheads pressed together and noses touching.

"I know. But we are alone now..." Findekano said, smiling suggestively.

"We are... Still, you do realize that they can come back anytime." Maitimo answered.

"Mmmmhmm... We'll have to be quick, then." the younger Elf purred, pressing himself closer to Maitimo.

The red-head chuckled, shaking his head.

"As you wish, beloved, as you wish." he replied, in a sing-song voice. "But... here?"

"No, you silly!" Findekano exclaimed, reluctantly disentangling himself from the embrace. "Over there." he added, pointing to a patch of thick bushes, on the opposite side of the clearing to the direction that the hunting party had chosen to follow their game.

"Those have thorns, my love..." Maitimo teased, just for the fun of having Findekano reply:

"Well, it's not like I'm going to strip you naked and take you in the brambles!"

"You're not?" Maitimo asked, putting on a surprised expression.

"Oh, quit pulling my leg! Come on, we can banter all we want later, when we have to cook a meal for eight. We're wasting precious time, sitting here and talking nonsense." Findekano said, waving his hand in a small gesture of exasperation.

"All right... but it's fun to watch you getting flustered." Maitimo answered, his voice rich with laughter.

Findekano muttered something under his breath and huffed, looking away. By the time he returned his attention to Maitimo, his cousin had walked to the pile of bedrolls and back-packs, searching for his own and rummaging through it. When he found the vial of healing balm that he had hidden in a secret pocket, Maitimo smiled and called for Findekano.

"Well, are you coming or not?"

The dark-haired Elf closed the distance between them in a few long strides, bending down to retrieve Maitimo's bedroll in one sweeping motion. He put the roll of thick fabric under his left arm and extended his right hand to Maitimo.

"Lead the way." the older of the cousins said, twining his long fingers with Findekano's.

They reached the thicket and stopped for a few moments, searching for the best way to move around it. As Maitimo walked ahead, removing wayward branches or warning Findekano of some obstacle that lay ahead, they moved past the thorny bushes, not without a scratch or two.

"I doubt any of your brothers might want to venture this way, if they do get back so soon." Findekano said, putting his mouth over a scratch on the back of his hand and trying to soothe the stinging sensation.

"They might not, but I'm sure Huan will face any peril to find us and rescue us. Especially if he will hear some suspicious noises. Unless you want us to be quick and quiet, too." Maitimo replied, with a grin.

"Hmm... I trust Huan to be a kind and discreet hound. Besides, you should not complain so much. You, of all people, should be used to hiding around and doing naughty things." Findekano said, immediately clamping a hand over his mouth. His blue eyes shot wide open, looking at Maitimo as the tall Elf whirled around, a surge of anger sharpening his beautiful features.

The younger Elf felt a cold shiver running down his spine and guilt knotting painfully in the pit of his stomach. He cringed, when Maitimo nearly growled:

"Yes, that would be me. It turns me on so much to hide behind locked doors and fool around, knowing that I could get caught by anybody in the household..."

"Maitimo..." Findekano began, but realized that he had his palm firmly pressed against his treacherous mouth. He moved it away and wanted to reach out for his cousin, but Maitimo ducked, taking a step back.

"You know what? To Mandos with it! Let's go back and you can bang my brains out right in the middle of the clearing. And if my brothers stumble upon us, why that's part of the fun, isn't it?" Maitimo asked bitterly.

Findekano felt very small and very stupid, despite the fact that a part of himself screamed in outrage. It was impossible to know how to behave and what to do around Maitimo, when his relationship with his father chanced to be brought up. There were times when Maitimo would speak openly about all the aspects of what he and Feanaro shared, the intense love he felt for his father written on his face. And then, there were times when Maitimo would close himself, like a clamped shell, unwilling to say or hear a word and becoming defensive even at the slightest hint. It was then that Findekano had to fight his own jealousy and insecurity, while trying to placate and angry Maitimo. In the darkest hours of sleepless nights, when Findekano was away from his lover, he wondered if he could ever truly have Maitimo to himself, whether his cousin would chose him over his father, should the unfortunate situation arise and the choice would need to be made. Despite all the love between them and the many ways he had been reassured, sometimes, Findekano has his doubts.

'But now is not the time for that!' he admonished himself. 'Now, you're really done it, with a pointless and cruel reply. Hurry up and fix it, you idiot!'

He watched Maitimo pass him by and start heading back the way they had come. But the red-head stopped when he heard Findekano calling after him, in a small, pleading voice:

"Maitimo... I'm so sorry. Wait, please. And forgive me. I... I did not mean to say that."

"Well, I wonder what else you could have meant by it?" Maitimo asked. His lips were pressed in a thin line and his gray eyes had a cold edge to them.

"My love... That was so stupid and pointless of me. I did not mean to hurt you." Findekano continued in the same, pleading tone, his face earnest. He walked toward Maitimo, but his cousin avoided him again, moving past him. Before a surprised and hurt Findekano turned around, Maitimo had already disappeared behind some bushes, tall and thick enough to hide him from view completely.

"Maitimo, where are you going?" Findekano asked, rooted to the spot, his mind searching frantically for a way out of the mess he had made. 'All I wanted were a few moments of closeness and pleasure...' he whined to himself. 'Is this all I am going to get? It's bloody unfair!'

"I've found a good spot to set the bed-roll down. The grass is soft here and there are not too many bumps and roots to dig in our backs. Are you coming or not?" he heard Maitimo's neutral voice from behind the bushes.

"What is he saying?..." Findekano muttered to himself and ordered his feet to move. He picked up the bed-roll that he had dropped a few moments before and made his way past the thicket.

Maitimo waited in the middle of a small undergrowth-free area, shaded by the intertwined branches of two trees. He had his hands clasped in front of him, looking at his cousin in an expressionless manner.

Findekano took in a deep breath and set the bed-roll down gingerly, taking a cautious step toward his cousin. He expected Maitimo to flinch and move away, but he did not. Instead, Maitimo cast a quick glance around him and asked:

"Well, it's as good a spot as any... What do you say?"

Findekano blinked a couple of times, unable to reply and annoyed by Maitimo's pretending that nothing had happened.

"I say I am sorry. I know I have upset you and I would like to know if there is any way that I can make it up to you." he said, as calmly as possible.

Maitimo only shrugged and began unlacing his tunic.

"Stop that!" Findekano covered his cousin's hands with his own. "You are not going to pretend that your anger has cooled, out of the blue."

"We have no time to waste. I thought you wanted it quick and quiet. Well, hurry up." Maitimo replied, freeing his hands and continuing to remove his clothing.

"Maitimo!" Findekano raised his voice, feeling his own temper rise. "I cannot be with you if this lies between us."

Finally, Maitimo stood still and his odd, almost distant expression was replaced by a small smile.

"I know." he said. "I was getting back at you."

Findekano closed his eyes and took a deep breath, willing himself not to say anything that would aggravate his cousin again.

"Fair enough." he muttered. "But it was a cheap shot."

"So was yours." Maitimo said. "But I overreacted to it. I should have just let it pass." he gave in, taking a step forward and standing before Findekano.

"Ah! I should not have said anything like that, to begin with." Findekano sighed, relieved that the tension between them was dissipating, but still not sure whether the incident would be forgotten so soon. "I don't know what came over me." he added.

Maitimo's hands rose to cup his cousins cheeks and lift Findekano's face, until their eyes met.

"Listen to me." he said, in a low voice. "I know what came over you. And I am sorry to see that everything we have is not enough to convince you. Findekano, I love you. My past is behind me."

'Is it?' Findekano wanted to ask, but swallowed painfully and remained quiet, his eyes caught in the intense gaze that Maitimo held him captive with.

"What Atar and I had is over. I love him deeply and always will. I cherish the memories of him as my father and my lover. They will always have a special place in my heart and Atar will always be my trusted friend. I will always be there for him, but you must understand that my heart, my body and my passion belong to you, now. What was before you and I, remains in the past. You need not doubt me and it pains me to see that part of you still does."

Findekano's heart raced and he looked up at his lover with something close to despair, badly wanting to believe him. When Maitimo ran his fingers over his cousin's face, in a gentle, tender touch, Findekano closed his eyes and felt them sting under the pressure of tears. But he fought to hold them back.

"I'm sorry. I do not doubt you, my love. I'm just stupid and insecure, sometimes." he murmured, embracing Maitimo.

"You are certainly not stupid." Maitimo replied. He ran his thumbs over Findekano's full, lower lip, marveling at the surge of lust that shot through him, just looking at the delicious, rosy flesh, quivering, as Findekano drew in a deep breath. "Kano, you have to understand that I do not want to be torn between you and Atar. That is not what he wishes for us, either. And he certainly does not want us to carry our relationship behind closed doors and people's backs, as though we are ashamed of it. I felt no shame in giving myself to Atar or claiming him as my own. We would not have kept it hidden but for the sake of our family. You and I, however, are a different thing altogether. I will not keep our love from anyone's knowledge, even if I sometimes I feel like taking you away, so I can have you all to myself and hoard you like a precious treasure."

Findekano smiled sweetly, unable to resist such a passionate declaration. He raised himself and pressed his lips against Maitimo's, beginning a slow and tender kiss.

"Hoard me all to yourself, Maitimo. I don't mind..." he whispered, pressing himself fully against the other's body. He was rewarded with a soft moan and another kiss, more passionate and demanding than the previous.

"Does this mean you forgive me?" he inquired, slipping a hand beneath Maitimo's tunic, and rubbing his lover's taut muscles, through the fabric of Maitimo's light shirt.

"Can I really stay mad at you?" Maitimo answered, giving in to the other's touch and feeling himself responding strongly.

"I hope not... Because I want you really bad right now and it would pain me terribly if I could not have you." Findekano murmured, his caresses growing bolder and more arousing.

"Go on! Have your wicked way with me..." Maitimo said, tossing his head back and allowing Findekano to torture the exposed skin of his neck.

What began as slow, sensual caresses, soon turned into a frantic assault of their inflamed senses. Their clothes were taken off and thrown away in hurried movements. Questing hands and nimble fingers touched heated skin and elicited delightful moans from both lovers. Knowing each other's bodies well, it was not long before skillful, well aimed ministrations had both of them panting, hard and ready, fumbling to untie the bed-roll and spread it on the soft grass.

Maitimo searched the pockets of his tunic for the salve vial and handed it to his cousin, before lying back on the bed-roll, sprawling his beautiful body before his lover's burning gaze. He wrapped his fingers around his throbbing, weeping member, moaning loudly and tossing his head back.

It was more than Findekano needed to kneel between his lover's spread legs and to start placing wet, hot kisses on Maitimo's quivering thighs. While Maitimo whimpered and stroked his own length faster, Findekano uncorked the small vial and coated his fingers with the slick, fragrant substance. He met little resistance when tracing slow circles, closer and closer to his lover's entrance. Maitimo gasped and raised his hips, relaxing immediately after the first finger probed within him. He increased the pressure on his pulsing shaft and bit his lip hard, trying not to cry out, when Findekano added another finger and scissored inside him, hitting the right spot.

"Slow down, my love..." Findekano said, looking up at his lover and noticing that Maitimo was losing himself to pleasure much too soon. "Take your hand away, please." he added.

Moaning in frustration, Maitimo complied, and placed his arms at his sides, despite the fact that the effort to restrain himself made his muscles twitch. He was soon distracted when Findekano added more salve and prepared him thoroughly, brushing his sensitive spot every two or three strokes and making his arousal jump, leaking pearly fluid constantly.

While he still had a fraction of self control left, Findekano used his slicked hand to coat his own aching shaft. He placed his hands on Maitimo's hips and lifted him, spreading his legs further. When he positioned the engorged head of his arousal at his lover's entrance, he remained still for a moment, enjoying the way Maitimo's body tensed in anticipation. He thrust forward just a little, moving his arousal against the slicked heat. Every time it seemed that he would plunge in, Maitimo held his breath, steadying himself and whimpering, when Findekano teased but did not take him.

When he could not put up with it anymore, Maitimo wrapped his legs tight around Findekano's waist and raised himself further, pushing against his lover's throbbing member.

"Findekano... please..." he mewled, and gasped, the very next moment, feeling his lover's hot shaft piercing him. Findekano gritted his teeth and slid himself in inch by inch, until Maitimo cried: "Faster..." Once he was fully sheathed, he began thrusting, slowly.

Again, Maitimo urged him to pick up the pace, his cousin's fingers finding Findekano's knees and leaving red marks on his skin. He faster moved and quickly lost himself in the haze of pleasure, sweet agony building up in his loins under the burning friction that worked his shaft. He watched Maitimo thrash and moan, his exotic hair tangled and spread beneath him in a fiery pool. Closing his eyes, Findekano allowed himself to be swept away, intoxicated by the passionate sounds that spilled from Maitimo's lips.

At some point, however, the moans and whimpers turned into "No... Findekano, stop! Listen to me..."

The young Elf blinked in confusion, looking down at Maitimo. His lover's face was still flushed but the previous ecstasy was replaced by somethings else. Was it annoyance?...

As he shook his head, Findekano's eyes fell on Maitimo's forgotten arousal, lying flush against his cousin's taut abdomen. Murmuring something to himself, he wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft and stroked, only to be rewarded by a mewl and Maitimo asking him to stop again.

"What is it, my love? Is something wrong?" he asked, searching Maitimo's face for any sign of discomfort.

"There is someone in the bushes behind you." Maitmo whispered.

Findekano gaped. "What?"

"I heard movement and noise coming form over there?" his cousin replied.

"Are you sure? Maybe it's one of the horses. Or some squirrels." Findekano tried, but Maitimo cut him off.

"Horses and squirrels don't snicker." he said, listening intently. Just as he finished, a giggle erupted behind the bushes, followed by a thump and a muffled groan.

Maitimo collapsed on the bed-roll and closed his eyes.

"Ambarussa, what in the name of Mandos are you doing there?" he asked, in an exasperated voice.

"Having a look and Findekano's pretty behind." one of the twins said, and yelped, when the other elbowed him painfully.

"Shut up, you idiot! We were worried about you and... we heard voices..." the other twin began, stopping when he realized that he sounded just as embarrassing, no matter what he said.

Instinctively, Maitimo crossed his legs behind Findekano, in a feeble attempt to conceal his nudity. Findekano had covered his face with both palms and he was trying very hard not to laugh, knowing that it would make him move within Maitimo and drive him close to the edge.

"We're sorry..." both twins quipped at the same time.

"You damn well better be. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get my hands on you two. Now just go away, before you ruin this for us completely." Maitimo said, mustering all the authority he could, given his... position.

There was some shuffling and whispering before one of the twins answered.

"We're going. Sorry... Honestly, we did not mean to interrupt."

"Fine! Just go!" Maitimo shouted and then remained silent, straining his ears to hear his brothers moving away. His breath caught in his throat when he felt Findekano's shaft twitching inside him, as the young Elf exploded into gales of laughter.

"Ooo... you think this is funny?" he asked, but could not help grinning, when he saw Findekano's eyes sparkling with mirth.

"My pretty behind thinks it's funny." Findekano managed to say, running his palms over Maitimo's chest and abdomen.

"Well, no matter how pretty your behind may be... and believe me, it is... that's not going to save Ambarussa from my wrath." Maitimo said, but the smile on his face betrayed his amusement.

"Sshh... save your wrath for later. I want your pleasure now. Where were we?" Findekano inquired, angling his hips for a deep plunge that left Maitimo speechless. His fingers found Maitimo's hard shaft and he began coaxing ecstatic whimpers out of his lover once more.


When they returned to the camp site, fifteen minutes later, Maitimo and Findekano found the clearing bustling with activity. Turko was digging a pit while Carnistir cut some dried branches with a small axe. Macalaure was near the back-packs, taking out cooking utensils and some of the provisions, while Turko stood near the carcase of a medium sized deer, waiting for water and clean knives to be brought to him.

"Where have you been?" Kurvo asked, without lifting his head or stopping his work.

"Taking care of camp, eh?" Carnistir cut in, before either Maitimo or Findekano could answer.

"Collecting nuts and berries, perhaps?" Macalaure pitched in, smiling crookedly.

"Oh, shut up! All of you!" Maitimo barked, feeling the euphoria of love-making wearing off.

"One of these days, Nelyo..." Turko began, but wisely decided against it and changed the subject. "Where are those good for nothing twins? They went to refill the water-skins, from that stream we crossed this morning, almost half an hour ago!"

Trying to ease the tension that floated between the brothers, Findekano walked away from Maitimo and approached Turko, sizing the game appreciatively. "It's a nice one you've caught here."

Turko simply nodded, a small smile touching his lips.

"I will help you skin and carve it." Findekano offered, despite being slightly grossed out by the idea.

"Thank you, but you don't have to. I know it's not to your taste. You can work with Maitimo and Kurvo, to cook it. Besides, those red-head rascals promised me their help. If only they got back from wherever they wandered off to..."

As Turko finished his phrase, Ambarussa showed up, bent under the burden of eight full water-skins, their cheeks a little too flushed, their coppery hair a little too tangled and their clothes a little too rumpled. They set their loads down and began chattering with Macalaure. Findekano looked at them and bit his lip, barely holding back a hearty laugh.
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