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Dreams of the Wild

When the lonely sun sets,
The golden sun sets,
When the dark-winged birds
Flock in bare-branched trees,
He stands there lonely,
Without a companion,
Watching, watching,
Shadows growing larger,
All the while Darkness deepens.

When the ocean turns gray,
The fair ocean turns gray,
When the seabirds fly
To long quieted lands,
He stands there still,
Hardly moving,
Waiting, waiting,
For the glint of light
All the while Darkness deepens.

When the clouds turn scarlet,
The white clouds turn scarlet,
When the sun sinks
Beyond this land,
He stands there fixed,
The wind in his hair,
Dreaming, wondering,
Of far-away things
All the while Darkness deepens.

When dark silence rides,
The grim silence rides,
When all he can hear
Is the Wind of the West,
He stands here bemused,
Indignant and wandering,
Still waiting, watching
For that one glint of light,
All the while Darkness deepens.

If the light was to be dark,
And the nights so weary;
If stars were to die,
And the Darkness to tarry;
What brings him to the edge of this land,
Where the golden sun sets
And the fair oceans turns gray?
How can he stand?
How does he live?

The Wilderness dreams,
And the moon's tears do fall,
For the sun goes to battle, and lives not.
The sky's clothes lays unperturbed,
For the Wilderness lies there,
Still dreaming of days
When the stars still shone
And the ocean sang.
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