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Facing Evil

To be, or not to be - that is the question.


Glorfindel paced around the room. How he had gotten into this colossal quandry, he was not so sure. Yet now, he had to face one of the greatest dangers of both Arda and Valinor. Gripping his sword all the tighter, he waited. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... Waiting for the monsters to attack, or for himself to go into their lair...

The golden-haired Elf Lord pondered on the situation. He was faced with two beasts of surely darkness, which he wasn't so sure he would win over. His well-known strength and bravery was famous after he had killed the Barlog and returned from Mandos' Halls, but perhaps this time, they would let him down.

The monsters had appeared in Imladris some time ago, born from darkness and shadows - the very face(s) of evil itself. Even newborn monsters were fierce and frightening, and Glorfindel shivered as he remembered the first time he had encountered them in a dark corridor. The monsters disguised themselves as cute things and nobody noticed their evil interior. That is - nobody, except for Glorfindel.

Glorfindel had known what they were from the beginning. Yet he had to face the beasts once a week, facing danger as he had never known before, to wage a war with them. He never won, and he always barely escaped, not unscathed. Every night of the battle he escaped to his chambers tired, fleeing for his life, his eyes dull. For the dark creatures' powers were too strong for anybody, even him, the great Barlog-slayer himself.

And now - it was the night of the battle. He would have to go.

He gulped, muttered a short prayer to Iluvatar, and stepped in the chambers. He was going to face evil.


The Next Day

Elrond walked up to Glorfindel and smiled. "Glorfindel, I really appreciate you volunteering to babysit Elladan and Elrohir every week. The twins absolutely adore you! "

"I never volun - Ah, what the Valar. Never mind," Glorfindel sighed. After that night, every bone in his body ached like crazy. At least the battle would not come for another week. Although the monsters were twins, they were no Elves. They were minions of Evil!

Behind the curtains Lindir and Legolas snickered as they signed him up for another babysitting session.

The End
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