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Author's Chapter Notes:
please. bear with me. I am not the best writer,and there may be some mistakes: spelling ,ect.
*1000 years ago today.my wife,and my unborn child where taken by a band of orcs. A few months passed.and my 2 eldest sons, Elladan and Elrohir had found my wife Celebrian...but there was no sign of my unborn child, just blood. Celebrian was brought back here.Tthe grief of what had happend pained her so.and she had to sail to the Grey Havens*

Lord Elrond Sat in his study.as he thought of that terrible time. it still pained him to think of it,he very much missed Celebrian...and would do anything to have that baby.

*I never even got to hold it..or look at it,..* tears now in elronds eyes.he massaged his temples

*Galadriel:..It pains us all..but you must..try not to grieve...or you will be overcome..just like Celebrian.* Galadriel said to Elrond telepathicly.

*Elrond:..I know...but i feel as though it is impossible*



Sarumon:Wake up.,

i yawned,rubbing my eyes as i sat up in bed.

Saruman: Get Dressed, then come down to the throne room., he said.more like a command,

i nodded.

me-yes grandfather.i said bowing my head.he turned and left my room,i slowly stood up and looked at my reflection in the mirror,i had pale,soft skin,saffire blue eyes, Golden blonde hair.my ears had a point to them,meanign i was an elf.my small 9 year old body stared back,.i blinked then began to get ready.i washed up,then got dressed and fxed my blond hair.. I was a very adorable and pretty child.some belive that i am Angelic.

when i finish preparing. i leave my room. and walk down the long corridors.the black,slippery marble floors.I've noticed that this place was darker then usual...somthing was happening. I soon got down to the throne room.and Saruman and Gandalf were fightng.Gandalf was on the ground and hurt.i stood there frightend.i was about to go to Gandalf to help him.but Saruman called the toture curse upon me. I flew forwards and to the ground in terrible pain..,Gandalf who was next to me ,pulled me into his embrace.whitch was protective and loving.

Gandalf:How can you be so cruel! to place one of the three unforgivible curses on an innocent child!!.

i was shaking in pain..and i was overcome by darkness.


my eyes slowly opend....but i had no clue where i was,I was cold, and couldnt move,pain still upon me but fainter.."Try not to move,it will only cause more pain"I heard a familiar voice say caringly. it was gandalf.he held me closer to him to keep my warm.

me:...Gandalf...,theres darkness...everywhere.

at that, i blacked out again.
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