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Onward Does the Moon Go - For Whom Does She Weep

Any calls made to the moon
Lies still, as she is blind and deaf
She leaves without a trace so soon
So that none might find her then,

And then she reappears in the sky,
So the people might cease their tears,
The moon seems to stay by and by,
But as new days comes she leaves far away -

Far away across the world, between
The half-light and the twilight so,
Casting down a silvery sheen,
She packs her bags and leaves away.

The sun who outshines her radiance
She fears him, that's what one sees,
As too bright is his brilliance
While she lies there, blind and deaf.

So she rides away, far away,
She rides against the break of morn,
Night is her realm, not so day,
She rides again to find her world.

Poor moon! She only keeps on going
Riding away to find a place
Where she belongs, and then returning
When she finds her place has moved.

Onward she goes, blind and deaf
She doesn't see the children playing,
Doesn't hear the tears, the laugh
That surrounds her without her knowing.

The knight without armor rides onward, onward,
Never stopping, forever going,
The moon who weeps rides onward, onward,
Never stopping, forever going...
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