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Author's Chapter Notes:
This poem is Copyright 2006
I Cannot

I cannot find peace when I rest
For you are in my dreams
I cannot look at my reflection
For you are staring back at me

I cannot walk in the forest
For the wind and trees whisper your name
I cannot gaze at the moon
For it is the color of your hair glinting in the moonlight

I cannot listen to your voice without it hurting
For your voice is so sweet and melodic
I can no longer sing or dance to music
For every song reminds me of you

I cannot bear to hear your name spoken
For it reminds me of my loneliness
I cannot bear to not hear your name either
For your name sounds like a song

I cannot imagine your warm embrace
For I am reminded of how cold my life is
I cannot look at my pictures of you
For you are an angel out of my reach

I cannot bring myself to love another
For I see it as a betrayal of your trust
Everything reminds me of you
Please come to me and lift this nightmare
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