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“It began with the forging of the great rings three were given to the elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the dwarf lords, great miners and craftsman of the mountain halls and nine, nine rings were given to the race of men who above all else desire power. For in these rings were to have the strength and will to govern each, but they were all of them deceived. For another ring was made in the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, Dark Lord Saruron forged in secret a master ring to control all others and into this ring he poured his malice, cruelty and his will to dominant all life. One ring to rule them all. The free lands fell to the power of the ring, but there were some who resisted, the last alliance of men and elves marched to the army of Mordor and on the slopes of Mount Doom they fought for the freedom of Middle Earth. Victory was near, but the power of the ring could not be undone. It was in this moment that Isildur son of the king took up his father’s sword and Saruron and his army was defeated. Then the ring passed to Isildur who had this one chance to destroy evil forever, but the hearts of men are not easily corrupted. The ring of power had a will of it’s own. It betrayed Isildur to his death and sometimes it should have not been forgotten, were lost. History became legend, legend became myth and for two and a half thousand years the ring passed out of all knowledge. Until the chance came and it found a new bearer the ring came to the creature, Gollum who took it deep into the Misty Mountains and there it concealed him. The ring brought to Gollum an unnatural long life for five hundred years it poisoned his mind and in the gloom of Gollum’s cave it waited. The darkness crept back into the forest of the world, rumor of a shadow in the east, whispers of a nameless fear and the ring of power deceived, it’s time has now come. It abounded Gollum, but something happened then that the ring did not intend, it was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable, a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins of the Shire. For the times came when a hobbit shaped the fortune of all.”

Chapter 1 (The Shire)
The Shire, it is so peaceful here you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The people who live here are called hobbits. The hobbits never had any adventures or go anywhere unexpected. Until, a wizard, Gandalf came and visited a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. This however made the hobbits curious. Their own curiosity could turn into their own adventure. Sixty years to this day, September 22, for this is Bilbo and Frodo’s (and mine, but that is another story) birthday. Frodo is naught but a boy today he is to turn 15 years old. Bilbo however hasn’t aged a day towards his appearance, but he turns 111 years old. Frodo chooses today to pass the time away reading a book. He just does not want to miss Gandalf, who can be arriving any moment now. Gandalf is always welcome but the hobbits except him to be there for he is late, but he brings fireworks. Bilbo is in his hobbit hole (a.k.a. a house or home) trying to finish his book, for the book is about his adventures and he intends to read to the young children at the party. As the leaves began to blow and the dirt road blew dirt in every direction there was a wagon. Frodo ran down to the road in hopes it may be Gandalf. When Frodo came down he saw Gandalf as the wagon came to a complete stop. Frodo smiled and said, ”Your late!”

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early in fact I arrive precisely when I mean to.” Gandalf talked in a low voice. Frodo could not help but laugh, then Gandalf started laughing as well. Frodo jumped onto the wagon and hugged Gandalf very tightly. They stopped laughing and Gandalf started the wagon up again. They then passed through the field where they were to have Bilbo’s party, Gandalf then said, “Wow, I hear this party is going to be with great magnificence.”

“You know Bilbo, he’s the whole place in an uproar he’s planning something, he invited half of the Shire,” Frodo said and then he looked upon Gandalf’s face. Gandalf didn’t answer he just smiled and looked at the party tree. Frodo smiled and said, “Fine then keep your secrets I know he told you” Gandalf smiled and laughed a bit. Frodo laughed and said, “I’m glad your back, Gandalf!” Frodo got off the wagon and waved good-bye to his very old friend.

“So am I, dear boy, so am I.” Gandalf waved back and then went on his way to find Bilbo’s house. When he found it he drove up to the walkway and stopped. He passed a sign that said, “No admittance except party business.” Then Gandalf knocked on the door three times with his staff. A faint voice called from inside, “ Go away your always trying to sale something. Did you not read the sign, no salesmen, no neighbor, no, no, and no.”

“And what about very old friends?” Gandalf smiled and Bilbo opened the door. Bilbo hugged Gandalf and Gandalf said, “You haven’t aged a day!” Bilbo smiled and offered him tea; Gandalf nodded and sat down at his table. Gandalf then said, “You know Frodo excepts something are you going to tell him?”

“Well of course he does he’s a Baggins, I would fear if he didn’t, would you want some tea?”

“Why yes I would, you know Bilbo, Frodo is very fond of you,” Gandalf said. Bilbo poured the tea in his cup and said, “Oh, yes I know, he would come with me if I asked him, but in my heart Frodo is still in love with the Shire, so I’m leaving everything to him. I’m getting old Gandalf, I know I don’t look it but in my heart, I feel it is slowing down. I need a holiday, a very long holiday, I don’t think I’ll be returning, well I mean not to.” Gandalf drank his tea and then the party had started. Gandalf brought a lot of fireworks and when it got dark he began shooting them off in the starless sky. Bilbo was telling his stories of adventures to young hobbits. Frodo was talking to his friend Samwise Gamgee, who is also his gardener. He is 15 and is very shy and he desires in life is someone to love. For he also has a sister and she is talking with her friends. After Bilbo was done with his stories he joined Sam’s sister. She was with two other hobbits by the name of Rosie Cotton and Peony Underhill. Bilbo sat on a chair and said, “So what are you up to?” Though they paid no attention to Bilbo. All of the girls sat in the same position and at the same time all the girls said, “Isn’t he so cute?”

“Who? Who is so cute?” said Bilbo. The girls then all looked at him at they all pointed in different directions, except Sam’s sister. Bilbo smiled and said, “And whom might I ask was Gabriella Gamgee talking of?” Gabriella shook her head but Peony and Rosie begged to differ. The two girls giggled and whispered to Bilbo, “She speaks of him all the time,” Rosie said.

“Yes all the time!”

“As you can see I like her brother, owww.” Rosie said with a smile on her face she looked back at Sam.

“I on the other hand like Pippin, and she” Bilbo opened his mouth and waited for what Peony was about to say, “likes Frodo Baggins, your nephew, all she does is study him. Though she depressed because Pippin noticed me and Sam noticed Rose, but Frodo did not notice any of us, poor Abby. Just don’t tell him she will be really mad at us, the only person she told other then us was Sam and he always keeps a secret.” But at that moment all the hobbits called for Bilbo to make a speech. He nodded his head and laughed at the girls and got up on the stage. He said, “I know half of you as much as I want to and for the rest of you I know more then you really desire.“ Silence then grew through the crowd and all you could here was Gandalf laughing. Bilbo continued, “It’s my time now, I’ll miss you,” Bilbo took something out of his pocket and said, “Well I’m leaving now, so good-bye” Then Bilbo took the thing that he took out of his pocket and put it on his finger. Then when the crowd was silence he disappeared. The faces of the hobbits were amazed and frightened especially Frodo. Gandalf ran to Bilbo’s home to talk to him before he goes. When Bilbo got to his house he took the thing that he had on his finger and put it back in his pocket. Then he began visible again; Gandalf stopped him at his door. Gandalf then said, “You should not use that ring for fun and games!”

“It was just a bit of fun,” Bilbo smiled until he looked up at Gandalf and saw that he was serious, “You are probably right!” Gandalf smiled. Gandalf thought for a moment and said, “So if you are to leave everything to Frodo does that mean the ring too?”

“No, I found it I keep it, it’s mine, my own, my love, my precious!” Bilbo was looking at his ring and he looked again up at Gandalf. Gandalf made a confused face and said, “My precious that word has been used before but not by you?” Gandalf was amazed and confused and he began to get mad by the second. Bilbo was also mad, “So what if it’s mine you just want if for your own!” Then a cloud formed over Gandalf, stating that he was furious with Bilbo. “Bilbo Baggins, don’t take me for a conjurer of some cheap tricks, I’m not trying to rob you, I’m trying to help you.” The cloud of gray went away. Bilbo was now standing in one place and he began to shake. Tears fell down his cheeks as he walked into Gandalf’s open arms. They stood there hugging for the longest time. Then Bilbo wiped away his tears and walked to the door. Gandalf neither smiled nor did he frown when he said, “Bilbo, the ring is still in your pocket.”

“Why,” Bilbo looked in his pocket for there he found the ring, “yes, yes it is.” He took it out and he looked at every little detail of the precious thing, then he began to frown and he dropped on the floor. Then Bilbo looked at Gandalf and smiled. He walked out the door Bilbo said, “Keep an eye on Frodo, and if you are bored listen to Gabriella and her friends, anyway I’m off.” Gandalf nodded and he smiled then Bilbo said, “Gandalf I think I have found an ending to my book, and he lives happily ever after to the end of his days.”

“And that he shall!” Gandalf said as he watched Bilbo go down the path singing his folk songs. He then closed the door and took one glance at the ring and turned away.

Down at the party tree all the hobbits were screaming to get to their homes. Frodo ran as well. Children got lost in such a crowd like this. For no more of a few minutes the hobbits were in their home. When Frodo arrived to his uncle’s house there was light in through the window, in hopes it might be Bilbo he ran into the house, but it turned out to be only Gandalf. As soon as Frodo opened the door he could smell the strange substance that filled the room. He looked over by the chair and there sat Gandalf with his pipe. Frodo understood his leaving; “He talked of it for so long, I never thought he would do it, Bilbo leaving and all. I wonder” Frodo paused and Gandalf moved the chair so it was facing him. Then Frodo picked up the item that caught his eye as he walked in. He kept it in his hand for Gandalf to see. He walked over to where Gandalf sat and showed him the shiny item of which he found. Gandalf looked into Frodo’s palm and said, “Oh so you found Bilbo’s ring.” Gandalf looked on Bilbo’s desk and saw an envelope. He motioned for Frodo to put the ring in the envelope and then Gandalf put the ring in the fireplace. Frodo was confused, but he did not want to ask questions. Gandalf then took out the brunt envelope and put the ring in Frodo’s hand. Gandalf was doing this very fast and patiently as he asked, “Do you see anything written on it?”

Frodo looked at the ring very closely and saw nothing. Then he looked again and said, “Yes it’s some form of elvish, I can not read it.”

Gandalf started to make a horrified face as he said, “There are some who can, in the normal tongue it says One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them and in the darkness bind them.” Frodo thought now might be a good time for his questions to be answered. Frodo then said, “Then this might be the ring that evil creatures of the world made and how did Bilbo get this ring and did anyone else know of Bilbo’s finding of this ring?”

Gandalf had to explain quickly, “You are right about evil creatures made that ring and he got it on his adventure long ago. As for the last question, the one creature who knew that Bilbo had the ring was caught by the force of evil before I could find him, and who knows how long they tortured him until he finally said,”

“Shire and Baggins, but that would lead them here?” Frodo began to understand he began to pack his things.

“That’s why you must understand that you must leave and stay off the road and head to Bree, I’ll be waiting for you at the inn of The Prancing Pony. For I must leave also, I need to find answers to my own questions.” Gandalf said this as Frodo was almost done packing his things. Then when Frodo had finished he stood up and Gandalf looked down at him. Gandalf took a deep breath and said, “Hobbits are magnificent creatures, for I have known them for a long time and still they surprise me.” He smiled as he said this.

Then Frodo heard a sound coming from outside his window. For it was Gabriella and Samwise cutting the grass and they both began fighting on how to cut it. But Frodo and Gandalf did not know that it was them so Frodo hid under the table. Gandalf took his staff and hit the creature outside the door. He had hit Gabriella, but then Gandalf pulled the creature up onto the table. For the creature he pulled up was Samwise. Gabriella then ran to here house and on her way she woke up her friends to stay with her. Gandalf then said, “A little eavesdropping at the dead of night, now are we?”

“I was not dropping no eaves sir, for I was cutting the grass underneath the sill, if you follow me.” Sam was very nervous; Frodo thought it was safe to come out now. Frodo smiled. Gandalf then said, “Well, what have you heard then?” Samwise looked at him. Gandalf held Sam by the neck, “What?” Gandalf asked again. Samwise then answered, “I heard a great deal of a ring and the end of the world, but please sir don’t turn me into anything unnatural.” Gandalf and Frodo both laughed. Gandalf then said, “Oh unnatural, well I have another use for you, you will both go to Bree, no time to waste.” Sam then was given the chance to run home. Gabriella, Peony and Rosie were at Sam’s home. Sam opened the door very quietly for he did not want to wake all the girls. But they were awake and all the girls began to stare at Sam as he walked in. Samwise sighed and said, “Abby you should really be in bed, it’s late.”

“Then what are you doing up and by the way we were just off to bed. Peony and Rosie to my room.” Gabriella walked towards Sam and said, “Sam where are you going?”

“I do not know but I am going to accompany Frodo, where ever he is off to.” Sam quickly packed his things. Abby didn’t understand, “Can I come?’

“No, most certainly not, Abby I will be back in a few days.” Sam then was done packing. Samwise then kissed Gabriella on the cheek as she began to cry. Sam then said no more and then he walked out to where Frodo and Gandalf stood. Gabriella then wrote a note for the girls to see it read, “Went with Sam to go on an adventure, be back in a few days.” Gabriella then walked into her garden and hid under the bushes until Sam, Frodo and Gandalf walked away. She got up and began to follow them. Nearly at sunrise Gandalf left Sam and Frodo and the two young hobbits started their adventure. For they were to the Farmer Maggot’s crop but Sam paused. He looked at the ground and then looked up at Frodo and Frodo then said, “Samwise what’s wrong?”

“This will be the farthest I have ever been from home!” Sam wouldn’t move so Frodo took his hand and said, “Remember what Bilbo use to say, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo going out your door you step onto the road and if you keep your feet there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Sam sighed and lifted his foot and he took a step. Then they walked into the crop, but someone hit them. As they all fell to the ground they could hear the yelling of Farmer Maggot and he did not sound friendly. For the two people who hit them was Merry and Pippin. Merry and Pippin were stealing Farmer Maggot’s crop and was running away from him until they bumped into Frodo and Sam. Sam helped Frodo off the ground. Merry gave all of the stolen crops to Sam and Pippin, Frodo and Merry ran. It took a few seconds for Sam to realize what Merry did and so he dropped the crops and ran also. Then now they all were running, but then they came to a steep hill. They fell down it. The hill led to the road and Frodo got up and began thinking of what Gandalf said about the road. Sam, Merry and Pippin saw some mushrooms beside the road and began picking some. They all put the mushrooms in a bag. Then that’s when Frodo began to see strange changes to the road. The road began to get bigger and in the wind you could hear someone scream and all the animals began to get off the road. Frodo was getting scared, “Get off the road! Quick!” They hid under a log. Then a horse waked up, the horse had a rider. The rider was dressed in all black. The hobbits knew very little of these types of creatures and what their power might be. The hobbits called them by one name, The Dark Riders. Though the dark riders usually ride with other dark riders, but where is the rest of his group, the hobbits all asked themselves. Merry was smart; the dark riders have very bad eyesight, but can hear very well. Merry knew that the dark rider could smell and hear them breathing, so he threw the bag of mushrooms to the side. Sam and Pippin began to run. Merry and Frodo were talking, Merry said, “Frodo that dark rider was looking for something or someone, Frodo where are you going?” Frodo did not want them to come, but Frodo had to answer. “To Bree!” Merry nodded and caught up with Pippin and Sam. Frodo followed Merry and they began to hide behind a lot of trees. Merry began to talk to Pippin, “Pippin, Buckleberry Ferry.” Pippin nodded and then Pippin began to run. Merry then said to Sam and Frodo, “Follow us, run.” Now they all began to run for they heard the screaming of the riders behind them. There were nine riders now. Night began to fall and still they hid from the riders. Then when the four hobbits could not hide no longer they ran. For they hurried over the fence and through the bushes with the dark riders close on there tail. Now you could see the Buckleberry Ferry close ahead, but the riders were even closer. Merry, Pippin and Sam stepped onto the ferry and let the rope go. The ferry began to pull away from the dock. Frodo jumped on the ferry and they were safe. For now!

Chapter 2(Safe at last, or are they)
It was two miles to Bree by ferry. When they arrived it was pouring and for it was still night. They got off the ferry and crossed the dirt road. Then they made it to the gates of Bree. They knocked on the wooden gate and a man poked his head out of a small head door. The man was all wet so were the four hobbits. The man said, “What business of yours brings you to Bree?”

“We wish to stay at the inn of Bree, our business here is of our own!” Frodo said. The man nodded and let them in the door. Then he closed the door, but he then heard another knock on the door. He poked his head the second time, for it was a hobbit. Though this time it was a girl. He asked, “Are you lost, my friend or are you with them?” He was talking about Frodo, Sam and Merry and Pippin who were on the way walking in the inn. The girl said, “For I don’t mean to trouble you, sir I’m a friend of theirs, for my name is Gabriella. Did they by any chance say where they were off to?”

“Why yes a matter a fact they did, they said they wanted to stay at the inn, The Prancing Pony.” Gabriella nodded and put on her hood of her cloak, for it was raining hard now. Gabriella then said, “May I do the same?” The man nodded and let her in. The road was all muddy and she began to get stared at by all the men who were walking in the road. Gabriella saw the four hobbits approach the inn and she quickly ran through the mud getting her dress all dirty. She walked in, though she was not noticed for everyone watched the four hobbits. Gabriella sat down in the corner unnoticed though, until a man walked up to her and sat down at the same table. He had a pint of ale and he began to stare at the four hobbits, not even noticing that Gabriella was even a hobbit. He wore a black cloak and carried a sword. Gabriella did not say anything, for she listened to what the four hobbits told the innkeeper.

The four hobbits looked up and the innkeeper had to look down for hobbits are only 4 feet at the most. Frodo then said, “We are friends of Gandalf, my name is . . . Mr. Underhill, can you tell him we have arrived?” The innkeeper looked confused. Then the innkeeper said, “Gandalf, long pointy hat, right?” Frodo nodded and the innkeeper continued, “And big gray bread?” The four hobbits nodded and he continued, “Oh yes, we haven’t seen Gandalf in six months, but we could offer a hobbit size room, if you would like?” Frodo nodded his head no and they got some ale and walked to a table. Gabriella stayed in the corner where she thought she was safe. The four hobbits were silent, did not say a word. The man that sat by Gabriella was still staring at the hobbits, never took his eyes off them. Though Frodo noticed that all that man did since they arrived was stare at them. Frodo asked a worker, “Do you know who that is, over there?” The worker pointed at the man and Frodo nodded. The worker answered, “That there is one of those ranger folk, very sneaky you know and that there,” he pointed to Gabriella, “I do not know, but by the size of the cute girl, I would say she is a hobbit, just like you.” Frodo only meant for the worker to tell him who the man was, but now that he thought of it, he noticed the girl. Frodo said thank you to the worker and he went on his way. Frodo turned to Samwise. Samwise looked at Frodo and Frodo said, “Do you know that girl over there, she looks strangely familiar, that worker says that she could be a hobbit, I think I have seen her in the Shire before, have you?” Sam looked at Gabriella. Gabriella noticed that they had spotted her so she took her black cloak and hid her face from them. Then she hid her feet for you can tell easily if someone is a hobbit if they have big, hairy feet, for Gabriella did have big, hairy feet that, is why she hid them. The ranger who sat by Gabriella finally noticed Gabriella. He began to stare at her. He looked at her feet, which proved she was a hobbit. Then Gabriella looked up at him she jumped. Gabriella said, “Oh, dear sir, you startled me!” The man kept looking at her. Gabriella didn’t like someone looking at her, “Sir, can’t you look at someone else, I mean you can go and look at Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin again, just don’t look at me and be silent!” The man smiled, but still stared at her. The man finally said, “So you know them, I mean you know their names?”

“Well for the most part, Sam is my brother and Pippin is the one who is over there.” Gabriella was trying not to mention Frodo again, so she pointed at Pippin. Pippin was talking to the men by the bar. The man listened to Pippin’s conversation. The men asked, “Do you know a Baggins, I heard he lives in the Shire?” Pippin got his drink and drank all of it in one gulp. Then Pippin said, “Oh, yes I know a Baggins, he is right over there,” pointing to Frodo, “his name is Frodo Baggins, he is my cousin twice removed on my mother’s side!” The men were satisfied, but Pippin kept talking. Frodo overheard Pippin talking and ran up to where Pippin was. Both Gabriella and the man had their eyes watching Frodo. There was silence in the room as Frodo came up to Pippin. Frodo tripped on someone’s foot, for how big his feet were he could no longer keep his balance and he fell. He had the ring in his hand, but when he fell the ring flew up into the air and landed on his finger. Frodo was now invisible.

Outside was the rainy night, for that is where at the gate the dark riders broke the gate down. The dark riders were drawn to the power of the ring. Two hobbits though were outside, when this happened. They both ran for shelter, for their names were Peony and Rosie.

Inside though, Frodo managed to get to the stairway. He was still invisible. The man who sat by Gabriella got up and walked nearly to the stairway. Frodo struggled to get the ring off. Gabriella stood up, and watched what the man was about to do. Then Frodo took off the ring and the man grabbed his shirt. He was about to bring him up stairs, so the man said, “You bring far too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill!” Gabriella then walked to the stairs and pulled Frodo, before the man took him up stairs. The man was strong and he pulled harder. Frodo then said, “Abby?” Frodo thought he was seeing things. The man then pulled Frodo up the stairs. Then Sam, Pippin and Merry noticed where Frodo went off to they then brought a chair onto the stairs with them and followed the man. Gabriella ran out of the inn and was walking around outside. She then bumped into two girls, who she happened to know. The three girls were screaming for if they had seen a ghost. The two girls, Peony and Rosie were very surprised to see Gabriella. Gabriella screamed and ran away at the sight of them. Peony and Rosie did not have a clue of where Gabriella went. Though Gabriella sat in the rain with her stained dark clothes watching the night go away. When the night was nearly finished the seven hobbits woke to hear the screaming of the dark riders. Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Sam were safe, for the man who had taken Frodo didn’t want any harm, but he was protecting them. Frodo woke to the sound of their call and asked the man, “What are they?” Frodo was referring to the dark riders of course. The man, who had introduced himself early, was known as Strider said, “They use to be great kings. Nine of them were and all gifted by Saruron with a ring, but they took their gifts without question they fell into darkness. They are known as the Nazgul. They will never stop haunting you!” On the other hand, Peony and Rosie were very frightened so they ran into the Prancing Pony inn. Gabriella was hardly to be seen, with her being a hobbit and of her dark, muddy clothes. The Nazgul became very angry with Frodo, for they couldn’t find him. So the Nazgul went off to search somewhere else. In the morning the sun awoke and the four hobbits (Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo) set out with Strider. Finally after the five creatures already left Peony and Rosie followed their path. Gabriella woke to find that she must have fell asleep in the dirt road. Gabriella followed Peony and Rosie’s trail, which led to Strider’s path. Peony and Rosie hid in the wood hoping no one will find them. Gabriella wanted a closer look at the five creatures. Peony and Rosie did not see Gabriella for she was well hidden in a bush. The three hobbits watched the five creatures. Pippin was whispering something in Merry’s ear, “Can we trust him, where is he taking us?” Merry did not know, but Pippin whispered so loud that everyone could here him speak. Frodo then answered one of his questions; “We have no chose but to trust him, Pippin.” Strider then ran on top a hill. He was looking into the rising sun. Strider then answered the other question, “Into the wild, Pippin.” Then Pippin stopped walking for he saw a branch move in the woods. It was Peony and Rosie, Merry then said, “What do you see?”

“It’s coming, it’s a rider dressed in layers of black, over there look!” Pippin was scared out of his wits. Merry and Strider looked. Strider uncovered the branches that were moving and he had his sword in hand. Pippin was holding onto Merry for dear life. Strider saw two figures in the wood. Strider swung his sword at one of them. Rosie started screaming and she ducked for if she didn’t she would surely get her head chopped off. Peony, who was standing close behind Rosie, said, “Oh my goodness!” She put her hand on her forehead and fainted. Strider noticed they were hobbits. Then he put his sword away. Rosie then ran over to Samwise and said, “Oh save me Sam, that man tried to chop off my head, he did.” Sam didn’t say anything. Strider then said, “Well I see you know them?” Frodo nodded, and then Strider threw a bottle full of water over Peony. She woke up and started screaming. Sam then said, “Don’t hurt them!” Then Samwise looked at Rosie and said, “Now, why are you here?”

“Well, this might explain it,” Peony stopped screaming and ran over to Rosie, “do you have any notion where Gabriella might be?” Sam made a frightened face. Then Sam said, “You lost her, how could you, she’s 14, she can’t survive out here, oh my it’s all my fault.” Rosie then gave Sam the note that was left at her house. He read it and started crying then Rosie said, “For your information, me and Peony both are 14 and we have been following you ever since you came to your house. Also Gabriella it seems has been following too. We saw her yesterday, twice.” Strider then came over to Sam and all the hobbits listened. Pippin said, “Wait, before when you said we are going into the wild you said my name how did you know it?” Rosie then began pointing at Strider. Rosie then said, “The missing pieces to the puzzle, the two places I saw Abby was outside we were walking and she was running out of the Prancing Pony inn and the other place where I saw her was with him. They were both talking.” Strider started to understand. Then he spoke, “Samwise are we talking about your sister, if you do have one, because the hobbit girl I met said that Sam was her bother?” Sam nodded and wiped his tears away. Then Frodo said, “When you took me upstairs, there was a girl who pulled me back, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, when I said it was Abby, she ran away and then that's probably when Rosie and Peony saw her outside the door.” Peony nodded her head. Sam then said, “Where did she go then, we must find her?” Peony and Rosie then made a frown and hugged Sam dearly. Then they both said, “We also saw her this morning she was sleeping in the dirt road in Bree, you must of past that way, she was all muddy and wet, though we did not want to wake her. She made it clear yesterday that she wanted to look for you alone.” Gabriella was listening to the whole conversation. It made her cry though for she did not think that Sam cared of her at all. They began to walk on until nightfall. At nightfall they stopped at Weathertop. Now at Weathertop there is just an old ruin, but it use to be a great castle. Strider then told them all, “If this, Gabriella is very dear to you I must go look for her! Take these and keep them close. I’ll be back!” Strider gave each one of them a weapon. Frodo and Peony fell asleep and the rest of them cooked their finest bacon. Gabriella still did not want to be seen and she kept hidden. Then Frodo and Peony woke up for they smelt the bacon. Pippin handed Frodo a plate and said, “Here Frodo you can have some of mine!” Frodo looked at the bacon. Peony then said, “Put it out you fools, put it out!” Peony tried to step on the fire to put it out but she could not. Frodo understood why so he put it out. All of the hobbits were arguing and yelling. But they all began to get silent for the dark riders were back and heading straight for Frodo. They all ran to the top of the ruin until they could not run anymore and they stood holding their weapons scared. Gabriella did not have the weapon, but she was not one bit frightened. They watched the dark riders walk up to them. Then they began to fight. Sam was the first to get thrown to the ground. Then Pippin and Merry, but then the girls tired to protect Frodo. Rosie got thrown to the ground like all the rest, but Peony kept standing. The dark rider picked Peony up by her neck and threw her into a wall, but she did not get thrown. She wore a gold necklace and it had gotten caught in the layers of black cloak that the rider wore. She was swinging around trying to untangle her necklace. She then thought of a great idea, ‘Why don’t I take the necklace off?’ That is what she did. She went flying though, but she landed right on top of Pippin. Then Frodo fell to see that his life was gone in a few moments. He then took out the ring. Holding it so the rider could see. He then put it on. Though that was the stupidest thing he had done all day. He turned invisible. When he put the ring on you could see the Ringwraiths of what they use to be (kings). The Ringwraith was taking the ring right off of Frodo’s finger. Frodo pulled away. It was decided that the wraith did not want to play fun and games no longer. So the wraith took out his sword and he was going to stab Frodo with it. Gabriella then saw the rider was going to stab someone, which would be Frodo because he is the only one that can turn invisible. A figure ran over to the wraith. But she was not sure where Frodo did lay. Strider then came to the rescue. Strider could not find Gabriella. But as he came he pushed the figure into the ground and she pushed Frodo out of the way. Frodo was saved, but the figure was not. The figure got stabbed instead. She began to scream and cry for the pain she was in. It was her arm, no one knew who was screaming though. Frodo took off the ring. Aragorn put the Ringwraiths (all of them) on fire. Frodo rolled over to where the figure laid. Her eyes were dark like evil and she kept screaming. Frodo uncovered her face (she was wearing all black, remember) to see who it was. He gasped to see Abby’s face. Gabriella had tears running down her cheeks. She stopped screaming now, but the pain did not stop, it got worse. Frodo said to the others, “Come quick!” Strider pushed all the wraiths off and they rode their horses in the moonlight. Sam and all the others rushed over. Sam knelt down to the ground and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Sam then said, "It is going to be all right!" Strider then came and looked at Gabriella. Sam then asked, “What happened?” Strider picked up the weapon that lay beside Gabriella. He looked at it and it began to disintegrate right in his hands. Strider then threw it to the ground and said, “She has been stabbed by a Morgal blade, this is beyond my skills to heal, she needs elvish medicine. We must go to Rivendell.” Strider took Gabriella in his arms and started walking toward the wood. The hobbits followed close behind. Sam cried, to see the pain that she was in. Frodo comforted Samwise. Pippin and Merry were wondering if that could happen to them. Also Peony and Rosie were crying like it was the end of the world, they shared their handkerchiefs, sneezing every few moments into them. Gabriella didn’t speak at all, but she could see what everyone was doing and she tried to speak, but her words came out as moans and groans, just like when she got hit with Gandalf’s staff. They stopped in the wood to catch their breath. Strider laid Gabriella onto the cold grass. Pippin then asked Strider, “Is she going to die?” Strider looked at Gabriella’s face. Then he said, “She is passing into shadow, soon she will become one of the wraiths.” Sam did not look nor did he touch her face, he kept on crying. Merry felt Gabriella’s cheek and then he said, “She is going cold!” All the hobbits feared for Gabriella. Strider then looked at Sam and said, “Do you know of the plant, Athelas?’ He waited a moment and Sam shook his head no then Strider continued, “Kingsfoil?’

“Now that’s a weed!” Sam wiped away his tears. Strider shook his head and said, “It may help slow the poison!” Sam and Strider went through the woods to find that weed. While this happened all the rest of the hobbits watched over Gabriella. Frodo gently took Gabriella’s hand and rubbed it against his cheek. He began to whisper to her, “Thank you much! I know you can’t probably hear me say this, but” then Frodo paused for he looked over at Peony and Rosie as they said, ‘He finally noticed her, though the moment she can’t hear him!” Frodo then looked down at Gabriella again. Gabriella was fading fast and if she is not healed in 24 hours she is going to truly die. Frodo continued, “but I love you, I always loved you, ever since time started. I love you!” Gabriella could hear everything that everyone was saying. Though this would be the best moment for Gabriella to speak, but still she could not.

The both creatures were looking still for the Athelas plant. While looking someone came up to Strider and pointed a sword to his neck. Then that someone said, ‘Oh, what’s this a ranger caught off his guard!” Then Strider looked up. It was a beautiful elf maiden, she wore a cloak that was blue and just happened to be Strider’s girlfriend (what nice girlfriend pointing a sword at him)(an early wedding present honey, chop off his head)(oh no I think I killed him). Samwise then rushed over to Gabriella for he had found the Athelas plant. Sam then said, “Time to take off your clothes Gabriella!” Sam smiled. Frodo was confused; he put her hand down and said, “Why it’s just her arm?”

“Can’t you take a joke, both of you?” Sam looked down at Gabriella and he began to roll up her sleeve, to get to her wound. Then Frodo said, “What do you mean both of us?”

“For crying out loud, she can hear me, as you said, it is only her arm, not her ears.” Sam wondered what Frodo was getting worked up about. The girls were now laughing after hearing what Sam had to say. Then Sam put the weed on her wound and at this moment the elf came and began to speak to Gabriella. “Hello for my name is Arwen Undomiel!” From Gabriella’s point of view she was glowing like an angel. Merry, Pippin, Peony and Rosie began to whisper, “I think she’s an elf, she came to save Abby.” Gabriella’s eyes were blacker now. Arwen turned to talk to Strider, “I have been following you for days, you have four wraiths following you where the other five I do not know. We must bring her to my father; she will soon not last out here. I’ll take her!” Strider did not argue and so he put Gabriella onto the horse that Arwen had. Strider yelled back at her, “Ride hard and ride fast and Arwen don’t look back!” Then Arwen took the reins and got on her horse. Arwen then rode off. For now the sun was up and it sparkled on Arwen’s clothes making her visible in the light. Sam then yelled, “What do you think your doing those riders are still out there?” Strider comforted Samwise. Frodo was still asking himself, “She could hear me, wait no she could not because then she could be able to speak, oh no!” Peony and Rosie were waiting patiently for the elves return. As soon as Arwen left the area the Ringwraiths (five of them) followed her. Surrounded her, they were all like a group of ducks flying near to each other. Arwen knew that if she had past the river she would be safe. The wraiths would not follow her across the river. She quickly moved through the trees (if she was horse racing she would of won), so quickly that her cheek got cut open by a branch. One of the wraiths pointed their fingers at Gabriella she looked up, but Arwen made her look away, for she did not want Gabriella to pass into shadow. Arwen then made it to the river. Her horse ran across the river and paused when she got to the other side. Arwen then said, “If you want her, come and claim her!”

The wraiths looked at Arwen and one of them said, “Give it up, she elf!” All the wraiths began running across the river. Surprised as Arwen was she did not give up. She began to whisper to the river. (Of course I would say what she said but) She said this in elvish. The river listened to Arwen. The river began to make a big wave (surfs up dudes) and then took all of the wraiths down in the water (wipe out). The wraiths got swept away by the current. The water began to claim down. Then Arwen looked upon Gabriella’s face. It looked as if Gabriella’s beauty and youth washed away. Arwen started crying then she hugged Gabriella and said, “What grace is given me let it pass to her so she can be spared.”

Near by at the elf village Elrond knew that something happened to his dearly beloved daughter. Elrond sent Elex to go get her. Elex brought her horse, but she dare not say anything. She knelt down and took Gabriella out of Arwen’s arms. Elex had brought her translator with her, Figwit. Elex whispered into Figwit’s ear. Figwit then said, “What is wrong my dear friend? What shall we do with this creature?” Arwen looked up at both of them and wiped away her tears. Arwen said, "I failed her, for she is a hobbit and we must make haste for she will not last long unless brought to my father." Then Gabriella was brought to Rivendell. Arwen sent out horses for the hobbits and Strider. Gabriella was put in a comfortable bed and a lot of elves came and treated her arm. Elrond was one of those elves. Elrond looked over at her face and tried to heal her arm as best as he could. Then she was brought to another room. This room had a scent of flowers. Gabriella was put in nice hobbit size clothes. This room for some reason gave back her youth and young beauty. When the rest of the hobbits (who were with Strider) arrived they went to go see Gabriella. She was asleep and they were told not to wake her. Sam ran in the room and started to cry beside the bed. Pippin and Peony walked into the room and said both at the same time, “What a wonderful room?” Rosie and Merry both nudged their arms for thinking about the room instead of Gabriella. Frodo then walked in and he looked upon Gabriella’s face. Frodo whispered to Sam, “She looks like an angel!”

“Just like her mother!” Sam whispered back at Frodo. Frodo then looked upon Gabriella’s face. He said, “What happened to your mother, Sam?”

“Well our father left us soon after my mother did. My mother, my mother loved the woods and one-day she went into the woods and never came home. The next day she was found, but the bees had gotten to her first. So all I have a memory of her is Gabriella. Gabriella looks just like her mother.” He could not speak anymore. Sam began to cry so much that he began choking. Frodo comforted Samwise. Then Frodo looked in the corner and there was Gandalf. Gandalf was keeping his watchful eye on Gabriella as Frodo said to him, “Gandalf why did you not meet us?”

“Oh I’m sorry my dear boy I was delayed!” Gandalf said this and then he lifted his hand up and motioned to look over where Gabriella slept. Gabriella was slowly waking up. Samwise wiped his tears away and Frodo went onto the other side of the bed (the side Sam was not on) and looked upon her angel like face. Gabriella then opened her eyes. She noticed that she was wearing better clothes and that she was not as wet as she was. Gabriella then turned her eyes to Samwise. Gabriella was whispering something in Sam’s ear, “Throughout the night I heard Frodo’s voice saying I love you to me, do you think that is a dream?”

“Well if anything I did not hear it. I’ll ask him!” Sam went over to where Frodo sat. Sam then said, “Frodo are you in love with my sister? For she thinks that you said something that you did not mean or it was her dream!” He whispered to him. Frodo got up and whispered into Sam’s ear. Gabriella was trying hard to listen but then Peony and Rosie came. Frodo said, “How could she have a good dream in the darkest hour?”

“So you did say it? Wait till I tell her!” Sam was going to tell her. Frodo stopped him and he said. “Don’t tell her, what if she hates me, no don’t tell her!”

Sam then began to whisper, “Believe me she does not hate you, here go ask Peony what Gabriella’s feelings really are!” Frodo nodded and brought Peony out of the room. Gandalf then spoke to Gabriella, “Sam has hardly left your side Gabriella, he is a very nice brother isn’t he?”

“Why yes he is!” Gabriella smiled at Sam. Sam smiled back, but he could not help but notice that when the sun sparkled off her curly hair she looks so much like your mother. Gabriella was allowed to go around and about in a few minutes. Sam then went out of the room. Frodo was talking to Peony. Peony said, “Didn’t Bilbo tell you, I mean we told him?”

“What was his message to tell to me, no he did not tell me anything of this matter?” Frodo was puzzled of the sort of subject they were talking of. Peony looked at him and said, “Okay if you really must know, Gabriella” Peony did not get time to finish the sentence for Gabriella walked out of the room. Peony continued, “Gabriella oh hi Gabriella!” Peony ran over to her and felt her hands. Peony said, “Aren’t you cold, well we must get you dressed in clothes that are proper for you. When we all arrived we chose our own rooms. I’m afraid they’re only temporary, so don’t get attached. The girls got first pick; of course I picked out a room for you that would go with your liking! Well to be honest all the boys chose a room by you. Well we understand your brother by choosing a room by you, but What of Frodo?”

“I don’t know but as you know my brother and him are very close!” Then walked to her room. Peony waited outside the door for Gabriella to come back out. Gabriella dressed in a blue gown. The elves put together Gabriella’s own wardrobe. Peony then said, “Do you like your room? Gandalf insisted we pick this one for you because if you were a gardener then you would like the room. Also he said it would be good for your health, but I think the scent of flowers is good for everyone’s health!”

“Yes I do love it so what have you been doing?”

“Well you know me. Do you want to hear something juicy, Frodo noticed you, and he said I love you to you. He was holding your hand and crying like ever. It was so romantic!” Peony stopped at these gates. Gabriella then said, “That is what happened in my dream.”

“No dream. It was real. But if you want you can believe that your reality is just fantasy, go right ahead, but it was real! Never mind, just look in there it is so beautiful!” She spoke to Gabriella to look into the gates. Peony then continued, “This is called the secret garden of Elrond”

“Who’s Elrond?” Gabriella was looking through the gates. Peony then said, “Oh you did not met him? Wait of course you did in your so called dreams.” Gabriella was being serious, but so was Peony.

Gandalf and Elrond were looking at the snooping girls from the balcony. Elrond said, “She must be strong to have gone this far. Keeping herself hidden and then saving the one, who needed help the most. She is very special. It would be sad for her brother to part with her.” Gandalf looked at both of the girls and then looked at Elrond. Then Gandalf said, “What do you mean?”

“Well the ring must be destroyed and the evil Saruron must be defeated. We must have a meeting, call news to the dwarfs, and men.” Gandalf left and Elrond kept looking at the girls. The girls were still looking through the gates. Gabriella then said, “Look it is Strider and if my dreams do not deceive me that is Arwen.” The girls tried to listen what they are saying. Arwen was holding Strider’s hand. Arwen then said, “Do you remember when we first met?”

“It is like I strayed into a dream!” Strider smiled as he said this. Strider took his hand and touched her necklace, to touch ever detail carved in the Evenstar (the necklace’s name). Then Arwen took her hand and put on top of Strider’s and said, “Do you remember what I told you?” Strider put his hands down and thought through the memories of time. Then Strider said, “You said you bound yourself to me!” Strider lowered his head and then Arwen took her hand and pulled his head up. Arwen then whispered to Strider, “I chose a mortal life!” Then Arwen opened his hands and she took off her necklace. She silently put her necklace into his hands. Strider looked at the necklace and then up at Arwen. Strider then said, “You can not give me this?”

“It is mine to give to whom I love like my heart!” Arwen closed his hand with the necklace. Gabriella and Peony both said, “Ahhhhh!” Then they both continued to listen to what Arwen and Strider were saying. Arwen and Strider leaned in closer to each other and closer. They both tilted their heads and put their hands around each other. Then they both kissed. Peony and Gabriella started to cry. Peony said, “How sweet, you know that would be prefect if we could see it one more time?" ”

“Stop it you just ruined the moment!” Gabriella then smiled at her and watched Strider and Arwen walk away. Peony then had an idea, “Do you want to go in this secret garden, I mean I think you like to drop in when you’re not expected. Come on, since your arm got hurt I’ll put you on top, so come along.” Peony opened out her hand for Gabriella’s feet were going to go. Gabriella then said, “Are you mad?”

“Gabriella aren’t you a bit curious, come on it will be fun!” Peony persuaded Gabriella. Gabriella put her feet on Peony’s shoulders. Peony held onto her feet as Gabriella caught her balance. Gabriella’s hands were holding onto the gate for dear life, hoping she won’t fall off. Gabriella was now at the top of the gate. Gabriella then said, “Now that I’m up here what do you suppose I do now?”

“I haven’t thought of that, sorry, wait how about you try to slowly climb down the gate from the other side. But I can understand if you don’t want to risk it, I mean girls like you only risk things when boys are involved. I can clearly see from the other side of the gate that there are no boys, but if I look behind me?” Peony said trying to think. Gabriella slowly tried to go to the other side but she said, “Peony, don’t you dare move. I can’t I will lose my balance.” Gabriella was shaking and Peony was trying to hold her up. Sam then came from behind them and said, “What are you doing?” Peony jumped in fright and Gabriella went flying into the air (I believe I can fly). Peony gasped in sight of Gabriella falling. Then Sam caught her and Peony then said, “You startled my dear soul, what are you doing scaring us like that?”

“It is not Sam I was scared of, it was you dropping people, I could have died. I told you not to move and what did you do looked behind you! And another thing I do not risk things only when boys are involved, Peony you should know better. What a fool!” Gabriella then stood up and looked at Sam. Then she continued, “What do you have to tell me, Samwise?”

“Well there is a secret door in the weeds over there to get in and there is a secret meeting going on as we speak in the garden so follow me!” Then Sam took the path, which lead to a patch of weeds. Gabriella and Peony followed Samwise into the garden. There they watched the meeting.

The wooded floor was set in a circle as the council sat in chairs formed on the wooded floor. Then Elrond stood up; “We have called you here for a very special matter. The matter we shall speak of is the ring of power. Frodo Baggins bring forth the ring!” They all watched Frodo get off his chair and put the ring on the stand in the middle of the platform. Everyone was amazed for the sight of seeing the ring of power at their fingertips. One man was so astounded that he stood up to make himself known, “So it is true, we could weld such power to make men stronger, my kingdom is failing it could save us!”

“We can not use it!” Strider said with a low voice as he stood up. Then the man glanced at Strider. He looked high and mighty as he stood up straight and said, “And what would a ranger of the north know of this matter?” Then one of the elves stood up and pointed at Strider. The elf said, “This is no ordinary ranger, for he is Aragorn, heir to the thrown of Gondor, I think you owe him your allegiance.” The man looked at Strider again and smiled. Then he said, “Aragorn, Isildur’s heir and king.” The man laughed. Aragorn then said, “Legolas sit down!” The man kept standing as the elf sat down. Then as everyone sat down again Elrond continued, “It can’t be used for any good, it must be destroyed.” Then a dwarf got up and looked at Elrond. “What are we waiting for?” The dwarf picked up his ax and threw it hitting the ring. Frodo then felt the power of the ring inside his head as he got a sudden headache. Though the ring did not break, but the ax was broke into many pieces. Then Elrond said, “Sit down Gimli son of Glion, the ring can not be destroyed by any weapon we here possess. The ring was made in the fires of Mount Doom only there can it be destroyed. One of you must do this, take such a burden to the land of darkness and throw it into the fires!”

Then Elex stood up and whispered to Figwit, “I will take it, such a burden should be held by a person who has felt power.” Then Gimli got up and opened his mouth. He said, “I will be dead before I see the fate of the world be in the hands of an elf especially one that is a lady!” Elex than started to whisper again to Figwit, “And what do we have here. A short, fat dwarf, who probably drank too much ale before he came here! For I am a princess, not a drunk dwarf like some people here!” Then the elves stood up fighting for their princess. Then the dwarf stood up for Gimli. They all began to fight. Frodo just sat there and did not say anything until he looked into the reflection of the shiny ring. “I will take it, I will take the ring.” When he caught everyone’s attention he continued, “Though I do not know the way.” Then Gandalf walked over by Frodo. He smiled and then looked back at the others as he said, “I will help you bear this burden, my friend!” Aragorn smiled and gave a thought before he spoke. Aragorn said, “In life or death I will protect you!” Then Legolas made a suggesting face and started to walk towards Frodo. The elf said, “You have my bow!”

“And my skill of foreseeing the future. I suppose you will need such a thing to change the future.” Figwit said, for he was only repeating what Elex said in elvish. Elex and Figwit walked over to them. Elex smiled at Legolas. The dwarf cleared his throat as he said, “Well, you have my ax.” Gimli walked over as he said this. The man walked over as he said, “You carry the fate of as all little one.” Frodo rolled his eyes, as he stood straight up, trying to look bold. Then from out the bushes came Samwise. They all began to stare at Sam as they heard a loud whisper from the same bush. Sam came running out as he said, “If Frodo goes I go too!” Then they found another surprise, which came out of the bush. Gabriella then said, “I dare not part with my brother!” Sam smiled and hugged Gabriella. Then Elrond said, “Nor it is to part with anyone for Frodo was summoned to a secret council and you, both of you were not!" Then they all heard whispers coming from the bush. “Are you coming Rosie because I’m going!”

“No I’m afraid that I’m not the adventurous sort.” Rosie said as she tried to look from the leaves. Peony jumped out at the council and said, “I can’t part with my best friend!” Peony walked over to where everyone stood. Then from another bush you could hear the two boys speak. They were Merry and Pippin. Pippin then said, “There are a lot of girls, three of them. I call one of them.”

“Pip the only way you could make a relationship with them is if you went on this mission.” Merry rolled his eyes and looked at all the girls. Pippin then said, “Well what are we waiting for?” Pippin jumped up and there followed Merry. Pippin said, “We are coming too!” Then they both walked over to the group. Pippin then said, “You’ll need brains and intelligence on this mission, quest or ah thing!” Gandalf rolled his eyes. Pippin though was just making up a good excuse to get some girls. Then Elrond looked at the group and said, “Thirteen people this will be called the fellowship of the ring!”

Then Pippin looked at the girls and said, “So where are we going?” Elex and Figwit moved away from Pippin. Then Merry said, “That rules you out Pip!” Everyone rolled their eyes, except Pippin of course. Then Elrond smiled and said, “Well that is all I will report to each and everyone when you shall depart! You are dismissed.” Everyone then had dinner. The fellowship sat at one table to get introduced. The man shook everyone’s hand except to Peony and Gabriella and Elex. The man said, “Hello, I think we will be best of friends! My name is Boromir!” Legolas sat by Elex. Legolas glanced at her after each bite he took. Elex smiled and kept glancing at Legolas when he was not looking. Figwit looked at Legolas and noticed that he was looking at Elex. Figwit whispered to Elex, “Legolas is looking at you!” Elex didn’t answer. She didn’t say a word through the diner. Then when diner had ended Legolas waited for Elex. Legolas then found Elex he said, “Would it be too much to ask if we took a walk in the woods?” Elex nodded and they went off in the night to the woods. The hobbits went to their rooms. Gabriella went up to Sam and said, “Goodnight!” Samwise hugged her. Then he said, “Goodnight, Abby I love you!” Samwise kissed Gabriella on the cheek. Frodo watched Abby and Sam. He started to think of his mother for she had passed away when he was naught but a boy. Gabriella got into her nightgown and was going to go to sleep to find a knock on the door. It was Peony and Rosie. Peony said, “We could not sleep so we would like to talk.” Gabriella nodded her head and let them in. They each sat on her bed. Rosie was the first to talk, “So how is Samwise? I mean like what can you tell me about him that you have not told me yet?”

“Well he is good, he’s sweet and a good brother. I don’t know!” Peony smiled. Peony then said, “So Abby, tell us a song, maybe it will make us fall asleep!”

Then she began, “A setting sun that paints a tied-dye sky. A feather bed, an ancient lullaby. A kiss goodnight from one whose love is true, that’s the kind of day I wish for you!” Than Gabriella began to dance around the room as she sang, “A field of flowers dancing in the spring. A little creek, a tree, an old rope swing, cotton candy clouds against the blue, that’s the kind of day I wish for you!” Then Gabriella began to twirl in circles in the middle of the room. Peony and Rosie closed their eyes. She began again, “First love with all its storm, raging like fire within, tossing your heart to chance, you swear the dance will never end!” Gabriella stopped dancing as she began to get dizzy, “And then it does and someone says goodbye. And after all the empty nights you cried, and that morning that you wake up good as new, that’s the kind of day I wish for you!” She then looked outside at the moonlit sky, “The faith of knowing deep inside your heart, that heaven holds more then just some stars. Someone up there watching over you, that’s the kind of day I wish for you!” Gabriella ended her song and sat down on her chair and fall asleep. A few hours past and Samwise then heard a something coming from Gabriella’s room. He got up and went into Abby’s room. Sam then saw Gabriella sleeping in her chair. Rosie fell to the floor for Peony kicked her off in her sleep. Sam slowly picked up Peony from Gabriella’s bed without waking her up. Peony was carried to her room. Sam then came back and saw Frodo standing in the hallway. Frodo said, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, go back to bed you need your rest!” Sam walked past him as Frodo followed him into Gabriella’s room. Sam picked up Rosie and said, “If you are going to stand there and stare, please help and put Abby in her bed!”

Frodo was staring at Gabriella, “Your right she looks like an angel!”

“I said she looks like her mother not an angel!” Sam then put Rosie in her bed. Frodo then picked up Gabriella. Frodo then said, “What secrets we keep, Goodnight Gabriella Gamgee!” He closed the door behind him. But Gabriella did not wake as Frodo said this. Then all the hobbits went to sleep. In the forest close to the secret garden, Elex and Legolas were found to be lost. Elex was too tired to think of that so she laid down on the cold grass and fell asleep. Legolas did the same and they both slept through the night. In the morning before the sun was awake Figwit found them in the forest. Figwit woke up Elex and said, "We must be going, come along Elex.”

Legolas woke up and said, “Come on I’ll walk with you!” Elex, Figwit and Legolas went out of the forest and to their rooms. Then the sun woke up a few hours after that.

Chapter 3(Secrets Revealed)
Gabriella woke; she woke to find that all the events that happened before were real and not just a nightmare. She woke in Rivendell, though it was an elf forest there weren't many elves for they were to leave to go to the undying lands. That's the only place for the elves now; for the elves say that they should move on because their home is no longer peaceful with the evil Saruron about. Gabriella got out of the bed and put her morning gown on. She opened her curtains and a glance of light nearly blinded her. She combed her blonde curly hair waiting for someone to knock on the door. Finally Samwise came rushing through the door, without even knocking. Gabriella got up out of her chair and gasped. Samwise had his eyes closed and said, "Am I in the right room, because I've already been in six rooms..." Then he stopped and faced the door, "Pippin I'm fed up with this game!" You could have heard the giggling of the two hobbits outside the door. Gabriella laughed and said, "And what type of game is that my dear sir...?"

"A secret one that only I can tell my sister, if that would be you. Gabriella?" Samwise was not sure if it was she so he began to get really shy and he walked to the door (with his eyes closed). Then he walked into a wall not making it to the door at all. Gabriella laughed again and said, "Yes it is I, so what kind of games do you play with Pippin and by the way Pippin you can come in?" Sam got to his knees and rubbed his head. Then he answered, "Silly ones, weird ones and just plain stupid games, Abby." Pippin came through the door and tripped on Sam's leg. Under Pippin's breathe he said, "HEY..." Then Pippin continued to talk, "Abby can't Merry come in as well...” Gabriella nodded and Merry came in. Sam opened his mouth and thought of something, "Oh...I had forgotten, I heard there is a hobbit that we know around in Rivendell. Pippin and I thought that it would be fun to pass the time away to find that hobbit. We all wished if you come?" Gabriella nodded her head and they were off in search for the hobbits. Then in the middle of the hallway Gabriella paused and said, "Wait if you are talking about Rose and Peony, I know that they had followed us all the way to Weathertop and I know their here... Somewhere?"

"No were not talking about them,” Pippin said. Merry, Pippin and Sam brought Gabriella to a room just like her own and she was told to close her eyes. Sam smiled and said, "Open your eyes, the hobbit that we know has been found...” She opened her eyes and saw Frodo and Bilbo. Bilbo laughed and said," Oh...I know you...” Gabriella grinned and Bilbo continued, "You and those other cute ones...talking of the boys...” Gabriella laughed and came over to hug Bilbo. Bilbo then faced Frodo and said, I have a gift for you." He took a box from underneath his bed and said to Frodo, "Well...open it up then that’s a sword well it's a dagger, just your size." Then Frodo took another thing out of the box. It was a shirt, "That is Mithrel, it is light like a feather, but strong as dragon scales." Frodo said thank you and then they were off. Frodo and all the others except Gabriella went to have second breakfast. Gabriella was now all the way to the hallway, but something blocked her path. She was running so fast that she ran into one the elves and fell to the ground. Still she was okay. The elf smiled in surprise and gave her his hand. The elf said, "Hello, my name is Legolas Greenleaf, and wow...” He paused and Gabriella began to get confused, "Wow, what beautiful necklace you have..."

"Well thank you for noticing, now I really must be going..." Gabriella smiled though she wasn't trying to act rude. Legolas then blocked her way again. He continued, "Can I have it? Wait, I'll give you my most prized possession...” Gabriella took off her wonderful necklace and said," Well what might that be? And what would a boy..." Then she looked at him and noticed how tall he was; though she did not mind. "I mean man or elf would do with a hobbit's necklace? I know what you would do you would give it to your girl, lady, woman...elf...whatever wouldn't you?"

"Well no, because I don't have one, anyway I will trade you that necklace for my hair straighter...” Gabriella nodded and was given the hair straighter for her necklace. Gabriella made her way to the secret garden (the only garden where Elrond goes). She was very curious of such a place like Rivendell that she explored around by herself. She made it all the way to the entrance, but Elrond caught her looking in. Elrond then said, "Only secrets lie behind those gates and it may remain a secret, Gabriella Gamgee. Can I question you for a moment and then I would like to show you something that you would find very interesting?" She nodded her head and followed Elrond. "Let me ask you, why don’t you eat? I mean it is good with your health and the others are worried.”

"I don’t know I mean after that heroic move with Frodo I have just felt different.” Gabriella started to be deep in thought. Elrond looked at her face and he decided that the questions he had could wait for later. Elrond then lead her to a room full of blooming flowers, then he opened a chest. The chest was full with valuable things. Elrond took out a ring though it wasn’t like the one ring that Frodo had found it was still great with power. Elrond told her, “I found this ring in this very room. I have no use for it so I was wondering if you would like to have it. I heard these type of rings have great power, but this ring’s power is yet to be discovered. I think it will come in great use for you and the fellowship. So take great care, but whatever you do, never take the ring off. If you take the ring off, well let’s just say you’re the master of this ring and in the wrong hands, in any hands at that matter, especially Frodo’s, it will come to great despair and great loss. Just don’t tell a soul that you have it, because some people do know what power is in these rings, such as this one. I must be going, here you go!” He gave Gabriella the ring and left her. Gabriella sat on the ground thinking for the longest time, until Aragorn comes and asks what is wrong. Gabriella doesn't answer then Aragorn said, "Well can I join you?" She nodded and looked at how well and proper he had dressed. Then she said, "Thank you...for everything...” Aragorn smiled and then he looked up and saw two elves standing beside them. Aragorn noticed them and said, "Oh...this is Arwen, Elrond's daughter and this is Elex, princess of the garden."

"Hello welcome to Rivendell...” Arwen said, then she elbowed Elex to say something. Elex smiled and said, “Vedui˘ il˘er! (Greetings everyone)” Gabriella opened her mouth to say something but she decided to keep her opinions to herself. Arwen then took Aragorn's hand and said, "Come along we were just about to go inside and have dinner, Elex will you not join us?"

“Amin hiraetha, Amin autien rath! Quel du! (I’m sorry; I’m going to bed! Goodnight.)” Elex then walked away into the sunset. Arwen just glanced at Gabriella and said, "Elex does not know how to speak English, though oddly she can understand it! She sometimes has her translator elf with her, but he was ordered to go somewhere, well come along!" Gabriella looked back at Elex. She was tall like all the other elves. She had long, straight blonde hair and it began to sparkle in the glow of the sunset. Then they all joined the fellowship for the meal. Gabriella walked in with Arwen and Aragorn. She sat in one of the empty seats; there was still one more empty seat. She looked at all the new faces, even though she saw most of them at them at the meeting. She saw Gandalf, Aragorn and Sam, which were the people she knew a lot of. She saw Boromir, Legolas (who she met earlier), Merry, and Gimli, which the people who she hardly spoke to. Then she also saw Pippin, and Arwen, which were the people who she really wanted to know. The only face she did not see was Frodo. Before the meal had started and everyone was talking she went to go find Frodo. For he wasn't there yet and the fellowship was worried. It was getting chilly out so Gabriella decided to get on a warmer dress, which was the only gown that she had left. She went to her room and then when she had shut her door and while she was walking through the dark hallway she saw a shadow. She was not frightened at all, but she was curious. She followed the shadow and when it came in a visible light, she could see who it was. It was three hobbits, two girls and a boy. They were talking about her so she remained hidden. The three hobbits were Frodo, Peony and Rosie. She couldn't believe them, 'They betrayed me' Gabriella thought. She could not bear to hear anymore, she then sent for Gandalf and he came up to Frodo and said, "Are you hungry, you really should eat something?" Frodo nodded his head, for he was not hungry at all. Gabriella did not eat dinner for she was not hungry either. Then she went to sleep.

She woke the next day to find that Sam was waiting right outside the door for her. She had then gotten into her the same dress that she wore last night for that was only fit for the out doors. Then she said to Sam, "Follow me!" Sam followed. Then she found which room Rosie slept in and knocked on the door. Sam, Pippin and Merry followed Gabriella in, and then she began to whisper in Rosie's ear. No one heard what she said though she sounded angry. Then Gabriella pulled Sam by the arm and said to Rosie and Sam, "Sam you like Rosie!" Rosie began to smile, "And Rosie you like Sam your prefect for each other!" Rosie's smile began to fade for Sam did not smile. Then Gabriella, Pippin and Merry found Peony's room and knocked on the door. Peony answered and opened the door. Gabriella then pulled Pippin by the arm and said, "Pippin, Peony likes you!" Then she ran out of the room and Merry began to follow her he asked, "Do you have anyone for me?" She laughed and shook her head. Then the day began to fall to pieces. All of her friends were angry with her and Gabriella was shy to meet the people of the fellowship. Sam most of all was angry with her. She was sitting with Elrond and he was talking to her about the fellowship. Elrond said, “This will be the first and probably the last time that any form of girl, either a hobbit or any type of race joins anything from the council, but you Gabriella are special, you have shown us what you can accomplish. You showed us you can sleep in the outdoors, even with bad weather, and you have been through pain and shadow. You have been wise through your choices and I am proud, for that is why I gave you that ring. For I know you will use the ring for the power to do good and as you can see I haven’t chosen any other companion from the fellowship, no, I have chosen you. You are smaller then any other creature in the council, but you are one of the wisest!” Sam then came to where Elrond and Gabriella sat and said, "Excuse me, but Gabriella may I have a word with you?"

"You may, Elrond this will only take a moment...” Sam took Gabriella's hand as she said this and he pulled her to his bedroom. Sam was silent for he did not talk until he locked his door. Merry, Pippin and Rosie were eavesdropping at the door. Then the fighting began Sam first said, "Why did you tell Rosie, you knew it was a secret. And why on any other day you would choose today to act like Pippin...” You could clearly see that Sam was mad. Gabriella looked up at him and said, "Well because I over heard Peony and Rosie talking to Frodo about me." Rosie began to get angry so she knocked on the door and Merry and Pippin slowly backed away from the door. Sam unlocked the door and it opened. Rosie then said, "We were talking about you, but we said, it would be a good time for Frodo to get to know you, for you are going on this adventure." Gabriella covered her mouth; she did not want to admit that she made a mistake. Rosie continued, "Don't need to say anything, for you just lost my friendship!" Rosie quickly walked away. Gabriella was shocked so she was going to leave to go to her room. Sam was too mad at her to let her leave so he took her by the arm, which hurt her for that is where the Nazgul had stabbed her. She began crying as he pulled her. Sam and Gabriella passed Legolas as they walked to the place Sam wanted to bring her. Legolas followed them for Gabriella was crying and he didn't know why. Sam brought her to Frodo. At this time her arm was bleeding for Sam held to much pressure on her wound and it began to bleed. Gabriella began to get weak for her arm hurt and she no longer fought back to Sam. Sam was going to tell Frodo her secret, but he decided that she had been in too much pain as it was. Sam then threw Gabriella to the ground, Gabriella looked up at Sam as Sam said, "That's a secret, Rosie'll never forget." Sam then walked away still angry with Gabriella. Gabriella was too weak to get up so she wept sitting on the ground before Frodo. Frodo knelt down beside her and said, "Are you hurt, I will go get Strider?" Gabriella nodded her head lying to him, for she was trying to hide her bloody arm. Legolas ran to see what was wrong and he saw Gabriella and Frodo sitting on the ground together. But he did notice her bleeding arm. Legolas then came and said to Gabriella, "Are you hurt, I will go get Elrond?" Gabriella nodded again, lying to Legolas. Then she forced herself to get on her feet. She slowly left Frodo and Legolas to guess what was wrong. She went to her room where she held her arm until it stopped bleeding. The day was almost over for it was in the afternoon. Gabriella was in her room and a knock came upon the door. It was Samwise he came to talk to his sister. Sam walked in and said, “I’m sorry, you had a right to say my secret and I didn’t mean to pull your arm so bad that it would start bleeding. But just to keep on the safe side stay away from sharp things.” Samwise sat on her bed beside her. She was tried not to cry but she could not help it. Gabriella hugged Samwise and Sam did the same. Gabriella then said, “I’m sorry too.” Sam then smiled. Sam put out his hand and Abby took it. Then Sam said, “You don’t have to be sorry, Rosie and I talked it over, we are to wed when I come back, but since you said that the only way we can be even is, well follow me!” Gabriella followed Sam. Sam brought her to Rosie’s room. Gabriella hugged Rosie and said, “Congratulations!” Rosie smiled and she began to talk with Gabriella. For this was not sweet pay back for Sam and Rosie. Sam went off to find Frodo. Sam found Frodo and Sam came up to him and was to tell him of Gabriella’s secret. Sam was first going to tell him of the news and then . . . Sam said, “Frodo did you hear of the great news, me and Rosie are to wed in the spring when we get back.” Frodo was surprised. Frodo then said, “Well speaking of the sort of weddings and love and such, would Gabriella . . .” Frodo could not finish the rest; he was very shy on this type of matter. Sam then sat down beside Frodo. Then Sam said, “Would Gabriella what? Do you like my sister, Frodo be honest?” Frodo nodded his head, yes. Frodo then said, “Yes, but is that some sort of problem?”

“No of course not, but I would never imagine that you would love my sister for she always liked you. Wow! I’ll tell her!”

“No don’t, I’ll tell her myself, but are you sure she likes me?” Frodo smiled. Sam then said, “I’m her brother, all she talks about is you!” Sam left Frodo there for it was time to go to the south with the fellowship. Everyone was there, Aragorn and Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and Samwise and Gabriella Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took; these were the fellowship of the ring. They began their great adventure, but this is not their first adventure, for life itself is an adventure.

Chapter 4(A Journey in the Dark)
They then all began their long journey to Mount Doom. They all had a mission and all one fate. Gandalf leaded the way, following him was Frodo and then Gabriella. For then was Legolas with Gimli. Also Merry and Pippin close after that and then Boromir, who had his eye, fixed on Frodo. Sam was thinking of what mystery Gabriella and Frodo had. Sam pulled his pony, Bill close up behind and there followed Aragorn. Aragorn then watched Boromir, for he did not very like him. Gabriella finally noticed after the longest time that Sam was calling her. So she walked backwards until she came upon him. Samwise began to whisper to Abby, “Frodo likes you!” Though Gabriella could not hear. Aragorn though heard the whole conversation. Frodo had a feeling he was telling Gabriella so he walked over to them both. Frodo then took Gabriella’s arm and said, “So what are you talking of or who, Samwise Gamgee?” Then Sam took Gabriella’s left hand. Frodo pulled her right hand because they were on a hill; Gabriella had trouble keeping her balance. Sam then pulled Gabriella to him and said, “None of your concern Frodo!” Then Frodo pulled Gabriella again, at this moment Sam thought it would be funny if he let go of Abby’s hand for he noticed that she was losing her balance. So Samwise let go and she fell onto Frodo, but Frodo did not expect that Sam would let go. Both Gabriella and Frodo rolled down the hill. If Aragorn was not the last one following along then Frodo and Gabriella would go farther then they did. Frodo felt the hardness of Aragorn’s shoes as Gabriella kept rolling until she bumped into Frodo. At this time Frodo was trying to get up. Gabriella then had gotten to her feet. Frodo then felt his neck, for he could not find the ring. It had fallen onto the ground beside Boromir. For the order had changed because after Gabriella had fallen Samwise ran up to Merry. Boromir picked the necklace and held it in his hand. He scrutinized the ring very closely and said, “Such a little thing that caused so much fear and doubt and you have to bear it all, we are following the orders of a 15 year old what madness the world has come to decide this!” Frodo held out his hand for the ring. When Gabriella got up she looked upon her finger. But her ring was not there. She was on the ground feeling the grass for her ring. Aragorn had his hand on his sword as he said, “Give the ring to Frodo!” Then Sam came over to Gabriella. Gabriella looked very worried for she was not allowed to lose the ring with such great power that Elrond trusted her to keep it safe. Sam said, “Are you okay, Sorry?” Sam giggled and knelt down to her eye level. Gabriella then said, “No, I mean yes, but no, I lost my ring. I mean THE ring you know the one I told you of.” Samwise knew what she spoke of but no one else did. At this time Frodo was given back his ring and he looked upon Sam. Samwise then said, “Well when did you lose it, when you fell right? Look for it quick, for we must be going!” Sam looked up and said, “She lost her ring that Elrond gave to her, it was very dear to her!”

“Well then don’t stare, help her!” Frodo said, kneeling down alongside her. Gabriella was looking through the green grass, but still she could not find it. Gabriella said, “No you can not touch the ring, Elrond told me it would bring great destructive power in the wrong hands. For he also said if you, Frodo had found my ring you would surely die for the power of both that ring and mine would overpower you.” Gabriella scattered across the ground. Finally Gabriella had found the ring. Then she had gotten to her feet and Boromir made a smile at her. She half smiled and looked away. Since everyone had stopped for Frodo and Gabriella’s fall the fellowship began resting. Legolas watched the beyond world, listening for what his elf ears tells him. Gandalf and Gimli were talking. Gimli said, “I think we are taking the long way around, can’t we go through the mines? My cousin, Balin would give you a welcome like no other.”

“I think I know the way around Gimli, but I would only enter the mines if I had to!” Gandalf looked back at Legolas. Legolas then said, “Crebain from Dunland, hide!” They all hid their things as they all hovered over under a rock. Peony held her breath as she held Gabriella’s hand. Without noticing Gabriella took Frodo’s hand. He said nothing by it. Sam saw that and made a smile. Still that did not keep the birds from coming. The time they all passed Peony was turning purple. Finally they began their mission again without having their lunch Merry and Pippin were dragging along.

Gandalf spoke thinking that they were words of wisdom, “Spies of Sarumon. The passage south is being watched. We must take the pass of Caradhras.” Everyone looked at the snowy mountain up ahead. They silently hurried to the mountains. They walked for miles everyone dragging along. No one knew how many hours had passed, but the sun still shined as they walked through piles of snow. Legolas heard whispers in the wind full air, “So, Gandalf, you tried to lead them over Caradhras. And if that fails, where then will you go?” Everyone dragged through the snow except Legolas, Elex and Figwit. They listened to the silent whispers in the air, “If the mountain defeats you will you risk a more dangerous road?” Aragorn held most of the hobbits. As the voice got louder Legolas said, “There is a fell voice on the air.” Now at that moment everyone could hear the voice as Gandalf screamed, “It’s Sarumon!” They all looked up to see piles of snow. Everyone was quiet as they made it to the wall that covered the edge. Aragorn yelled, “He’s trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf, we must turn back!” Gandalf refused to turn back as they all tried to move and shiver to get higher over the mountain. They held each other all the hobbits and all the elves and men, and everyone else tried to stay calm as the snow fell. The snow fell more and it covered all of them. Few moments passed and still no sign of life. Sarumon laughed in the air. As Legolas and Elex found their way out of the cold snow. Figwit followed along and watched Gimli spit all the snow from his mouth to the pile of snow that covered his body. Gandalf found his way after that. Frodo with Aragorn and Boromir closely after that, Frodo grabbed piles of snow as Gabriella and Samwise and Peony were found choking. Boromir yelled, “We must get off the mountain. Make Gap of Rohan, and take the west road to my city!” Aragorn yelled beck thinking of Frodo’s safety. “The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard!” Gimli snorted a laugh as he spoke of his home. “We cannot pass over the mountain. Let us go under it. Let us go through the Mines of Moria.” Gandalf thought of Sarumon’s words. ‘Moria. You fear to go into those mines. The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum: Shadow and Flame!’ Gandalf knew of this power that was in the deep of their mines. So he knew he would bring them all to their doom. “Let the Ring bearer decide.” Frodo shivered, as he looked at all the chilly hobbits, their faces almost blue. Gandalf looked at Frodo as Frodo wisely chose, “We will go through the mines.” Shivering again Gandalf looked away and whispered a curse of his own language and spoke. “So be it!” They walked off the mountains and into a swamp like area of rocks and only villainy creatures of the deep dark path of the deep dark mines. Gimli whispered in his own tongue, “The walls of Moria.” As they walked further to a disappeared wall of stone. Gandalf rubbed his hands on the wall that covered the entrance, “Well, let’s see.” He looked at the markings of the wall. He read the language on the door, “Ithildin. It mirrors only starlight and moonlight.” They looked at the shaded moon as the door that was covered began to shine. Gimli smiled of amazement. “It reads, “The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter.”

“What do you suppose that means?” Merry said thinking really hard. Gandalf thought that it would be wise words so, “Well, it’s simple. If you are a friend, you speak the password and the doors will open.” He spoke some mumbling words and put his staff to the door. He waited a moment and nothing happened. Gandalf tried to move the door open but still it did not work. Frodo kept thinking of what it might be. Hours went by but still nothing. Everyone was getting bored so Merry and Pippin began playing some sort of rock game. Whoever throws the rock into the swamp the farthest wins. They both threw two rocks and as Pippin was trying to pose for his next throw Aragorn grabbed his hand and said, “Do not disturb the water.” Gandalf gave up; it has finally been told that Gandalf didn’t know everything. Pippin, Merry, Peony and Gabriella all looked at the water. The water made movement. Frodo looked at the door one more time, “It’s a riddle.” The water moved again as Pippin hugged Merry in fright. “It said, “Speak “friend” and enter.” What’s the elvish word for “friend”?” Gandalf answered thinking that Frodo had gotten the word they needed. “Mellon.” The door opened as everyone smiled. Gandalf lit his staff with one of the seeing stones. Gimli jumped for joy as he said to Elex, “Soon, Master Elf, you will enjoy the fabled hospitality of the Dwarves. Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone! This, my friend, is the home of my cousin Balin. And they call it a mine, a mine!” He chuckled as Elex nodded her head. Boromir looked around and saw things, “This is no mine. It’s a tomb.” Samwise kept walking following Gandalf as he stepped in something that pierced his foot. He looked down and Gabriella did the same. Peony looked down and yelled, “I don’t like dead people.” Pippin looked down also. “Well you think that is odd sometimes I don’t even like alive people!” Gimli looked at the dead skeletal figures trying to recognize anyone. Figwit looked at the stuck arrows in the skeleton body, “Goblins.” They all took out their weapons as they moved closer together. Boromir made an evil snare as he spoke to Aragorn, “We make for the Gap of Rohan. We should never have come here. Now, get out of here. Get out!” The last people to come in the mine were Peony, Gabriella, Frodo and Sam. Silently a creature from the dark water, curpt to the door, Gabriella held Frodo’s hand and said to the fellowship, “No! Stay Here!” The more she went with her sentence the more she began to scream each word. She could fell numb as Frodo was dragged along with her. Elex and Legolas began to shoot arrows at the eight-legged creature. Gabriella was choking for breath. The ring that Gabriella held fell into the water. She yelled as loud as she could, “Hang on, Frodo!” Frodo nodded as he looked down at the creature’s mouth. Then the creature took Frodo by the leg. Gabriella didn’t let go of Frodo’s hand as the strength overpowered the creature and Gabriella was let go of the neck. Everyone was trying to take the creature down. Frodo spoke loudly, “Let go, let go!” Gabriella looked at the teeth below, “No!”

“Trust me! Let go!” Frodo smiled and she let go. She went falling through the air as she yelled. She was finally on the ground. Aragorn helped her up as Frodo let go. As soon as Gabriella stood up she fell back down. Frodo fell on top of her. They both helped them get up as they all hurried in the mine. The rocks of the entrance blocked the way out. Gandalf breathed heavily, “We now have but one choice. We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things that orcs in the deep places of the world. Quietly, now. It’s a four-day journey to the other side. Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.” They walked and walked some more. Gandalf smelt the air as it got colder and colder. He looked at the walls and the floors and said, “I have no memory of this place!”

All of the fellowship sat down waiting for Gandalf to think of something. Merry sat by Pippin and Gabriella sat by Peony. Pippin and Peony said the same thing to Merry and Gabriella, “Are we lost?”

“No!” Gabriella and Merry said at the same time. Pippin and Peony said, “I think we are.” Gabriella and Merry, both pointed at Gandalf, “Shhh… Gandalf’s thinking.”

Pippin said, “Merry?”
Peony said, “Gabriella?”
Merry and Gabriella both said, “What?”
Peony and Pippin said, “I’m hungry!” They both didn’t answer as Frodo looked at the figure watching them. Frodo exclaimed, “There’s something down there.”

“It’s Gollum.” Gandalf made a face of looking at Gollum. He then looked at Frodo. Frodo said, “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.”

“So do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” Gandalf said, as he smelt the air again. “There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. In which case, you also were meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.” He smelt the air again and said, ‘It’s that way.” Merry spoke, “He’s remembered.”

“No. But the air doesn’t smell so foul down here. If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose.” They walked on as Gandalf led the way. They went through door after door and finally, “Let me risk a little more light.” He tapped his staff and it blinded Sam as he said, “Well that’s an eye opener and no mistake.” Gandalf walked a little further and spoke loudly, “Behold, the great realm and Dwarf-city of Darrowdelf.” They walked further as Gimli spotted something. Gandalf called, “Gimli!” He kept on running to a room. In the middle it had a blinding light as he looked around for his cousin. The fellowship followed close behind. Gimli yelled, “No, no!” He knelt down as he looked at the light. Under the light that came outside was a tomb. It read some words in Dwarfish. Gandalf said, “Here lies Balin son of Fundin Lord of Moria. He is dead then.” He took off his hat as he silently sang a lament in his head. “It’s as I feared.” He looked around the room in hopes of something to find of what he died from. Gandalf looked at skeletons as he came across one that was holding some form of journal. He gave his hat and staff to Pippin as he picked up the book. He dusted it off and began to read the words in English. Legolas feared the mine and said, “We should not be here, we should not linger.” Gandalf read and skipped through pages as he looked at one page that he read aloud, “They have taken the bridge and the second hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes, drums, drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A Shadow moves in the dark. We can not get out, they are coming.” Gandalf looked at all the feared faces as he read the writing as it led to a line of ink through the page. Pippin and Peony were playing along as they pretended to dance; pippin moved the staff closer to the well. He then hit the skeleton that lay beside the well. The head fell off and fell down the deep well. Pippin turned around to see Gandalf’s evil glare as Peony and Pippin began to fear his stern face. Gandalf closed the book as he threw it to the ground. “Fool of a Took and Underhill, throw yourself in next time and rid us from your stupidity!” They all let out a gasp of air as they heard it.

Drums, drums, drums from the deep. Sam looked at Frodo as he said, “Frodo!” Frodo looked at his blue glowing sword. Legolas heard noises of screams as he yelled, “Orcs!” Boromir was the first to bar the door that led the entrance. He looked outside the door as arrows hit the door. “They have a cave troll!” They all moved back away from the door. As they waited with their weapons in hand. Gimli got on top of the stone of Balin and said, “Let them come! There is one Dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath.” He held his ax as he made an ugly face. Legolas pointed his arrow at the door. Aragorn was ready to fit. The hobbits held their swords in fright. Figwit did the same is Legolas. Elex held a staff with a pointed end. Boromir was not a bit frightened. As the door opened Legolas shoot arrows. He heard screams of orcs fall. Gabriella whispered in Peony’s ear, “We can’t get out, they are coming!” Peony gulped as the door broke a little more. All the hobbits were behind Gandalf as they held their breath. Then the orcs charged in. Everyone began to charge and the fight began. Then as the orcs fell to the ground they could hear the shaking of the footsteps of what they feared the most. It got louder and louder as the sound finally fainted and there you saw it. It came charging through the broken door. The cave troll stomped on the orcs trying to find his enemy. It had a weapon of some kind as he screamed as loud as the Nazgul. Legolas shot arrows at the creature as it screamed even more. The cave troll found it most easy to go after the small ones so he chose Samwise. Sam was killing orcs left and right as he mumbled, “I think I’m getting the hang of this.” Then the troll came right up behind him and put his weapon in the air. Gabriella yelled, “Sam, Look Out!” Gabriella watched Sam as he ran out of the way. The cave troll hit the ground. All the hobbits except Gabriella and Sam were hiding in a corner. Both of them began to hit the troll. The rest of the Fellowship was still fighting orcs. Gimli jumped of the tomb as the troll hit it. When the troll smashed the tomb he opened it up. Gimli looked inside and there was a skeleton and riches of every kind. Gimli looked at it and threw the sharp jewel at the troll’s head. Then the troll began to get dizzy. He looked at Frodo and stabbed him in the chest. Peony yelled, “Strider!” Gabriella looked at Frodo and a tear escaped from her eye. Then Figwit and Legolas shot three arrows at the same time and the war was over. They all rushed to Frodo. The figure on the ground did not move as Aragorn picked him up. Frodo looked dead to everyone, as he felt cold. Gimli, Legolas, and Gandalf gave up. Gabriella began to weep as she took the body of Frodo and shortly kissed him on the lips. Gabriella and everyone looked away as Frodo choked. Gimli said, ‘This can not be!” Frodo unbuttoned his shirt and showed everyone the Mithrel. Gabriella quickly wiped away her tears. She looked at him and smiled. Frodo whispered in her ear, “Do you know that you are a very good kisser?” Gabriella and Frodo giggled as they heard noises of goblins. They ran out into the great hall. Trying to out them they ran through the hall but they could not. Gandalf said to the fellowship, “To the bridge of Khazad-Dûm.”

The goblins ran towards and surrounded them. They all stood in fright. Then they all heard a sound from the deep. They looked at one of the doors and a light shown behind it. Of orange and red as it made roaring sounds. The goblins fled as Gimli laughed of his good luck. They stood there for a moment, as they were ready to charge. “What is this new devilry?” Boromir asked as everyone was thinking it. Gandalf thought of the creature as he heard louder sounds. The creature knew they arrived. “A Balrog. A demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!” They ran the other way as the sound got larger and louder. They dared not to look back at the firelight that shown in the entrance. They ran as quickly as they could, but that still could stop them from falling in the great abyss. The stairway was broken in their path. Gandalf then looked at Aragorn, “Lead them on, Aragorn. The bridge is near. Do as I say! Swords are no more use here.” They stared at the bridge for a moment not too far away. Aragorn nodded as Legolas and Figwit has already made it to the other side. Legolas yelled, “Elex jump, you can make it!” Gandalf jumped across trying to prove a point to Elex. Goblins stared at them as they shot arrows at them. All of them had bad aim but still that frightened Elex not to jump. Boromir yelled, “Merry, Pippin!” He grabbed them as they jumped to the other side. The stair broke as Elex fell with the broken steps. Legolas yelled. Elex thought in her mind, ‘The only thing an elf can die from is in battle or from a broken heart. I’m going to die. Legolas is going to break my heart by letting me fall. I think this is some sort of battle.’ She let go. Aragorn pulled her up as she jumped. Legolas caught her as she made it to the other side. Gabriella and Peony took a few steps back. They whispered to each other, “This is for Pippin. This is for Frodo!” They yelled as they held each other’s hands. They held on tight, “And this is for the Shire!” They ran together hand in hand as they flew to the other side. Gimli, Aragorn and Frodo were the only one left on the other side. They all heard the sound of the creature. It began to get louder and louder. Aragorn tossed Sam as he jumped. “Nobody tosses a dwarf!” Gimli said as he jumped himself. He began to fall of the great distance, but Legolas held onto his beard. Then he was safe. Then the stair began to sway back and forth. Frodo and Aragorn jumped to the other side and they were all over. Then they made it to the bridge. Aragorn led the way, as the Balrog was too close behind. “Over the bridge!” Gandalf said. Everyone went over to the other side except the wizard. The Balrog was large and a body made of fire. Everyone watched Gandalf as he fought the Balrog. He stood in the middle of the bridge. He yelled, ”You can not Pass!”

“Gandalf!” Frodo screamed out to him as he watched. “I’m a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn!” Everyone in the fellowship cared for Gandalf, but most of all the hobbits. “Go back to the Shadow. Of where you have come!” Gandalf said trying to act powerful. Then from the weight of the Balrog it was making the bridge fall. The bridge fell as the Balrog fell. Then Gandalf turned to the fellowship. The Balrog took it’s firing tail and slapped it against Gandalf’s foot. Boromir looked at Frodo and Gabriella, “No! No!” Frodo and Gabriella moved through the fellowship trying to get themselves to the bridge. They both yelled as Boromir picked them up, “Gandalf!” They started to cry as they tried to fight back at Boromir. Elex put her arms around Legolas as she looked away. Gandalf fell, he yelled as he fell, “Fly, you fools!”

The light of Mithrandir went out. “No!” Frodo screamed as Boromir held them both back. Peony’s tears fell down her cheek. Sam silently made a cry of sadness. Aragorn tried to stay strong among the fellowship showing none of his feelings. Gabriella hid her eyes and began to hug Sam. Her tears ran down her face as she looked away. Legolas looked and began to cry as he closed his eyes to hide his tears. Aragorn pushed the fellowship to keep up. They all had gotten outside, but all of the halflings needed to be carried. For they did not want to leave in hopes that Gandalf might come. But he never did. As soon as they reached outside the hobbits collapsed, for they had such weakness from Gandalf’s parting. Merry and Pippin wept sitting side by side. Legolas tried to hide his tears. Gimli held his cheeks as water came out of his eyes. Aragorn took out his sword as he sharpened it. Still he showed no feelings for Gandalf, then he said, “We must be off!”

“Give them a moment for pity sake!” Boromir said as he turned away again. Then Aragorn put away his sword and looked around for Frodo. He called for him as he walked up and down the rocks. When he kept calling, Frodo looked up. He had red in his eyes and wet cheeks. Frodo was trying to get away. Aragorn then looked back at Boromir, “By nightfall this place will be swarming with orcs. We must make it to the forest, come. Gimli, Legolas, Elex get them up!” Aragorn went over to Frodo and said, “Be strong!” Boromir took Sam’s hands and him to his feet. Sam then brought Gabriella up as they looked at each other. Gabriella wiped away her tears as Sam did the same. Merry, Pippin and Peony were on their feet as they followed Aragorn to the Forest. The fellowship was walking again. They walked again for miles and miles until they came to a forest of trees.

Chapter 5(Witches, Orcs and Friends)
The Forest of Lothlórien they all called it. Lothlórien was the home of the Lady of the Wood and the home of the Princess of the Wood, Lady Elexia. Lady Elexia is also named Elex for short. Gimli and Frodo began to talk of the Wood as the approached it. “Stay close, young hobbits! They say that a great sorceress lives in these woods.” Elex came up behind them both and whispered something. “Two great sorceress lives in this wood.” Gimli ignored her. He continued, “An Elf-witch of terrible power. All who look upon her fall under her spell. Gimli heard voices in his head. ‘Stop talking about my mother and me! We are not witches, just because we have powers.’ Gimli looked at Elex and made a confused face. Then Frodo heard voices other then his in his mind, ‘Frodo!’ It echoed in his thoughts, ‘Your coming to us is as the footsteps of doom. You bring great evil here, Ring-bearer.’ Samwise touched Frodo’s shoulder and made him feel welcome. Gimli continued, “Well, here’s one Dwarf she won’t ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox.” Then suddenly an arrow was put to his head. Frodo and everyone else stopped. Everyone had arrows put to their heads except Figwit and Elex. The leader of the elves of warriors, Haldir spoke, “The Dwarf breaths so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.” Haldir looked at Aragorn then at Elex. He spoke again, “Princess Elexia, we welcome you to your home.” Everyone questioned what he had said. Pippin said, “Princess and her home. Wow, Am I the only one who has missed something.”

“Is this how to greet your visitors and your Princess, lower your weapons at once!” All the elves lowered their weapons and knelt down. Figwit whispered in her ear, “What are you doing, speaking in English? What will the Lady think?”

“Sir Haldir, we come here for help. We need your protection.”

“Aragorn, these woods are perilous. We should go back.” Gimli breathed. Fearing the sounds of Elex’s voice. “You have entered the realm of my mother, the Lady of the Wood. You cannot go back!” Elex said with great power. Haldir led the way to the Lady of the Wood. He had said to all of them, “Come now, She is waiting.” They have followed him for two long hours passing wonders of the wood. Then they saw her. A great light was upon her as she took her husband’s hand; Celeborn and he guided her out of the blinding light. Celeborn spoke, “Twelve there are here, yet thirteen there were set out from Rivendell. Tell me, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to speak with him.” Everyone looked depressed as Elex spoke to her mother inside her head and then the Lady spoke it aloud, ‘He has fallen into Shadow. The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail,’ Elex was reading everyone’s thoughts as she told them to her mother. ‘To the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.’ Elex bowed her head and her mother looked at the sky. She continued, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Go now and rest for you are weary with sorrow and much toil. Tonight you will sleep…” She did not finish her sentence as she talked to Frodo inside his head. ‘Welcome, Frodo of the Shire one who has seen the eye!’ Then they all left except Figwit and Elex. Her mother, Galadriel had to have a word with her daughter. Galadriel spoke, “You are dismissed, Figwit go and accompany the fellowship. Now Elexia I told you not to go, you go and you have been hiding from me ever since. Your name is Lady Elex, you are a disgrace and then you hid from your brother too. Elexia I know you don’t want to become the Lady when I’m gone but you are my heir…”

“Mother! Please understand!” Elex spoke rather quickly, “I have learned something. I now want to become the Lady and I’m sorry that I disgraced the entire family. But I fell in love and learned that Figwit is really bad when it comes to battles and I learned how to battle and, and I’m sorry.” Elex bowed to her mother. Her mother looked shocked. Galadriel said, “Wait what did you say?”

“Figwit is really bad when it comes to battles?”

“No before that!”

“I fell in love?”

“That’s the one, with whom?” Galadriel seemed excited. “Well his name is Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood.” Her stomach began to hurt as she said this. Galadriel laughed as she spoke, “Congratulations, you are dismissed!”

Elexia went to her bedchambers to change. Down by where the fellowship was going to be sleeping, Legolas tried to find Elex. Then night finally came and everyone was off to bed. The snoring of the hobbits kept Legolas. Elex had never showed and Legolas was worried. When silent footsteps went by slowly he looked at who it might be. It happened to be Galadriel and Elexia. Legolas watched Elex go by a waterfall and when Galadriel left he was free to get up and go by Elex. It was still dark out. Elex could not sleep. Her stomach hurt as she took every step in the moonlit path. She had found a waterfall by the fellowship’s sleeping area, when she was a kid she use to go there and think, but now she only tries to fall asleep. Elexia’s gown began to sparkle in the midnight sky. She watched the silent waterfall as the hours past. Then as she relaxed on a swaying chair of a person came up behind her. He took his smooth hands and covered her glowing eyes. He spoke, “Who is it?” Elex smiled. She said, “Ehhh… is it Frodo?” She tried to be silly, as she knew it was Legolas. Legolas uncovered her eyes and laughed as he sat down beside her. He said, “Frodo probably could not reach to cover your eyes, for he is a hobbit!” They both giggled as they watched the waterfall together. Elex held her stomach for it hurt her very much. She just thought it was a stomachache so she paid no attention to it. Legolas then glanced at her; he knelt down to the green grass. Legolas then said, “I love you! As I look at this waterfall I think of you! For you are so graceful and no matter how our journey gets hopeless you will always give me hope!” Elex held her stomach as it hurt even more. She smiled as Legolas took her hand. Legolas continued, “Elexia Wood, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Elex did not even think of what to say. Her stomach hurt with laughter and joy. She said, “Yes, I will do you the honor of becoming your wife, Legolas Greenleaf!” They both laughed Legolas put on the sparkling ring.

Frodo was awoken by the sound of them giggling. He then saw the Lady walking past so he decided to follow her. She walked down the steps to a mirror and a fountain. Frodo looked into her eyes as she noticed him. She took a jar and took water from the fountain. She poured it into the mirror and said, “Will you look into the mirror?”

“What will I see?”

“Even the wisest cannot tell for the mirror shows many things, things that were, things that are and some things that have not yet come to pass.” Frodo looked at the shining mirror and saw things. In the mirror he saw pictures. He saw the fellowship screaming. They were chained and following fires of orcs. Samwise and Gabriella were crying. Elex and Legolas were dying hand in hand. He heard a baby’s cry and Gabriella screaming. The burning of hobbit holes and hobbits screaming for their lives. Then he saw it the Eye. The Eye of Sarumon as it looked upon him. Frodo pulled away as he gasped. He had tears in his eyes as he heard Galadriel speak inside his head, ‘I know what it is you saw for it is also in my mind it is what will come to pass if you should fail. The fellowship is breaking it has already began he will try to take the ring you know of whom I speak, one by one it will destroy them all!’

Frodo talked to her in her mind, ‘If you ask it of me, I will give you the one ring.’ Galadriel thought of this for a moment as he held the Ring in his hand. “You offer it to me freely? I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this. In place of a Dark Lord you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger then the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair! I passed the test I will diminish and go into the west and remain Galadriel.”

“I cannot do this alone.”

“You are a ring bearer Frodo, to bear a ring a power is to be alone, this task was appointed to you if you do not find a way no one will.”

“I know what I must do, I’m just afraid to do it!”

“Even the smallest person can change the coarse of the future.” Soon it was almost morning. The elves gave them a dull farewell and they were off again on the travels. The elves gave them gifts. Galadriel asked everyone one single question, “What would you like to have?” Or, “I will give you this!” The fellowship formed a line and Frodo was first. “I will give you the light of Edendin may it be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out!” Gabriella smiled and she was given a scroll of some kind. She looked at it and she asked Elex, “How do you read it, it’s all in Elvish?”
Elexia read a few lines and said, “It is a guide to the future, one of a kind it is. It changes when you are not looking as to if you go that way it will do that. I’ll teach you to read it or we could change it in to the common tongue. Here!” Gabriella smiled. Merry was next in line. “What would you like?”

“Food!” Merry and Pippin and Peony all said at the same time. So each and every fellowship member had gotten food. Sam was after that. Galadriel had given him an elvish rope. Galadriel asked, “And what would you like, Gimli?”

“Only to look upon the Lady of the Wood one last time!” Gimli said with a smile. Galadriel smiled and soon hours past and they were given boats to travel by water. They left the forest and began their hopeless journey of the path of the great river. After a lot of rowing they found a clearing, Parth Galen. As they soon got the boats tied to a tree trunk with Sam’s rope, Frodo and Boromir went missing.

Frodo looked at his surroundings. Trees, trees and more trees, he was thinking of what Galadriel said. Frodo looked up at the gray sky as he heard a voice behind. “No one should wonder alone, especially you, since everything depends on you. Frodo?” Frodo looked at him. Boromir looked at Frodo in question. Boromir continued, “You suffer, I see it day by day. Frodo you are weary, I see that in your eyes. You don’t eat or sleep. And Gabriella, I see that too. You have a weakness, Frodo. There is another way, give it to me, give it to me!” Frodo started to move away; he clutched the ring to his chest. Boromir came and ran among him. “I’m only doing this for the protection of my people, to help them! All I need is that ring.” Frodo started to walk backwards. Boromir followed him. Frodo tripped as Boromir knelt down and tried to take the ring. Frodo screamed, “No! There is no other way!” Gabriella heard this and came up by where they were. Gabriella took out her dagger. “Get your hands off him!” Boromir looked at her as Gabriella held her sword to his neck. He let go of Frodo as Frodo disappeared in the dead of the woods. “Run Frodo, and if you follow him I’ll cut your throat!” Boromir looked at her and smiled. “Well I here you have a ring too. Give it to me!”

“I don’t have it anymore!” She moved back and walked backwards until she hit a tree. She tripped and had dropped her sword. Boromir said, “I doubt that!”

“Sam!” Gabriella yelled as she looked at Boromir in fright. She was going to call again but Boromir took a thick stick from the ground and smacked her on the head. She fell onto the ground. “Sam.” She whispered to her own silent world as she fell unconscious. At that time the whole fellowship was looking for Frodo and Gabriella. Boromir looked at the innocent face and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Frodo heard this as he came face to face with Aragorn. Aragorn spoke loudly, “Frodo! Frodo? Where is the ring?” Frodo looked at him and held out the ring to him. Aragorn looked at him as Frodo asked, “Would you go with me to the end?”

“Frodo, I have sworn to protect you!”

“Can you protect me from yourself?” Frodo said as he had tears in his eyes. Aragorn thought for a bit as Frodo put the ring in veil for Aragorn to see. Aragorn took his hand and put it over Frodo’s. “I would have gone with you to the end, to the evil depths of Mordor.” Aragorn put his other hand under Frodo’s hand and he closed Frodo’s hand. Frodo nodded and said, “I know!” Then he heard screaming, but not of any human. Frodo looked at his sword and Aragorn yelled, “Go, Frodo! Run!” Then Frodo ran.

Aragorn was killing the orcs as Gimli, and Legolas showed themselves and killed the ones that crossed their path. Still they heard the horn of Gondor, a distress call from Boromir. As the orcs invaded the land Gabriella never woke up. Gabriella was taken though by one of the orcs. Frodo kept on running trying to hide from the orcs. Sam was still looking for them as he ran down to the boats also. Boromir kept calling the horn. Then as they carried Gabriella away Elex threw a spear at the Orc. He died shortly after as Elex carried Gabriella to the boats.

Frodo hid behind a tree, as he looked at all the orcs passing them. Merry and Pippin hid in the bush right after that as they whispered, “Frodo! Hide with us!” Frodo shock his head. Pippin looked at Merry and asked, “Where is he going?” Merry looked at Frodo and then back at Pippin. “He’s leaving!” Pippin whispered to himself as he gotten out of the bush to stop Frodo. “No!” The orcs heard him as Merry followed him. Frodo ran faster as Merry and Pippin both called, “Hey! You look like my Grandma! Follow us!” The orcs began to follow Merry and Pippin.

Then as Frodo made it to the boats he saw her. Gabriella was out cold as Frodo knelt down beside her. He didn’t know what to do and he did not want to make things worse so he let her sleep. Frodo knelt there with an uncertain look on is face. He had the ring in his hands and tears came running down his cold face. The wind blew his hair back and made it unkempt. He did not move at all for the thought of Gandalf came to his mind. ‘So do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide, all you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.’ He closed his eyes slightly as he heard the cry of Sam. He put away the ring as quickly as he could. He looked at a glance of Gabriella as she began to cough. He splashed the cold water on his face to cover up his tears. Then he started to pull the boat as he reached for the paddles. Sam cried Frodo’s name, but Frodo did not listen. He already had gotten into the boat as Sam came and found him. Gabriella woke up as she stood in confusion of what is happening. Sam called to Frodo from the shore as he went in the water. Gabriella called from the shore as she stood in fright, “Sam you cannot swim!” Frodo said the same thing as Gabriella went and followed Samwise. Sam did not listen of Gabriella’s pity words. Gabriella took his hand and tried to jump out of the water to keep her afloat. Before she was able to yell anything to Sam, the rope of Frodo’s boat pulled her under as Frodo moved along across the water. Frodo stopped as he looked back at them. He screamed as tears rolled down his face. Samwise tried to look for Abby in the dark water. Sam started drowning as he went under. Frodo moved the boat to where they were both hidden. He knew he would drown if he jumped in. Frodo took his hands and felt the water. Then he felt a rough piece of metal and figured it was Sam’s pots and his pans. Frodo pulled Sam up. Then on Sam’s foot was Gabriella as she and Sam gasped for air. Then Sam spoke as they got in the boat. “I made a promise, Mr. Frodo, a promise, “Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee!” and I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to!”

“Oh… Sam!” Frodo said as he hugged them both. They all cried as they made it to the other side of the shore.

On the west shore the war was still at play. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas were trying to make their way down to help Boromir.

Legolas went to go find Elexia. They found her with Figwit. She was lying on the ground. Figwit was killing the rest of the orcs. Legolas came over to her and spoke in fright, “What had happened?” There was blood running down her cheek as Figwit came over. Figwit said, “She fainted!” Legolas looked very confused. “Why? Does this happen often?” Figwit looked at Elex as she shook her head. Figwit spoke again, “There is only one conclusion to that,” he sighed and continued, “She pregnant!” Elex and Legolas were both shocked. “What?” they both said in confusion. “Galadriel told me!”

Gimli went to help Peony. She was nowhere to be found. He looked everywhere, but in the end all he found was her locket that she wore around her neck.

Aragorn fought his way to Boromir, but he came too late. Boromir was on the ground trying to recover his strength, but he knew he would not make it. He had three arrows in his chest as he tried to stare at Aragorn. “They took the little ones, Peony, Merry and Pip…”

“Shhh…” Aragorn said as he sat down beside Boromir’s shaken body. Then he said it, only knowing the answer. “Where are Frodo and Gabriella?”

“I let Frodo go! I don’t have a notion where she might be!” Aragorn got worried, but knew Boromir was to rest. “Then you did what I could not. I tried to take their rings. I had failed them both. I hit Gabriella and choked Frodo!” Boromir said as he tried to listen to Aragorn. “But Gabriella doesn’t have her ring anymore, never mind! The fate of the ring is not in our hands any longer.” Aragorn took Boromir’s sword and put it in his weak hands as Boromir held it to his chest. Boromir closed his eyes and died. Then alone Aragorn put Boromir in a boat and threw it down the river, where his city led.

Finally Legolas, Figwit, Elexia, Aragorn and Gimli rejoined and they all knew the fate of the ring is not with them anymore. They knew that Gabriella went with Frodo and Sam. They knew that they were not just going to let their friends suffer in the hands of orcs. “Let’s go hunt some Orc!” they all said as they watched the others get to the other shore.

Hours went past and Sam, Frodo and Gabriella made it up to the top of the forest’s hill. They looked far as they saw the firing depths of Mordor. Gabriella shook her head, “I hope the others find a safer road!”

“I don’t think we will ever see them again!” Frodo said, sounding hopeless. Sam looked at him and said, “We may, yet!”

Frodo looked at both of them as Gabriella and Sam made a smile. “I’m glad you’re with me, Samwise and Gabriella Gamgee!”

“We are too!” they both said with another smile. Then that began their journey alone to the depths of Mordor.
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