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Black Water


“My son, where do you think you are going? Evil patrols our borders at night time” Thranduil stood on his bedroom balcony, his youngest son Legolas was attempting to sneak out of the palace gates. Legolas did not look up at his father but into the sky, he held his signature silver bow,

“Ada tis great hunting time, please let me go I shall be back before supper” Legolas’s voice sounded pleadingly and Thranduil nodded and said,

“Please be careful my son and be weary” He watched as his prince ran out of the city and into the murky forest.

The darkness swallowed him and he no longer saw his blond hair in the tangles of the trees. Ever since Thranduil’s wife, Yavanna II had died nearly ten thousand years ago Legolas had never been the same.
He was always deep within his thoughts and it was as if he never surfaced. His other sons, Melrue and Dalen had recovered and had become cheerful again.

But his little Greenleaf never came back; Melrue was the oldest and next in line for the throne when his father left.

Dalen was second oldest although there was a large age gap between him and Legolas, but he and Melrue were close.

Although there was a ten thousand year age gap between Legolas and Melrue, Legolas was always Melrue’s favourite.

Legolas was a mortal’s age of an adolescent sixteen and Dalen, twenty one and Melrue twenty six.

Melrue stood on the balcony behind his father then said breaking the silence,

“Ada why did you let him go?
Can you not send Dalen or me after him?” Thranduil turned to his eldest and said,

“Yes you are right, I need you here so swiftly get Dalen to go after him now” Melrue nodded and rushed to tell Dalen. Thranduil stood there still and thought,

“Why did you let him go?”, “I let him go, my little Greenleaf and I could have saved him from all of the grief”

He watched again as his second prince rushed quickly out into the darkness, then Dalen’s dark hair was also lost in the dark.

Dalen soon caught up with his little brother, his blonde hair was easily seen and Dalen watched him ever so carefully.

Legolas was crouching by a bush, the moonlight filtered in and Legolas’s senses were heightened in the dark of the night.

Sweeping of wings could be heard and the moon was covered by a darkening creature in flight above Legolas. A look of pure terror crossed both Dalen’s and Legolas’s faces. Dalen rushed out of the bushes and ran to his brother but a small dart hit him in the shoulder.

Legolas, terrified ran for his brother but the black creature swooped down and his rider pulled a black cord over his head. Then Legolas saw nothing and Dalen looked up and saw the creature and his rider flying away, away with his little brother.

Loud footsteps could be heard running up the corridors of the palace, Thranduil and Melrue rushed out of the meeting chambers and looked out the door. Dalen fell to their feet and cried, blood and sweat covered,

“Ada! Melrue! It took him! This thing took him, he is gone I lost him! I lost Legolas!” Panic overcame the two and Thranduil fell to his knees and shouted,
“Where did it take him? Where Dalen? You have to tell me!” Dalen was crying and said in pain,

“The thing…….the thing took him in the direction of Rhun!” Then he passed out and the guards took him to the healing ward. Melrue was pale and he helped his father to his feet and a shrill cry shook the city, “Nazgŭl!”

The two stood in the dimly lit corridor and listened the deathly chilled voice say, in a loud whisper over the city,

“The black water of Rhun is what your little princeling will endure if you do not give up your kingdom, Thranduil of Eryn Lasgaen!”
The sweeping black wings of the creature shadowed the palace then flew away. The guards stood terrified looking at their King and Prince in question,

“Will he give it up for his youngest son?”


The plans and parchments were rolled across the long wooden table and the King surveyed them.

He pointed on the maps to his lieutenants and counsellors. Dalen sat in a chair looking miserable, bandages covering the wound from the arrow. .
Melrue leaned on his arm and sighed deeply and broke through the mutterings of the group,

“Father, let me ride out to the Sea of Rhun maybe we can negotiate?”

Thranduil turned to his eldest and shook his head sternly then narrowed his eyes and answered,

“Do you really think that they will negotiate for Greenleaf’s life? I think no so if your not going to say anything intelligent then don’t talk at all”
He snapped and resumed his talkings with the guards and cousellors.

But he looked up and saw the sting of hurt in Melrue’s eyes then rushed after him,

“Forgive me Melrue, I should not have been so quick, you are intelligent but I am just thinking of what they could be doing to him at this moment”

Thranduil went into a train of thought then nodded his head slowly and reached his arms out and embraced his son.

“Ada I just want Greenleaf safe in our arms again” Melrue said sadly and held tightly to his father’s embrace. His father nodded and Melrue turned to look at Dalen,

“Brother, please remember it was not your fault. So do not wallow in guilt” Dalen’s head was lowered and he looked depressed. He breathed a deep sigh and answered,

“But, but it was Mel. I should have grabbed him before the creature took him”

Melrue and Thranduil stopped and also embraced Dalen,

“It was never your fault Ion nn” Thranduil whispered as he felt his family plunging into despair.


In Rhun

The ragged princeling lay in the cell, his arms chained to the wall.

The cell was dirty and black from blood and grime, litters of bones were scattered around. Water leaked from the above floors and made a large descending puddle.

The elf has a black sack tied over his head with rope, and his wrists were chaffed from the chains.

He moaned dully as he felt his body awakening, his blue eyes could focus on nothing but black.

He shivered uncomfortably on the floor and tried to sit up, but the chains restrained him so. Hurting his arms and his back and shoulders aching, he could hardly breathe.

Whoever tied to rope to hold the sack over his head has tied it hard, hurtful but just enough to breath.

He breathed slowly and grovelled about, as much as his arms could manage.
Even through the sack, his nostrils flared at the horrid, stanching smell of decay and blood stained cement.

His legs seemed numb and he felt around his body, he was unharmed and then he remembered.


His mind jolted, his second oldest brother had been tailing him while he hunted. When the fell creature came Dalen had been shot!

Panic and despair filled him, did Dalen make it back to the palace?

Surely Ada and Melrue would have noticed they were both gone, a tiny tiny ray of sunlight crept through the blackness of the sack. It must be a few days, or a day after?


Thranduil sat down on his bed stiffly, he could not relax. He did not have the time or will, knowing his youngest was in the hands of evil. He could not rest.

He swallowed his breath and held his chest tight and withdrawn. Those blue orbs filled his mind, he missed his face and his smile.

But now his Greenleaf was gone, would he ever come back for sure?

Tomorrow four battalions would begin the long march to the road of Rhun. They were going to attack the city and rescue the prince, they just prayed to the Valar that whom they were saving was still alive.

Thranduil knew there was no negotiating, his army would have to be swift and brutal. Just as the Nazgul had been to his Greenleaf. It was their only standing hope.


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