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Summary: A reclusive, timorous botanist gets whisked unceremoniously into Middle Earth... in the form of the studliest male elf to ever walk the face of Arda. Featuring a hysterical Vaire, an unscrupulous healer, and a completely clueless Cirdan.
Rated: PG-13
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Published: Nov 13 2006 Updated: Nov 02 2007

1. A Series of Unfortunate Accidents by greywing [Reviews - 4] (689 words)
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

2. Various Discoveries by greywing [Reviews - 3] (1014 words)

3. Elrond, Elrond, Elrond and a Rude Shock by greywing [Reviews - 3] (1922 words)

4. Observations and Experiments by greywing [Reviews - 2] (730 words)
Disclaimer: I came (to the bookshop), I read (Tolkien), I wrote (fanfiction). That is all. Never owned anything, never will either, to my undying regret.

5. Settling In by greywing [Reviews - 2] (1524 words)

6. Wait and See by greywing [Reviews - 1] (2253 words)

7. Complications by greywing [Reviews - 3] (1259 words)
Many thanks to the folks at GoI for beta-ing! And I promise I will try to update more often.

8. Of Plots and Prey by greywing [Reviews - 3] (2735 words)
Glorfindel fangurls, this is dedicated to you.

9. And It All Goes Downhill From Here by greywing [Reviews - 4] (2721 words)
Warning for Balrog Humour.

10. Intimations of Flammability by greywing [Reviews - 4] (2291 words)
Warnings: Abuse of Peredhil, mentions of poor hygiene.

Also note: Time passes differently in Valinor. Many thanks to the angels of GoI for their brilliant beta-work, and special thanks goes to Gandalfs_apprentice for suggesting the title.

11. Of Gardens and Plots by greywing [Reviews - 3] (1664 words)
I apologise for the long hiatus! Rest assured this story will be completed.