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Summary: Tokien finally gets a chance to watch the Lord of the Rings movies and react with amazement and horror at what has become of his books.
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Published: Dec 03 2006 Updated: May 19 2008

1. The Fellowship of the Ring by silverwing [Reviews - 18] (1148 words)
Ok, Day One: Watching The Fellowship of the Ring with Tolkien. (Oh, and I want everyone to know I'm not dissing the movies. I LOVE THE MOVIES! It's just supposed to be funny.)

Oh, and this probably won't make much sense to you if you haven't read the books.

2. The Two Towers by silverwing [Reviews - 5] (988 words)
Woo! I have finally updated. Another update should be coming soon.

3. Return of the King by silverwing [Reviews - 2] (1949 words)

4. Fanfiction by silverwing [Reviews - 0] (1 words)
I'm going to start this chapter soon. It will be about Tolkien's reaction to LOTR fanfiction. I'm working hard searching for unique fanfiction that I will have him looking at, but would also appreciate any help anyone wants to give me with this. If you have a particularly good or particularly horrible fanfic that you want to read about Tolkien's reaction to, just put it in a review or you can e-mail me at moonkitty2007@writing.com. Thanks!