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Author's Chapter Notes:
Review if you want, I don't really mind, this isn't much of a story chapter, never fear, it will become so soon!
The Elves- They have gone, left over the sea many thousands of years ago, some don’t even believe they ever existed.
The Dwarves- They are dying, population ever shrinking in battle after battle, there is no hope for the dwarves, and they are doomed to die.
The Hobbits- The hobbits still flourish, but there is no trace of their peaceful nature left, the halflings have become fierce and warlike, guarding their fortress, all of the Shire, with the greatest of care.
The Orcs- The orcs were largely exterminated in the war of the ring and the years that followed, however, a small sect of them, a fraction of the total population, led by a man known as the Silver one, disappeared, nobody has seen, heard or made contact with them since…
The Goblins- Thought to have been utterly wiped out by the warlord who led the orcs, the Silver one, they have slowly crept back into the world. They gave up their ways of war, realising they were no good at it, and now hold a thriving trade as merchants, they are mostly based in a much repaired and built up Moria, though at any one time you could probably find at least one goblin in every region of the entire world.
The Trolls- The trolls are now largely employed as mercenaries and manual labour, as they are very strong and are rarely intelligent enough to complain or argue pay (a sheep or two often suffices) in fact it is a common sight for an army to employ at least five warrior trolls, and even up to fifty worker trolls.
The Ents- They go on as before, tending to their trees, and visiting vengeance in those who damage them, however, in recent years the numbers of the tree herders have been sadly lessened, and the forest of Fangorn is ever shrinking to the axes of Man.
The Gondorians- The Gondorians hold a large and prosperous kingdom, compromising all of the lands which had once been Gondor’s, but had been taken. However, they are not a happy people, and the young King Aratir the bold sits on a treacherous and precarious throne.
The Rohirrim- For the most part, the Rohirrim are unchanged, they still excel at cavalry, however, in a world where the firearm is king, their preferred mode of combat is becoming obsolete, and messengers come home more and more frequently with bad tidings.
The Haradrim- They still lead a desert life, but no longer fight much, they have treaties and contracts with all of the surrounding nations, so when they are called to help an ally, they can never help, as they are too tied up in obligations and conditional treaties.
The Easterlings- Have become completely nomadic, ever since Rhun was destroyed in battle, their way of life is dying out, and the Easterlings are in danger of becoming another extinct race.
The Dokirm- The Dokirm are a race of men which live exclusively inside the mighty forest once known as Mirkwood, they are great practitioners of archery and are the only people in the world who use bows as a main weapon, rather than an auxiliary.
The Mardon- Populating the desolation once known as Mordor, their king is a savage named Larst, and not since the times of Sauron has their been a greater evil. For now the Mardon and their king are content to gather their power and wait, but soon they will make their move…
The Coern- These are men who populate the mysterious and unnatural dead marshes. The marshes have grown in recent years, and indeed are now double the size of what they were at the time of the War of the Ring. They have learnt to use the marshes as a defence system, and are tolerated if not welcomed by the resting dead of the eerie place, they mostly keep to themselves, and their ArchNoec Viliad is a wise and benevolent ruler.
The Reailivi- The Reailivi are a new people, living in Minhiriath, south of the Shire, being both small in number and in military, they will need to rely on luck and the potential of their youngsters to survive beyond their tenth decade.

Nearly every army features firearms of some sort, be it long ranged rifles or high firing machine guns, these are the most frequently used weapons, although things often result in hand to hand with sword and spear.
Bows and horses are largely obsolete, and are little used.
Other weapons include mighty cannons, giant ballista and devastating explosives.

The legend of the Silver one (A.K.A “Shiny,” “Da Silva wun,”) Orc/goblin legend.
“Alright ladz, lissen close ya hear? Dis story is abart wun guy wot wus called da Silva wun, or sumtimes Shiny. Now, dis lad wus an elf, weren’t he? I know ya don’t like da elves an all dat, but dis wun was not da same as da others wus he? Dis elf wus on our side, fightin’ for all us ladz, he left da other elves cus of sum dead elf, but dead elves are good elves, so mebbe he wus arguin’ abart who got ta eat it hmm? Anyhows, dis elf came to us orcs, he even rote dis little buk which told us how to not get killed as much. But den he took sum of his ladz and left, after killin loadsa other elves and dwarves and stuff. Dey say dat wun day Shiny’ll come back, and dat is when us orcs will get powerful again, so ladz, wait for dis elf guy, cus he’ll be back sumtime, just ya wait.

Middle-Earth is now a world of conflict and war, races either struggle for existence or perish. It is a world with man dominant, yet fighting among itself, it is a world of death, and only the strong survive.
Even now races are dying, the noble dwarves, the great miners, are close to becoming completely extinct, the orcs have disappeared, gone from the eyes of Man. If this state of perpetual fighting does not end, then every race and sect will be like this… perhaps the elves knew what was coming and left long before it began…
Middle-Earth is tearing itself apart under the wars and rivalries of each different nation, forests diminish, mountains are torn to shards, waters are poisoned and shrink. If something is not done, the world itself will be destroyed by the war.
This narrative follows the path of a young Reailivi, this is his story, this is his battle, a battle to save all of Middle-Earth.
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