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Summary: 16-year-old elf Elwen was abandoned as a baby and grew up on a remote farm in northern Gondor, raised by humans who treated her cruelly. One night she is cast out into the snow to perish, until a brother she doesn't remember rescues her. Captured by orcs and held in Saruman's tower, she slowly unweaves a web of secrets, discovering why it was critical for her to be abandoned, who her family really was, and what powerful and terrifying talents she has inherited from a mother she never knew. Elwen quickly discovers that she is a mere pawn to dark powers beyond her control- unless she can do anything about it.
Rated: R
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: Saruman
Genres: Drama
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Character Death, Torture, Violence
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Published: Dec 30 2006 Updated: Apr 02 2007

1. Chapter 1 by Ophelia [Reviews - 12] (1768 words)
I have a question for people who are a little more well-researched than I am. I know elves are technically immortal, unless slain in battle, right? So is it accurate to say that Elwen would have died from the cold, if she is an elf?

2. Chapter 2 by Ophelia [Reviews - 4] (755 words)
I wrote a new chapter! I'm pretty proud of myself- this is more writing than I usually do on one piece in a short period of time. This story has really taken hold of me, though, and I'm having fun letting the plot unfold.

I've realized this sounds a little bit like Harry Potter (baby left to be raised by mean humans for its own protection.) Hopefully I can steer away from that as best I can.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the second chapter! Please leave me reviews and suggestions on where I should take things, and as always, I'm grateful to hear of any mistakes you may catch while reading it. I don't have a beta, and I'm terrible at proofing my own stuff. Thanks!

3. Chapter 3 by Ophelia [Reviews - 2] (685 words)
I updated this on 1/3/06 so if you read it before then, you should probably read it again. I made a pretty significant addition, which will be confusing later in the story if you don't read it.

4. Chapter 4 by Ophelia [Reviews - 3] (749 words)

5. Chapter 5 by Ophelia [Reviews - 5] (653 words)
Sorry this is a short chapter, but this was the best place to stop before the next one. Chapter 6 is going to be long, I promise :] Leave me reviews, please!

6. Chapter 6 by Ophelia [Reviews - 1] (476 words)

7. Chapter 7 by Ophelia [Reviews - 1] (568 words)
Finally, I put in a real character! I hope you guys like my description of Saruman- he's a character that always fascinated me. I didn't want him to be compltely evil, because the scariest thing about him is that he understands good. Also, we see a plantir, another one of my favorite objects from Tolkien's world. I hope you enjoy!

8. Chapter 8 by Ophelia [Reviews - 5] (847 words)

9. Chapter 9 by Ophelia [Reviews - 5] (1127 words)
Wow, it's been a long time since I've written a new chapter! This chapter really does feel like more of the same kind of stuff that's happened in the past two, but I swear there's a reason for this, and the next chapter's going to be pretty exciting. Hope you enjoy!