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Author's Chapter Notes:
Beta'd by greenwoodelleth!
Unnumbered Tears: Prologue

473 YS

It all seems so long ago, that day one year ago when first I saw him. He had come in answer to the call of the sons of FŽanor, the plea for Elves and Men, to take the offensive against Angband. Just one short year ago, but we were all so different then. Hearts were glad and hopes were high, and we all believed that with a union so strong as this, we might regain our stolen lands.

Well, yesterday we had news. And what terrible news it is. The entire host, crushed and scattered. And who can tell where my beloved is? Whether he is dead, or a prisoner, or – hope against hope – he lives, and is returning to me now! But no. Not to me. If he lives, he will return to his home in Hithlum, and forget me, and find some maiden of his own race to wed, or perhaps he will die of the plague that they say is spreading there.

Indeed, I deserve no more. For I betrayed him. I broke his heart. He will not ask me again. It is too late. Have I not heard the footsteps of doom approaching? Nearer and nearer they echo and reecho around me. There is no escape.
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