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Author's Chapter Notes:
Take from arwen-udomniel.com. i do not own any
characters or the story. i am just usin this to
Galadriel: In the beginning Sauron was evil and screwed up Middle Earth
Sauron: I am evil. Here are some magic rings so i can control your souls
Galadriel: Luckily most people were pissed that Sauron scrwed up Middle Earth, and decided to do something about it.
Isildur: Sauron, you killed my father, so i am going to smite u with my magic sword
Sauron: Ahh my trigger finger!
Masses: Woah shock wave
Isildur: What a pretty ring. I think i'll submit to my weak and selfish human desires.
Elrond: Silly human! Rings are for evil overlords
Isildur: Yeah, whatever....darn it! I've been shot
Galadriel: So anyway blah blah Gollum found the ring blah blah made him evil blah blah lost it blah Bilbo found it blah blah we're all doomed yada yada yada
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