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Summary: Her destiny was laid out before her. Closing her eyes she revelled in the power it emitted. Her destiny was now sealed.
Rated: PG-13
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Published: Feb 18 2007 Updated: Feb 18 2007

1. Chapter 1: A New Evil by Heryn o Eryn Duin [Reviews - 2] (830 words)
[A/N] The language the creature spoke was Elri (I made it up)
Sih din nicht lejoif sabbeniph firhls dinnelsk “ I will find you, you can’t stop me filskin bane “ Hitting Spell. [Yes, lame I know] surib du tarven “ As you wish

Mithrandir “ Elvish name for Gandalf

2. Chapter 2: Meetings by Heryn o Eryn Duin [Reviews - 0] (1555 words)
[A/N] Wow. That was a long one.... action is coming up!
Elvish Translation:
Eryn Duin “ River Wood (4th Elven Kingdom) Edro i anon “ Open the gate Aran “ King Rian “ Queen elleth “ elf (female) mellon nin”My friend ellon “ elf (male)
Mae govannen “ Well Met
meleth nin “ My love
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3. Chapter 3: Sealing Destiny by Heryn o Eryn Duin [Reviews - 0] (1266 words)
[A/N] Not quite as long...... Please Review!! Can someone tell me if Gwenneth is starting to become a Mary-Sue? (It’s not intended!!!) and what I should change to make sure she isn’t.....
Eryn Duin: River Wood
Penneth : Young one
Mantho o Manwe’s Gail, Berio o silim, Berio o maer: Weilder of Manwe’s Light, Protector of light, Protector of good

4. Chapter 4: Danger's of Magic by Heryn o Eryn Duin [Reviews - 1] (1158 words)
[A/N] A tad shorter again... Please give me some feedback!! REVIEW PLEASE!!
I hope that cleared up any confusion from earlier mentions of the Elraphic.....