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Author's Chapter Notes:
a sob poem
A fading Eldar’s lament

You said you would always be here for me
But I cannot feel you near
Where are you?

You said you would not leave me
That I need never despair
Where are you?

I need your soothing presence desperately
There is nothing of you in me
Where are you?

I need that reassurance that you are there
That you will hold me soon
Where are you?

No! I beg you, do not answer me! I fear to know
Where you have gone, yet still I cry
Where are you?

No! It cannot be, you cannot be in shadow
My heart calls you to me!
Where are you?

My heart trembles and breaks in pieces
Soon I will drown in darkness
Where are you?

I draw my last breath, still whispering your name
The world fades, our bond is sundered, yet,
I am coming to you

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