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'It was in the winter of the year that Valacar died, in the halls of Pelargir, that the southern council met. Then the pact was sealed at last among the contenders: they became confederates in the cause of one elect, in the year of the kings 1432. The Captain of the Ships, Prince Castamir, had the ascendency that day, for even his wife’s father, Lord Vorondur of Pelargir, ceded his place to him, and pledged the support of all his followers to his claim, and Lord Amrazar said only,"I archam ú-ruidathon." He would not oppose the rightful heir.

'That very summer, the pretender took the throne, and there was war in Gondor. Those who had sworn their oaths at Pelargir held true to them, and the South upheld the honor and dignity of Gondor’s royal blood, and the people of Gondor were with them. Men of all ranks swore oath and followed Castamir to Osgiliath.

'Thus they had the victory at last, and in 1437, Castamir assumed the throne, and put down the pretensions of the foreign peoples who had sought to rise with the pretender. He restored the Dúnedain to their place, and since then his reign has seen many years of peace… '

—Daerthandur of Umbar, Master of the Royal Guild of Scriveners, 1447 of the Third Age, tenth year of the reign of King Castamir the Bold
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